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f u n n y [a story of my life]

Forum-Index Diaries f u n n y [a story of my life]
Posted: Tue, 05/07/2016 01:28 (1 Year ago)


i have lots to say & it won't all fit in my about me, soooo;
but ayyy, im val
formerly bleachers n blurryface
i love sharks more than i love myself
i'm super emo
i'm also an intersectional feminist ofc
you can post here if you want, i dont rly mind !!

name;; val, blurryface, bleachers
birthday;; august 11th [leo]
sexuality;; pansexual
gender;; ?¿? who knows?
not meee, thats for sure :^))
fave types;;
fave pkmn;;
fave legend;;

< art by koushi

currently watching;; better call saul, bojack
currently reading;; nothing rn
currently playing;; ac:nl, league of legends & ultra sun mostly

current fave songs;;
goodmorning by bleachers
jessica kill by sum 41
in clover by joywave

past usernames;;
valmau5 > bleachers > blurryface > valentina > ???

talk to me!!
if you're interested, ask for my discord / league name!

Posted: Tue, 05/07/2016 02:35 (1 Year ago)

stuff i loveeee

music;; basically anything on my spotify playlist,
anarbor, twenty one pilots, get scared, and sum 41
are some of my favorites

games;; im such nintendo trash, so anything nintendo
is my fave, the long dark, terraria, don't starve, ftl, portal, half-life,
league of legends, basically anything im playing on steam

books;; the throne of glass series, raven cycle series, wolves
of mercy falls series, the acotar series, lots more
i prob. can't think of rn

etc;; animals are amazing, especially sharks and cats!!
im such larry trash, i've been sailing that ship since around 2011
marble hornets & mindcrack have consumed me
Posted: Tue, 05/07/2016 12:51 (1 Year ago)

pH logs

the legendary shiny mega dumpling hunt
hunt started on january 29th, 2016

hunt came to a close on december 2nd, 2017.

total time elapsed

674 days
1 yr, 10 m & 4 days

total shinies hatched: 210
total mega-ables hatched: 59
total numel hatched: 7779

lava prawn hunt
hunt started --/--/----

42 / 100

future shiny mega hunts
hunt started --/--/----

Posted: Tue, 05/07/2016 13:52 (1 Year ago)

♥ reserved ♥

Posted: Tue, 05/07/2016 21:56 (1 Year ago)

special pokes

ot faves;;

Posted: Wed, 06/07/2016 02:38 (1 Year ago)

Posted: Wed, 06/07/2016 02:39 (1 Year ago)
Posted: Mon, 11/07/2016 00:42 (1 Year ago)
why cant i be loved
avatar made by auroradragon93
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
In soviet russia,
The Poem writes you.
How i got these shinies:
Shiny Hunted: #124
Bought for 90k
won at auction (forgot bid)
Shiny Hunted: #162
Posted: Sat, 16/07/2016 19:13 (1 Year ago)
/Just checked this out

/"favourite people"

pff as if


you've goat to be kidding
Posted: Sat, 16/07/2016 19:16 (1 Year ago)
timmy pls
how would you not be tho
you're an adorable sweetie omg ily
Posted: Sat, 23/07/2016 13:35 (1 Year ago)

omgg i just realized
mine birthday in less than three weeks ???
that means concERT AAAAA
im sososos hyped ??? its gonna be great omg im excited

land lab stuff ew-
yesterday i got my plot w my friend graded & we got nearly perfect marks except for the rocks in our plot, we've been working forever to get em out but its like they reproduce when we're not looking lmao
i also took the midterm., i think i did pretty well? i didn't study much but everything seemed super easy so that either means i did amazingly or horribly oh
the ag teachers also collected our journals, which i put so much last-minute effort into lmao, i know for sure i won't fail that bc as long as i have the entries, career opportunities, vocab words & info. sheets ill be alright

july is almost over omg... that means new teachers for august aaaa
also new chore rotations </3
i had sac chores this week and i never wanted to leave, sac is my favorite place on land lab except for the barn ofc (i love my rat & chicken bbys but my goat & alpaca children are the bestest)
i hope i get barn chores in august when my fave teacher is there, hopefully she'll be w us in the barn aaaa
ill probably get weeding or harvesting chores or even greenhouse work, but its gotta be done i guess
also my plot!! my sunflower bbys are growing so big im so prouddd
in the extra plot; the ground is hard af and we need to cultivate it lmao, no one's really been focusing on it since plot grading started
a friend working on it w us planted a handful of sunflower seeds in a hole and like nine germinated
we're using them as transplants if any on our plots die or wilt, and planting the rest in the corners by the marigolds
i love the sunflowers so muchh, i cant wait to see them grow even more aw
edit: my journal got a 98 <33
but wow i wrote so much omg i woke up half an hour ago
oh welllll, hopefully this week goes well

