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Fantasy 1x1 with wolfgirl2398

Forum-Index Roleplay Private RP Fantasy 1x1 with wolfgirl2398
Posted: Thu, 01/01/2015 20:37 (3 Years ago)


Height: If not mentioned
Category of power: Also including how well they can use it and whatnot
Companion: Considering they have one

*Waffle's Charas*

Name: Skye Abbott
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Gender: Female
Age: 17
Her body is plastered with scars and bruises from over the years and her hair is actually shoulder length and incredibly wild. She's rather tall and skinny.
Category of power: Skye is a Darkness fantasy that inherits skills from her Weather-born father. Her Weather is weak and she hasn't put it into much practice, but she's able to wield electricity quite well.
Personality: Skye is tough. She is stubborn, hot-headed, and incredibly rash--her tongue is sharp and cold and she seems to have no filter. She will attack both physically and verbally, with her defenses being up at all times due to paranoia. Her past has hardened her and she distances herself from her friends, fearing that she will have a negative influence on them. She does not show it, but she is loyal above all else and loves her family and friends with a passion. She is reckless and harsh and makes terrible decisions, with her temper being the lowest in the group. She likes to joke around at times and is not always serious.
Weapon(s): Skye uses the blade of a scythe as a weapon. It's been redesigned to be held in her hands, rather than with a staff. She keeps an old taser in her bag, stolen from a police officer.
History: Skye grew up third-born amongst four other siblings, the oldest one being only four years apart. Her mother was single and a nurturing Darkness fantasy that cared for her until she reached thirteen--Skye, sadly, was the one that found her mother dead in a bathroom. Her siblings were sent to go live with their youngest aunt, who only brushed 21, and Skye left after a fight. Her brother Brandon attempted to follow her but, fearing for his health, she forced him to go back.

Name: Robin Wyatt
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Gender: Male
Age: 16
Category of power: Robin's nature-light skills are quite balanced, but he uses nature more.
Personality: Robin is an incredibly upbeat and optimistic person--he is caring, nice, and quite intelligent. With the exception of Skye, he has a good temper with everyone and is quite a friendly and open-minded person. His skin is incredibly thick and he can be quite serious when he needs to be. He speaks his mind a bit too much and stands his ground. He's in the grey area between reckless and brave. Robin is mischevious and playful, but he knows his boundaries. He is wild and daydreams too much, being more indulged in nature and adventure than what should be important.
Companion: He has a winged lion cub named Venom, who is a winged lion-cub Beast that has lost the ability to communicate telepathically but can teleport.
Weapon(s): None, although he sometimes wields a random stick as a staff to channel his abilities.
History: Robin believed that his parents were good and well-natured, despite being sent away when he was young. He traveled about with other Fantasies until being taken under the wing of an elderly Weather Fantasy, who forced him to tame his wild ways and get a proper education at the school Skye, Alex, and Draco attended. He learned to blend in quite quickly.

Name: Jasper Blackford
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Gender: Male
Age: 17
Category of power: The strength of his Weather abilities are outmatched by none--he is a feared, powerful force.
Personality: Jasper is smart, intimidating, and malicious. His mind is practically a weapon--what started out as normal intelligence and street smarts evolved into a tool to get what he needed. He plays a game at all times, his outwards demeanor cheerful and oblivious to create a more innocent mask. Jasper is cold and quite secretive--he has one goal on his mind, but nobody knows what it is. Jasper thinks logically at almost all times, albeit his logic is cruel and usually means the best for him rather than anyone else. He is dangerous and shows it when he wants to.
Companion: He has a griffin named Cedar. Cedar's left eye is scarred, and he cannot see out of it.
Weapon(s): He has a wooden staff to help channel his powers. While still powerful, he doesn't do as well without it.
History: TBR

Name: Fallow Bennett
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Gender: Female
Age: 14
Category of power: Nature, she's hardly competent but she tries.
Personality: Fallow is sweet, innocent, and a bit shy. She cares for other people more than herself and is a very high-anxiety person, letting her emotions get the best at her all of the time. She's practical and innocent, meaning no harm to anyone. In her childhood she was incredibly sheltered, so all of her hope and optimism for the world is slowly fading. She is mentally and emotionally unstable and her regrets weigh down on her, but she tries to not let it show in worry that it will inconvenience others. Fallow is a very readable, surface-level person that overthinks things. She doesn't sleep much because of her constant worries and regrets. She blushes easily.
Companion: She has a rabbit named Fawn.
Weapon(s): None
History: Fallow's parents dropped her and her two older siblings at the Fantasy Camp the day she turned two. Her older brother and sister were extremely protective of her, and even more so when they discovered how weak her powers were in comparison to the other Fantasies.
Other: Her sister's name is Dawn and her brother's name is Minnow

