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★ arti's characters

Forum-Index Diaries ★ arti's characters
Posted: Sun, 08/10/2017 22:57 (9 Months ago)
--== ★ table of contents ★ ==--

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♦ humans or mostly human ♦
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♦ pokemon ♦
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♦ animal ♦
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Posted: Sun, 08/10/2017 23:47 (9 Months ago)
--== ★ a r t i ★ ==--

------------[art by arti]------------
name; arti santos
pronouns; any
d.o.b; december 15th
age; ???
height; 5'4 (162.56 cm)
heritage; filipino
single - taken

● milk & cereal
● drawing
● sleeping
● doing nothing
● hanging out with friends
● s w e e t s
● pastel/soft things
● birds and basically all animals
● cold
● being pressured
● veggies
● art block
● closed spaces

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She was born in quite a big city in the Philippines and lived there for most of her life. Her father had moved to Canada after a year she was born, so she really didn't know him for the first part of her life and had never seen him in person, unless you count video calls. Her family, (her mother and brother) moved to Canada to reunite with her father and get a better chance at life.

Posted: Mon, 09/10/2017 00:33 (9 Months ago)
--== ★ s i l a s ★ ==--

-------------[art by sissi6]-------------
name; silas smirnov
pronouns; he/him
d.o.b; january 12th, 2000
age; 18
height; 5'5 (165.1 cm)
heritage; russian-chinese
single - taken

● cats
● pink
● scarves
● pirozhki
● f O O D
● taking his scarf
● calling him a girl
● social interaction
● bullies
● not knowing stuff

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He is currently living in Japan with his mother, father, his brother and his sister. He moved to Japan from Moscow, Russia after his parents got married. His mother, who came from China, came to Russia to look for a job, and to move in with her sister who was currently working in Moscow. His parents met when her mother's sister introduced her to him at her job. About four years later, they got married and had his sister. They then stayed in Moscow, travelling to China every now and then. They then had his brother and then a year later, they had him. His parents were happily living in Moscow, with their children when his mother's sister asked them if they wanted to move to Japan. When his mother asked why, she just replied that it was better there. Although they hesitated moving, they did so in the end. When they got there, (Silas was about 6) he discovered some pink hair dye in his aunt's mirror cabinet. Silas, as the curious 6-year-old he was, took the hair dye and carefully slathered some on his hair, being a little clumsy and getting some splatters. When his parents found out, they panicked and tried to wash it out, but instead of using shampoo, they accidentally used white hair dye. When they realized this, they freaked out even more, but Silas didn't mind. He liked the way it looked. Fast forward a few years, when he was 12, his father gave him a scarf with a pink star on the front, telling him that it matched the pink streaks on his hair. From that day on, he liked wearing the scarf everyday.

Silas is easily flustered, though he can return to being calm if in a serious situation. He's an introvert and prefers to keep to himself. Since he's quiet, he usually gets ignored which brings down his self-esteem a bit. He gets oddly passionate when someone brings up a topic of cats, since he would love to have a cat, but he couldn't because he wouldn't have enough time to spend with any pet, let alone an attention demanding cat.
Posted: Fri, 27/10/2017 00:45 (8 Months ago)
--== ★ c e e - l o ★ ==--

-------------[art by arti]-------------
name; cee-lo glenn
pronouns; he/him or they/them
d.o.b; July 17th, 1992
age; 25
height; 5'8 (172.72 cm)
heritage; american
single - taken

● dancing
● ddr
● his family
● space
● streaming
● how he lost his eyes
● "dancing doesn't take skill"
● brother refuses his help
● seafood
● bananas

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When Cee-Lo was little, he actually didn't like DDR yet. He was more obsessed with space. Until he was 15, (He's currently 25) he was trying to study into becoming an astronaut. But, there was an accident. While he was training to become an astronaut, he accidentaly got some acid in his eyes. He was immediantly rushed to the hospital, but it was too late. However, his brother who wanted him to become successful, donated his eyes to him. Cee-lo's original eye colour was originally brown, but his brother's eye colour was a greenish-blue. His brother still lives on today, though he has trouble moving around. Cee-Lo is there to guide him. His brother was also the reason he got into DDR into the first place. Before he gave his eyes away, he was really interested in DDR. He introduced Cee-Lo to it and told him how to play. Cee-Lo promised his older brother that he would be the best at the game and started playing away.

Even after all he has been through, he is still very positive and streams ddr videos. He sends most of the stream money to charity, and the rest to his brother.
Posted: Sun, 14/01/2018 00:39 (6 Months ago)
--== ★ j u l e s ★ ==--

-------------[art by arti]-------------
name; jules uruhu
pronouns; he/him or they/them
d.o.b; June 15th, 1990
age; 27
height; 6'1 (185.42 cm)
heritage; scottish
single - taken

● reading
● plants
● cats
● flowers specifically
● his brother
● harming his brother
● dark
● dogs
● kiwis
● carrots

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Born in a large city in Scotland, he was born in a normal family. As a child he was very shy and didn't interact with anyone, other than his family. When he was 9, he got a little brother in the name of Lucas. He loved him immediantly and wanted to protect him from all the harm in the world. Lucas nags at him to let him live freely but he understands that Jules is just over protective and wants the best for him.

He originally had orange/red hair, but when he discovered the beautiful creation known as hair dye, he had chosen to dye his hair pink, only because Lucas had managed to convice him. These days, Jules regrets dying his hair, but sadly it grew on him over the years. He hangs out at his garden a lot, so much to the point where he used to have a little shop selling flower crowns. When he was 19, he finally conviced his parents to let him get tattoos, so he got two pink roses (one on his cheek and one on his collarbone) to match with his hair, and a small heart on the other cheek. He also got contacts, since his eyesight was horrible. (He naturally had greenish-dark gray eyes.)

He is also in a relationship with Cedar, after they bonded over their love of flowers and plants.