Posted: Wed, 27/07/2016 20:49 (1 Year ago)

omLLL im dead
today was crazy wow
so during chores, two people my friends & i hate got in so much trouble
they found a squirrel in a cage that one of the teachers caught to move to a place far away from the farm
for some reason they decided to feed it and also let it go
im just ???
the whole class & teachers literally had a huge talk about this before we left one day when someone found a possum on land lab
ugh my god
why releasing the squirrel was bad:
-the squirrel could've had rabies or some other virus and could have bitten one of the students/animals & made them sick
-the squirrel could've eaten & ruined a lot of our crops
-it could've put the animals in danger (by opening cages, injuring them, etc.)
-could've led more squirrels & unwanted animals to our land lab to cause more damage
& lots more ugh
they knew what they did was wrong & people could've gotten hurt, but they did it anyways?
the teachers were gonna go after school to release it at a park far away from the land lab, so they'll be with other squirrels and won't be able to ruin anything
it also took a teacher a long time to catch, so lots of time was wasted

the teachers went absolutely crazy on them
all of them are usually super chill and calm, but this situation got lots of them so upset they started yelling at the two of them
they could've gotten kicked out of the program or even have to redo the summer, but the teachers apologized after
oh my g o d, i wouldve loved to finish land lab without the two of them, they're so horribly annoying and literally everyone hates them

i also got my midterm score todayyy, i got an 85/100 <33
so only 15 questions wrong, not too bad :0

a teacher's husband also came to land lab to take the chickens up to their farm upstate
i had to help carry them in, cutie bbys will be missed <3
we'll get another 100 or so in august, so we'll still get tons of eggs to sell

we finally started making the extra plot great again
"we will build a wall to keep the rocks and weeds out, and we'll make the rocks do it themselves!"
we also started re-shaping the bowls our transplants are in, and also cultivated a whole ton
it's starting to look coooollll

so yeah thats rly it, i typed so much omf
some friend drama is going on, but idk what's happening w that so idk what to type about that

two weeks until tøp (& my birthday...) & im so hyPEDD YESSS
hopefully the rest of this week goes welllll ay
why do i type so much omgg

Posted: Thu, 28/07/2016 01:35 (1 Year ago)

im the worst combination of bitter, jealous and pissed rn oh mmy go dddd
i hate everyone ugh grosssss

Posted: Mon, 01/08/2016 01:03 (1 Year ago)

im tired n ew
school tomorrow at 11 ay

ignoring people is hard lmao gross
ironic how much effort it goes into ignoring people ew
Posted: Tue, 09/08/2016 21:36 (1 Year ago)

ayyy this week is liITT
we have barn chores, n i love emmm
yesterday i walked the alpacas, n today i walked the goats
tomorrow after school the squad and i are having a party at the park, my ma's making pizzaaa
super hype
and ofc the concert & my birthday the day after
im exciteddd
Posted: Thu, 11/08/2016 01:17 (1 Year ago)

concert tomorrow today!! super duper hypeee
now im finally gonna open all those mystery boxes, & im gonna keep a tally of it all
here we goooo:

brown boxes;;
Show hidden content
5x Lemonade found!
1x Plume Fossil found!
5x Grepa Berry found!
7x Pamtre Berry found!
9x Grepa Berry found!
5x Water Gem found!
6x Razz Berry found!
3,137x Pokédollar found!
2,233x Pokédollar found!
2x Pamtre Berry found!
1,471x Pokédollar found!
5x Durin Berry found!
2x Leppa Berry found!
1x Washing Machine found!
1,853x Pokédollar found!
8x Rabuta Berry found!
849x Game Chips found!
1x Carbos found!
1x Splash Plate found!
3,206x Pokédollar found!
681x Game Chips found!
5x Nanab Berry found!
7x Grepa Berry found!
1,134x Pokédollar found!
4x Fairy Gem found!
3x Fairy Gem found!
1x Thunderstone found!
1x Relic Silver found!