Name: Mavis
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Gender: Female
Age: 17
Category of power: Light/Dark Fantasy, swings towards Dark.
Personality: Mavis is secluded and shy. She's a very skeptical person but when she trusts someone, she is incredibly loyal and will walk to the ends of the earth to protect them. She's quite awkward and bad in social situations but means well. Her sense of humor is dark and she is hard to read. Mavis can be a bit of an enigma and it seems that she isolated herself from humanity for a large chunk of time before meeting the group.
Weapon(s): She used to have two daggers, but lost them to Belle. Now all she has is the toxic lipstick that she got as a gift.
History: She can't remember anything before sixteen and it infuriates her. Mavis wandered about in the forests and the small towns, trying to figure out what had happened, but she doesn't recall anyone. She gets flashbacks every now and then but she can hardly differentiate them from dreams, but she thinks that she killed someone close to her.
Other: Seems to have a connection with Jasper

Name: Marshall Kaya
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Gender: Male
Age: 15
Category of power: Weather/Light, leans towards light.
Personality: Marshall is laid-back and smooth, being a bit quieter. He's a bit mysterious and nobody seems to know too much about him since he lurks in the backgrounds most of the time, but it seems that when someone needs him, he is there to help. He is a friend to everyone in the group and will reassure them in times of need, being quite good at reading people, but keeps himself reserved. He's quite resourceful and is able to slip out of sight for periods of time without people noticing. He sleeps a lot and can be lazy.
Weapon(s): He has a gun and will sometimes have other weapons with him, but nobody knows where he gets them from.
History: TBR
Other: He always carries citrus fruits with him

Name: Belle Carroll
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Gender: Female
Age: 16
Category of power: None
Personality: Belle used to be a cheerful and obedient girl, which rarely shows in her character. She acts cold and calculating and tries her best to distance herself from other people. She refuses to trust people easily, but can be quite understanding and can form close bonds with others over time. She has a tendency to snap and is a bit cruel when in battle.
Companion: None
Weapon(s): She's quite skilled with her daggers and can use pistols pretty well.
History: Belle grew up with an academically-obsessed mother. In result, she was somewhat forced to take a variety of classes. She was exposed to the world of Fantasies when she developed a crush on Draco, who she was too shy to approach. She was heartbroken when Draco and Alex became a couple and spent most of her time consoling in a forest. She met a Weather fantasy at this forest and eventually ran off with the fantasy.

Name: Dawn Bennett
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Gender: Female
Age: 17
Category of power: Nature
Personality: Dawn's a rather optimistic and calm person. She is normally very patient but can get a bit defensive at times. She enjoys the company of people and is incredibly creative. She has a tendency to hide her worry and is very protective of those she holds dear.
Companion: ~
Weapon(s): Dawn doesn't keep any weapons, but is a pretty powerful nature fantasy
History: Dawn's parents dropped her and her younger siblings at the Fantasy Camp at an early age. She eventually grew incredibly protective of them, even more so when she realized that her youngest sister was an incredibly weak fantasy. When the Fantasy Camp was raided, she was separated from her younger sister (Fallow). Her brother, Minnow, was killed in the escape.
Other: She lives in a small cottage on the outskirts of town

Name: Tempest
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Gender: Male
Height: Approx. 10 feet
Category of power: Tempest is the demigod of weather and carries every weather-related power. He is incredibly strong and the only thing that differs him from the god of weather is his vulnerability--he can be killed with enough force. He has the ability to change his size, fly, and teleport along with his weather powers. He has a weak telepathy that he doesn't really use.
Personality: Tempest is incredibly wise and respectful, having lived so long among the Fantasies. He's incredibly laid-back and, to some extent, lazy. He's a very calm beast and he's very playful. Tempest is rather affectionate and trusting towards Fallow and most of her friends.
Companion: He's quite close to Fallow and generally likes everyone around her. His loyalties are mainly with her, though.
History: Tempest has been around since the early days of the Fantasies. However, he chose to be neutral towards them, unlike the other hostile beasts. For years he did his best to hide from them until a lone Weather Fantasy found him. Tempest, upon seeing the strength of the weather fantasy, decided to tolerate him and flank him in the several battles when needed. Tempest was heartbroken upon the fantasy's death and decided to stay in the Fantasy camp so that he could protect them in honor of his fallen friend. However, most of the fantasies were afraid of him and refused to step foot in the cave that he had called home. He met Fallow and she seemed to break his semi-hostile shell. Tempest paid his loyalties to Fallow by protecting her and her friends from harm.
Other: He mainly just meanders around the group and wards off all the beasts that find them or are drawn to their fantasy powers.

