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~aLaN~ SHINY Breeding Shop

Forum-Index Global Trade Station Shiny Hunting ~aLaN~ SHINY Breeding Shop
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Posted: Wed, 04/11/2015 12:12 (3 Years ago)

Disclaimer: This picture is gotten from google. I do not own any of those shinies

My current target for PH is to collect all kanto shinies (excluding legendaries and ditto). I will be shiny hunting most of the pokemons myself. It will be a long and slow process.

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RULE 1: The hunting sequence is changed to follow my poll. I will set up poll before every hunt. The list of pokemon selected is random, and the one with the most vote will be my next hunt.

RULE 2: For all orders, I will have to get the payment first to make sure I won't waste time hunting if you default last minute

RULE 3: Be patient and don't rush me. There are times when the shinies chain are bad.

Pre-order cost for Pokemon by rarity:
Easy: 150,000pd/ 4 dragon gems
Medium: 175,000pd /4 dragon gems
Hard: 200,000pd /5 dragon gems
Rare/Starters/: 225,000pd / 5 dragon gems
Pokemon that require higher effort in breeding/ Single gender pokemon / Special / Fossil/ Genderless (Nidoran(m)(f), Tauros, Jynx, kabuto, aerodactyl etc) : 265,000/ 7 dragon gems

i have completed breeding

(I will not hunt those that I completed/owned)

I have completed my Porygon hunt! Hatched 15 shinies in almost 3 months

Next in line, i will be hunting Shiny Slowpoke (highest vote by Poll - 34.8%).

Shiny Slowpoke (Common shiny)
30,000pd/ 28 normal gems/ (1 dragon gem for 2 shiny slowpokes)

(Mixed offer of pd / gems/maps are welcomed; map= 250,000, dragon gem=45,000pd, normal gems=1000pd, in the event that the item value exceed the pokemon, i will refund the extras)

QuoteTo reward my loyal customers, I have come out with this membership scheme. ( in pokedollar)

Minimum of 5 purchases : 10% off

Minimum of 10 purchases : 15% off

Minimum of 20 purchases: 20% off

More than 30 purchases: 30% off
More levels will be added if there are at least 10 players that hit Platinum Membership

If a player refers a new customer to purchase a Shiny, both players get 20k pd off the next shiny purchase. Every 5th referral a player has done, he is entitled to a free Shiny slot (Easy- Hard rarity only) for any future hunt this shop has.

1. New player has to name the player that referred him on the order form to be eligible for the discount, I will do a check to make sure there is no abuse
2. Both players will pay original price initially, the discount will be reimbursed when both orders are successful

Quote Eligible Players for Membership / Referral reward

Porygon_Storm x1, Flameybirb x1, dragontamer x1, DavidS x1, Skylea95 x2, artic_uno_13 x4, Greili x2, Swadloon x1, Oktopi x1, GneGne x3, Castiello11 x2, Professor_Nafis x2, Sam01 x4, sanalex x1, Prinplup x1, jyukaidan x4, Pyralspite x1, ~FLARE_HASAAN~x2, Red-Hatter x3, auroradragon93 x2, Nefalanis x1, SilkySelkie x3, Saratank x3, pika44 x2, Aipomz x2, ihsan05juli x4, Akurone x2

Wandy ( 9 Purchases)
Arahkan ( 5 Purchases)
Bussola ( 7 Purchases)
Ichor ( 7 purchases)
Jayka (5 Purchases)

rebel001( 12 Purchases)

Amber (21 Purchases)

Zelfdoding(4 Purchases)


If anyone is interested, please kindly use the form below to order a slot for a shiny.

I will like to order: (which shiny?)
Payment mode (PD, Gems, Mixed):
Are you referred by anyone?:
(If yes, [player name], if no, [No])

Order List
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Porygon_Storm: 1 Caterpie with everstone (Done)
D3fined: 3 Caterpies (Done)
Ichor: 3 male Catepies (Done)

haileythetyrunt: 1 Weedle with everstone(Done)
D3fined: 3 Weedles (Done)
Magikarp_Lover: 1 Weedle with everstone(Order Removed)
absol-girl: 1 mega-able weedle (Done)

Pidgeys has no orders

D3fined : 1 shiny ratata and 1 shiny raticate (Done)
davids236 1 shiny ratata with everstone (Done)
Skylea95: 2 shiny ratata, one with everstone (Done)
Wandy: 1 shiny ratata with everstone (Done)