dark blue boxes;;
Show hidden content
702x Pokédollar found!
3x Dark Gem found!
6x Rabuta Berry found!
1x Rare Candy found!
3x Bug Gem found!
10x Pecha Berry found!
4x Nugget found!
764x Game Chips found!
3,171x Pokédollar found!
1x Protector found!
2x Psychic Gem found!
1x Enigma Stone found!
1x Metal Coat found!
3x Haban Berry found!
8x Bluk Berry found!
1x Leaf Stone found!
1x Water Stone found!
6x Watmel Berry found!
1x Thunderstone found!
3x Lemonade found!
1x Relic Silver found!
1x Splash Plate found!
10x Wiki Berry found!
1x King's Rock found!
5x Payapa Berry found!
1,491x Game Chips found!
1x Aspear Berry found!
1x Iron Plate found!
3x Durin Berry found!

green boxes;;
Show hidden content
1x Everstone found!
1x Metal Coat found!
1x Water Stone found!
867x Pokédollar found!
1x Iapapa Berry found!
1x Fighting Gem found!
1x Flame Plate found!
1x Iron found!
5x Ghost Gem found!
1x Water Stone found!
5x Dragon Gem found!
6x Grass Gem found!
688x Game Chips found!
1x Relic Gold found!
6x Cheri Berry found!
5x Aspear Berry found!
70x Event Points found!
6x Iapapa Berry found!
4x Sitrus Berry found!
1x Pecha Berry found!
2x Shuca Berry found!
3x Dragon Gem found!
9x Electric Gem found!
1x Cornn Berry found!
3,510x Pokédollar found!

light blue boxes;;
Show hidden content
8x Grass Gem found!
1,343x Game Chips found!
9x Fighting Gem found!
1,133x Pokédollar found!
2,265x Pokédollar found!
1x Toxic Plate found!
1x Rare Candy found!
1x Calcium found!
1x Moon Stone found!
1x Fire Stone found!
3,296x Pokédollar found!
1x HP Up found!
4x Psychic Gem found!
1x Zinc found!
1,014x Game Chips found!
1x Carbos found!
8x Ghost Gem found!
1x Dread Plate found!
4x Dragon Gem found!
1x Ground Gem found!
2,506x Pokédollar found!
1x Protein found!
7x Flying Gem found!
1x Light Rock found!
1x Everstone found!
1x Green Orb found!

pink boxes;;
Show hidden content
1x Occa Berry found!
1,136x Game Chips found!
5x Grass Gem found!
10x Lemonade found!
386x Pokédollar found!
1,991x Pokédollar found!
2x Mago Berry found!
1x Lum Berry found!
1x Relic Copper found!
3,713x Pokédollar found!
9x Ground Gem found!
7x Electric Gem found!
1x Calcium found!
1x Protein found!
8x Bug Gem found!
1x Relic Copper found!
1x King's Rock found!
4x Ice Gem found!
1x Fighting Gem found!
1x Jaw Fossil found!
2x Passho Berry found!
8x Bug Gem found!
1,626x Pokédollar found!
1x Armor Fossil found!
3,288x Pokédollar found!
1,238x Pokédollar found!

purple boxes;;
Show hidden content

1x Enigma Pearl found!
2x Psychic Gem found!
10x Grepa Berry found!
1x Psychic Gem found!
1,844x Pokédollar found!
360x Game Chips found!
669x Game Chips found!
1x HP Up found!
1x Zinc found!
4x Dark Gem found!
2x Rabuta Berry found!
1x Skull Fossil found!
2x Steel Gem found!
1x Light Rock found!
4x Dark Gem found!
1x Armor Fossil found!
2,155x Pokédollar found!
3x Lemonade found!
1x Root Fossil found!
4x Pinap Berry found!
1x Fire Stone found!
5x Steel Gem found!
1x Kasib Berry found!
5x Chople Berry found!
629x Game Chips found!
668x Game Chips found!
1x Water Stone found!
1x Blue Orb found!
1x Relic Silver found!
4x Belue Berry found!
1x Dome Fossil found!
1x Zinc found!
1x Root Fossil found!
1x Protein found!

