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Atalina's Hunt for a Shiny Zapdos

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Posted: Sat, 31/12/2016 19:06 (1 Year ago)

Atalina's Crazy

Shiny Zapdos Hunt

Hi! I'm Atalina, and I've decided to try and attain the impossible and hatch a shiny Zapdos. I need a lot of help and time to get there, though, so I'm raffling off the extra Zapdos's and also holding mini raffles along the way.

I need 375,000 Electric Gems and 375,000 Flying Gems to start the hunt

So? To get there, I need a lot of donations. Donations will get you tickets, which will put you in the end raffle for winning one of the extra Zapdos's. If I hatch more than one shiny, that will also be in the grand raffle. (Note that each person will only win up to one Zapdos so as many people can get one as possible)

Each gem (Electric and Flying only) = 1 ticket

You can also win 100 tickets by sharing this full text (valid once) on your feed, or donating a prize (please message me first if you do this) for the 1,000 gem raffles.

If you donate 2,500 electric gems and 2,500 flying gems, you will be guaranteed a Zapdos, as you have essentially provided for one of them by yourself. If you donate 5,000 of each, the rule of one Zapdos per person will not apply and you can get a second (or third, if you somehow manage to collect that many gems).

I expect this to take a long time — a really long time

Because of that, for every 1,000 gems I reach, I will raffle out several prizes. I will keep this updated with the current raffle. Only tickets that come from gem donations (not sharing this in your feed) will count towards these smaller raffles.

Current short raffle (After reaching 22,000 gems)

There will be four winners, each getting one of the following:

* Female shiny Swampert
* Mega-able Treecko
* 5 different fossils and an Azelf egg voucher
* Shiny Abomasnow

Gems for raffle 22:


21,273 gems collected!

Electric Gems:

Flying Gems:

Top Donators
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1. Devil0356 - 4,545 gems
2. Brex - 2,147 gems
3. Froggloverr - 1,641 gems
4. bpeugh1 - 1,471 gems
5. Zolar - 929 gems
6. Aipominator - 779 gems
7. Luckylikespie - 740 gems
8. Atavan - 553 gems
9. Jumin - 509 gems
10. Lunala - 378 gems

That's all! Thanks for any help! - Atalina

If you change your username, you need to let me know somehow so that I can find you if you win something.

Updated 12/Jan/18 at 17:51

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Posted: Thu, 05/01/2017 06:16 (1 Year ago)
a. how do you donate?(i have an electric gem)
b. where do you put the share code thingy?
Serenity Cassel
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Posted: Thu, 05/01/2017 12:36 (1 Year ago)
To donate gems, you can go to the Global Trade Station and then use the Delibird Item Delivery.
To share for tickets, you would post the text in your feed (if you go to the notifications page there's a box there that you can type posts in)

Hope this helps
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Posted: Fri, 27/01/2017 14:56 (1 Year ago)
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Posted: Thu, 16/02/2017 21:07 (1 Year ago)
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Posted: Fri, 03/03/2017 19:35 (1 Year ago)
A friendly bump~!
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Posted: Thu, 09/03/2017 03:27 (1 Year ago)
Did'nt understand how to share tickets
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Posted: Thu, 11/05/2017 06:32 (1 Year ago)
Should we write a form for applying? If so, where?

Shiny Shop
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Posted: Thu, 11/05/2017 14:10 (1 Year ago)
@razorblade620 no need, all you have to do is send gems and I will assume they are for the lottery