Wandy: 2 shiny spearow with everstones (Done)
D3fined: 2 shiny spearow with everstones (Done)

artic_uno_13: 1 shiny Ekans (Done)
Greili: 2 shiny Ekans (Done)
D3fined: 2 shiny Ekans with everstones (Done)

Swadloon: 1 Shiny Male Pichu (Done)
Zelfdoding: 3 Shiny Pichu (Done)
Wandy: 2 shiny Pichu (Done)

Zelfdoding: 2 Shiny Sandshrew (Done)
Oktopi: 1 Shiny Sandshrew with everstone (Done)
Wandy: 2 Shiny Sandshrew (Done)
Amber: 1 Shiny Sandslash (Done)

GneGne: 2 Shiny Nidoran(f) (Done)
Amber: 3 Shiny Nidoran(f) (Done)
Zelfdoding: 3 Shiny Nidoran(f) (Done)
GneGne: 1 Shiny Nidoran(f) (Done)

Zelfdoding : 3 Shiny Nidoran(m), one with everstone (Done)
Rai_Singh : 2 Shiny Nidoran(m) (Done)
Amber: 3 Shiny Nidoran (m), one with everstone (Done)

rebel001 : 1 Shiny Cleffa (Done)
amber: 3 Shiny Cleffa (Done)
Zelfdoding: 3 Shiny Cleffa (Done)
Wandy : 3 Shiny Cleffa (Done)

Castiello11: 2 Shiny Vulpix (Done)
Professor_Nafis: 2 Shiny Vulpix (Done)

Amber: 3 Shiny Iggybuff (Done)
Sam01: 1 shiny igglybiff (Done)

Sam01: 2 Shiny Seel (Done)
Amber: 1 Shiny Seel (Done)
Zelfdoding: 2 Shiny Seel (Done)
sanalex: 1 Shiny Seel (Done)

Greek-God: 1 shiny tauros (Done)
Zelfdoding: 1 shiny tauros (Done)
Kotaku:1 shiny tauros (Done)
Amber: 1 shiny tauros (Done)

rebel001: 3 Shiny Bellsprout (Done)
Zelfdoding: 3 Shiny Bellsprout (Done)
Amber: 3 Shiny Bellsprout (Done)

rebel001: 3 Shiny Happiny (Done)
Aradhya_Gupta: 1 Shiny Happiny(Done)
Amber: 3 Shiny Happiny (Done)
Zelfdoding: 3 Shiny Happiny (Done)

GetsugaTenshou: 1 shiny aerodactyl ( modest natured, Done)
jyukaidan: 1 Shiny Aerodactyl (Done)
Zelfdoding: 1 shiny Aerodactyl (Done)
Pyralspite: 1 Shiny Aerodactyl (Done)

Zelfdoding: 3 Shiny Dratini (Done)

rebel001 : 1 Shiny Omantye (Done)
Zelfdoding: 2 Shiny Omantye (Done)
~FLARE_HASAAN~: 1 Shiny Omantye (Done)
Red-Hatter: 2 Shiny Omantye (Done)

No order for Shiny Growlithe

~FLARE_HASAAN~ : 1 Shiny Tyrouge (Done)
Red-Hatter: 1 Shiny Tyrouge (Done)

Zelfdoding: 2 Shiny Munchlax (Done)

auroradragon93: 2 Shiny Meowth (Done)
Zelfdoding: 2 Shiny Meowth (Done)

Bussola: 2 Shiny Ponyta (Done)
Zelfdoding: 2 Shiny Ponyta (Done)

Arahkan : 2 Shiny Mankey (Done)
Zelfdoding: 2 Shiny Mankey (Done)
Bussola: 2 Shiny Mankey (Done)

rebel001 : 2 Shiny Magnemite (Done)
Nefalanis: 1 Shiny Magnemite (Done)
Arahkan: 3 Shiny Magnemite (Done)
Zelfdoding: 2 Shiny Magnemite (Done)

Bussola: 2 Shiny Scyther (Done)
Ichor : 2 Shiny Scyther (Done)
Zelfdoding: 1 Shiny Scyther (Done)

Bussola: 1 Shiny Lapras (Done)