red boxes;;
Show hidden content
1x Oval Stone found!
8x Water Gem found!
5x Steel Gem found!
8x Nomel Berry found!
3,595x Pokédollar found!
455x Game Chips found!
4x Colbur Berry found!
6x Chesto Berry found!
3,343x Pokédollar found!
1x Steel Gem found!
2,484x Pokédollar found!
4x Dragon Gem found!
1,950x Pokédollar found!
1x Relic Copper found!
3,504x Pokédollar found!
1x Old Amber Fossil found!
31x Event Points found!
402x Pokédollar found!
1x Microwave found!
4x Wiki Berry found!
1,052x Pokédollar found!
290x Game Chips found!
3x Oran Berry found!
1x Lum Berry found!
1x Pinap Berry found!
2x Dragon Gem found!
9x Electric Gem found!
1x Water Stone found!
1x Calcium found!

gold boxes;;
Show hidden content
1,604x Game Chips found!
2x Coba Berry found!

no maps, bummerrr
nice amount of drago gems tho
not too baddd
Posted: Sun, 14/08/2016 21:40 (1 Year ago)

bday gifts <3 [ilu all omg]

hoooolyyy hell
my birthday on ph was so amazing?? i got tons of gifts & birthday wishes from a ton of amazing people, thanks to all of youuu <3
here are the item & pokemon gifts i got from some lovely people <3
[they're in no order whatsoever, i appreciate everything!!]

♥ b0ss:

♥ takao:

♥ bleachichigo1:

♥ zachy156:
Show hidden content

+ a zomppet and an easter buneary i misplaced </3
& some stuff! :0

♥ koushi:
Show hidden content

an amazing drawing!! omGGG

♥ rudolph:

♥ anzu:

♥ plus all the people who sent plushies & birthday wishes!

i just
it was so perfect
i started shaking when it started aaa
i took a ton of videos with my horrible voice singing over it
it was so perfecttt, i wish it never ended

Posted: Fri, 19/08/2016 22:29 (1 Year ago)

i cant omg im literally crying happy tears

my fave (timtim) is such a sweetie i lov him

im so happy omgggg i cant

Posted: Sat, 27/08/2016 00:15 (1 Year ago)

landlab is over <3
it was a super supER fun summer, i had an amazing time with all my friends, teachers, and animals
especially afterschool, we had tons and tons of fun, going to the park, the deli, pokemon hunting, and the bagel shop for days in a row
it was a great experience, aside from the school stuff ofc, i had a really nice time. kinda bummed it's over, but ill see my faves and my non-aggie friends in like two weeks
now i just get to relax, sleep in, and chill for a bit until school starts, a well-earned break if i do say so myself
my ma came in today and met the squad, and it was p funnn
i went in early today to unload the new chickens, and helped them learn how to drink from the water thingy, where they peck at little faucet-things and water drips down
we also had sac chores the whoooole week, which was super funn <3
that's really all i have to say for today. this was one of the funnest summers ive had, and one ill remember for, honestly, my whole life, it was a cool experience and im actually really happy i went

one week w my faaave
it's been honestly one of the best weeks ive had,,, im so so grateful and the happiest ive been aaa <3
here's to many more weeks ahead <3

Posted: Thu, 01/09/2016 20:59 (1 Year ago)

ayyyy im happy
im going in for chores tomorrow and went yesterday, it was p funnn
youtube is going crazy rn and basically ruining their site, and i hope something changes somehow
anyways, i made a suggestion like two days ago, it'd be super cool if it gets added! ive got some supposrt so far, so it is a possibility, not sure about it though
school starts in a weekk and i wanna cry
the nintendo direct was today, and the acNL NEWS IM SO EXCITE
i really need to get back into that game, whoop
i got a glimpse of my schedule, and it looks horrible so far, so i really dont wanna go back to school at alllll
nothing much is really happening, so this is it for nowww

two weeks w my faveeeee
im too happy omg <3

i made a quizzz while in a call w timmy, it was funnn
someone called timmy a bad person, which upset me bc he's anything butttt