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Posted: Fri, 22/12/2017 17:21 (1 Year ago)
no matter how you ended up in this thread, welcome! i'll write some backstories and such for various characters in RPs, mainly:

- drew paris
- faye albein
- marisa averie
- amaya lee-murphy

also, please don't post here!
Trainerlevel: 49

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Posted: Sun, 11/02/2018 04:56 (11 Months ago)
faye // the witness

"Mama! Maaaama!" A short girl called, running down the hall. Her curly, flaming ginger red hair was in short, stubby pigtails at the base of her head, flying behind her. A Togepi sprinted as fast as it could behind her.

"Yes, Cass?" The mother smiled, bending down. She was relatively young, 29, having Cassandra when she was 25.

The 4-year-old gave a beaming smile. "Look! Togepi can do something! Go, Togepi!" Cassandra said.

Togepi lightly head-butted the air, jumping up a few inches in the process.

"Hahahah!" Cassandra burst out in laughter. Togepi beamed proudly.

"Oh! Cass, you and Togepi are such a good pair!" The mother, Abby, gushed. "Now! Why don't you two go play while I make a snack?" She said.

"Okay, Mama!" Cass smiled, running back down the hall. She wore a pink sleeveless dress over a white shirt with a Peter Pan neckline, something that had always made her happy.

"Hmm, hmm. I wonder if it's ready, Togepi!" Cass said aloud. She poked her head around the corner, out her doorway.

There was a loud yell and thumping noises from the kitchen. "M-Mama...?" Cass shouted.

A loud boom seemed to ricochet off the walls. Then there was the sound of something heavy slamming into the floor.

Cass ran down the hallway. All she could see was red staining the wood floors and white walls. She looked up from her short position.

They couldn't see her, but Cass saw them. Two men in all black. Mama slumped onto the floor.

"Eek!" Cass squeaked. Quietly running back into her room, she hit a light switch, something her Mama had always told her to do if something bad happens, and hid under her bed in the corner.

Footsteps pounded down the hallway to Cass's room.

"There was a girl! Find her and kill her too!" A man with a gruff voice yelled, the light from the hallway was obscured as one stood in the doorway. "She's a witness! Kill Cassandra Lena at all costs!"

Cass bit the inside of the cheeks to keep her from screaming as another gunshot went off. A Pokémon roared - Cass recognized it as a Machamp, a Police Pokémon.

The men scurried from her room as gunfire exchanged. From the back door came a familiar face - Alexander, Cass and Abby's neighbor.

"Cass-" He called, before spotting the terrified girl and Togepi.

"Oh my god, Cass, poor baby." He said, teary-eyes as he scooped the little girl up.

"M-Mama told me, if men in black masks or the police come, hide under Cassandra's bed and shut the light." Cass bawled onto Alexander's shoulder.

"Mama's with you." Alexander reassured.

"Naw, Mama's not! Mama said that when they come, say bye-bye and love you to Mama, cause the men take her to the red island!" Cass cried. "Mama didn't even pack Mama's bags!'

"Shh, baby, shh." Alexander said, shielding Cass in his arms as they ran out the back door. Cass had been curled around Togepi the whole time, both the girl and the Pokémon were safe physically.

Police cars surrounded Cass's home. They ran all the way to Alexander's.

two years later

"Cassandra! C'mon and eat!" Cassandra was now 6, having been adopted by Alexander and his wife Cecelia.

"'Kay, Dad!" Cass replied, stumbling down the stairs and into her adoptive sister, Simone.

"Hiya, Cass!" The girl waved. Her partner, an Alolan Vulpix, turned and smiled at Togepi.

It'd been two years since Cass's mother was murdered. Cassandra knew nothing except her mother's warnings about hiding - her mother had been illegally Pokefighting, and had angered a rival fighter.

Cassandra knew nothing that two men were out to stop at nothing to kill her.

"So, Cass. Judge Miss Melany called." Cecelia started.

"Miss Melany! She's nice!" Cass said, sipping her glace of orange juice.

"Yes she is! And she said some things." Cecelia smiled.


"Well, you're going to have to change your name to protect you now."

"I already did! I'm Albein now! A-L-B-E-I-N!"

"No, no, Cass, change your name from Cassandra to something else."

"Why? I like my name."

Simone sensed Cecelia was having trouble, butting into the conversation with a smile. "Well! Because the mean men who took your mama to the island are gonna try to bring you there too. So you need to change your name to keep you here!" She explained.

"I don't wannna go to the island." Cass pouted.

Simone's older brother, Mateo, shook his head. "No, you're not going to. You'll stay here."

a few hours later

So they went to the court with papers.

"Witness protection." Judge Melany explained. "You saw something bad, Cassandra, and now we need to protect you."

"Oh! I get it! I'm smart!" Cass boasted proudly.

Judge Melany giggled. "I know you are, now. We have a name for you, too!"

"What is it?!" Cass asked excitedly.

"Faye. It means loyalty and belief." Melany said.

"It also means fairy." Simone whispered, to which Cass giggled.

"Ok! I'm.... FAYE!" Cass yelled, laughing.

8 years later

Faye sighed, turning to view the school she'd been in a second ago. It was years ago her mother murdered, her life changed forever. Years ago she was dissatisfied.

But Faye had forgotten everything. Faye had left Cassandra behind, Faye had left her mother.

Faye had left her father who she never knew.

Faye had left the family of lies and crimes.

Faye had left being exposed to horrors when she was 4.

And now, she was going to the academy in Kanto. A world away. Teary goodbyes to Alexander, Cecelia, Simone and Mateo, promising to call every day.

She stepped on the ferry.

A day later, she walked off of it - into a new region. Kanto. She was picked up by a bus, driving her to the prestigious academy. It was filled with all sorts of people studying all sorts of things. Faye, for one, was going to study battle strategies and how to make the best of situations. She thought it fitted her.

She unlocked her dorm, a girl with short, straight black hair looked up. "Hi! Faye, right? You're my roommate!" She beamed.

"Hi! Did I miss anything?" Faye asked.

"The new semester doesn't technically start for a few days." The girl said. "I just got here, too. The earliest they'd accept us in was about a half hour ago. So I don't think you did, in conclusion." She smiled. "I'm Malia, and I'm studying people and pokemon relations. You?"

"Faye. I'm gonna study battling and strategies." Faye smiled.


The conversation continued as the girls unpacked. All would be well for the next 3 years that they'd have at the Academy.