SilkySelkie: 3 Shiny Porygons (Done)
Saratank: 3 Shiny Porygons (Done)
Ichor: 2 Shiny Porygons ( Done and helped in the evolution)
Butterfree: 1 Shiny Porygon (Done)
Jayka (formerly jyukaidan): 3 Shiny Porygons (Done)

articuno13: 3 Shiny Slowpokes (Done)
pika44: 2 Shiny Slowpokes (Done)
Jayka: 2 Shiny Slowpokes (Done)
Aipomz : 2 Shiny Slowpokes (Done)
Akurone : 2 Shiny Slowpokes (Paid)
ihsan05juli: 4 Shiny Slowpokes (Paid)


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Posted: Wed, 04/11/2015 12:27 (3 Years ago)

I will like to order:Shint Caterpie (Can you put a everstone on it?)
Quantity: 1
Payment mode (PD, normal gem): 65 normal gems
This user is now not playing PH - He checks in every month!
Trainerlevel: 68

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Posted: Wed, 04/11/2015 12:32 (3 Years ago)

Thanks for the order. I will set up the GE. Once the payment is done, I will put your name up on the order list.
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Posted: Wed, 04/11/2015 20:46 (3 Years ago)
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Posted: Wed, 04/11/2015 22:49 (3 Years ago)
I'm interested about your take on specific gender requests? Some people allow them, some don't, and since it's not stated in the first post, I wanted to clarify before ordering any slots
Trainerlevel: 40

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Posted: Thu, 05/11/2015 00:21 (3 Years ago)
Username: D3fined
I will like to order: Shiny Caterpie
Quantity: 3
Payment mode (PD, normal gem): PD~
Trainerlevel: 68

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Posted: Thu, 05/11/2015 14:05 (3 Years ago)
@Ichor As long as you dont mind waiting longer, I am ok with gender request.

@D3fined noted. please send the pd. I will add u into the list
Trainerlevel: 40

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Posted: Thu, 05/11/2015 19:28 (3 Years ago)
Will do once I get home later tonight. Probably in about 11 hours or so.
Trainerlevel: 77

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Posted: Fri, 06/11/2015 01:45 (3 Years ago)
Okay, thank you, I don't mind the wait at all~

Username: Ichor
I will like to order: Shiny Caterpie (with everstones too, I could pay extra for those if you need)
Quantity: 3 (male for them, if you can)
Payment mode (PD, normal gem): PD
Trainerlevel: 40

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Posted: Fri, 06/11/2015 06:19 (3 Years ago)
Sent payment
Trainerlevel: 68

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Posted: Fri, 06/11/2015 06:56 (3 Years ago)
@D3fined received and updated.

@Ichor Received payment and updated
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Posted: Sat, 21/11/2015 05:44 (3 Years ago)


Hi, everyone. I am collecting orders for shiny weedles. Anyone interested can use the form to order
Trainerlevel: 35

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Posted: Sat, 21/11/2015 06:01 (3 Years ago)
Username: haileythetyrunt
I will like to order: shiny weedle(with everstone please?)
Payment mode (PD, normal gem): PD

Trainerlevel: 29

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Posted: Sat, 21/11/2015 06:04 (3 Years ago)
Username: Magikarp_Lover
I will like to order: A Shiny Weedle with an Everstone :o?
Quantity: 1
Payment mode (PD, normal gem): PD
Please note I do not have the pd yet, so please be patient ^-^
Trainerlevel: 46

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Posted: Sat, 21/11/2015 06:14 (3 Years ago)
I will like to order:a mega able weedle or evo if u get any
Payment mode (PD, normal gem):pd

All the best wishes to you
Love u all *v*
Trainerlevel: 68

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Posted: Sat, 21/11/2015 06:21 (3 Years ago)
@haileythetyrunt payment received

@dragontamer I will take note of your order. If any mega-able comes, i will contact you. Payment will be done at that point of time.
Trainerlevel: 40

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Posted: Sat, 21/11/2015 08:00 (3 Years ago)
I will like to order: Weedle + Evos
Quantity: 3, if possible.. could I have the everstone again? ^^ and help me evolve?
Payment mode (PD, normal gem): PD
Trainerlevel: 68

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Posted: Sat, 21/11/2015 08:06 (3 Years ago)
@D3fined Payment received and added to order list
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Posted: Fri, 27/11/2015 15:59 (3 Years ago)
Free bumps
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Posted: Sat, 28/11/2015 09:11 (3 Years ago)
Can i join this shiny shop?
Click them if you have time