Posted: Thu, 01/01/2015 22:34 (3 Years ago)
Alexandra (Alex) Nightshade.
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Appearance: tall, a bit skinny, crimson red hair, icy blue eye's, bright blue tank top, ragged looking blue jean's(as in a little torn up, worn out and faded color, lol), running shoe's, finger-less glove's, chain necklace's and bracelet's, bat shaped earring's, a scar across her nose from a past fight.
Age: 16.
Category of power: dakrness, maybe a little bit of some nature power.
Things to avoid with character: do not, i repeat, do not tick her off, she will try and rip your head off if you tick her off really bad.
Weapon(s): a metal baseball bat she has strapped to he side and a couple dagger's in holster's near her ankle's.
History: Already been said.
Gender: female.

Draco Runestory(i decided his last name needed changed 'cause it was to similar to Alex's, lol).
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Appearance: average height, short gingery brown hair, dark blue eye's, a plain red t-shirt, jean's, sneaker's, a necklace he made himself out of leather and a few charm's he crafted, sunglasses.
Age: 17.
Category of power: weather, a little bit of light power's as well.
Things to avoid with character: he can be a prankster, so be careful and try not to fall for any of his trick's basically.
Weapon(s): a sword he has strapped to his back along with a couple of dagger's and throwing star's.
History: already been said.
Gender: male.

Maxwell Evergreen (last name is different cause his father was not the same as his brothers father)
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Appearance: short spiky ebony black hair, dark emerald green eye's, a black tank top, blue jean's, sneaker's, the stab wound that has left a scar on his chest(hidden by his shirt), a chain necklace with dogtag's hanging off the chain, strangely has one canine like tooth where his pointy like teeth are on the right side(like i usually do with my human-wolf hybrid OC).
Category of power: nature, a bit of light.
Things to avoid with character: do not try to fight him, he will fight back.
Age: 13.
Companion: his companion is a black male wolf named Shadow.
Weapon(s): his father's gun.
History: already been said.
Gender: male.

Viola Finch.
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Appearance: light brown shoulder length hair, emerald green eye's, a white knee high dress, grey jean's, grey sneaker's with white puff's on them for design.
Category of power: nature, some weather mixed in.
Things to avoid with character: try not to spill anything onto her dress, she'll go psycho if you mess up her pretty white dress.
Age: 15
Companion: her companion is a white female wolf named Crystal.
Weapon(s): a couple dagger's and a staff she keep's strapped to her back.
History: not everything has been mentioned, only that she is an orphan.
Gender: female.

Justin Ray.
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Gender: Male.
Age: 17.
Appearance: (basically this but currently wearing a dark grey hoodie, blue jeans, sneakers and a plain t-shirt underneath, next outfit he'll be in is this).
Category of power: Weather and Darkness.
Personality: he's kind when he wants the be, but hides it under a mask of a more somewhat cruel and suave Personality with a psychotic edge to it, but will break that mask down if he meets the right girl who can help him, also a bit of a flirt.
Companion: does not have one.
Weapon(s): a hunting knife.
History: has yet to be said, only thing known about him is he has known Alex ever since him and Alex were children.
Other: has given up on Alex, may try to make friends with her and the others in due time, though will understand if they won't accept, secretly loves sweets.

(updated forms, soon to be updated)

Name: Alexandra (Alex) Nightshade.
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Gender: Female.
Age: 16.
(additionally: crimson red hair, icy blue eye's, leaf styled earring's, a scar across her nose from a past fight, wearing this dress with grey leggings, her shoes.
Height: 5"8.
Category of power: darkness(stronger) and Nature(slightly weaker),
Companion: n/a
Weapon(s): a metal baseball bat(always beside her) she has strapped to her side and a couple dagger's in holster's near her ankle's(currently not equipped).
History: Already been said.

Name: Draco Runestory(i decided his last name needed changed 'cause it was to similar to Alex's, lol).
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Gender: Male.
Age: 17.
Height: 6"0
Category of power: Weather(stronger) and Light(slightly weaker),
Companion: n/a.
History: Already been said.
Family: mother is assumed to be deceased, his blood related father is unknown, 1 sister(Mary, whereabouts unknown) & 2 brothers(Jack (at Family safe house) and Maxwell (With the group in Mavis' home))

Name: Maxwell Evergreen (last name is different cause his father was not the same as his brothers father)
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Gender: Male.
Age: recently turned 14(cause WHY NOT)
Height: 5"1(took a bit of a growth spurt, originally stood at 4"8).
Category of power: Nature(stronger) and light(slightly weaker),
Companion: Shadow
Weapon(s): his father's gun.
History: Already been said.
Family: mother is assumed to be deceased, his blood related father is unknown, 1 sister(Mary, whereabouts unknown) & 2 brothers(Jack (at Family safe house) and Draco (With the group in Mavis' home))

Name: Viola Finch.
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Gender: Female.
Age: 15.
Height: 5"2.
Category of power: Nature(stronger) and Weather(slightly weaker),
Companion: Crystal.
History: not everything has been mentioned, only that she is an orphan.

Name: Justin Ray.
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Gender: Justin-Male | Umbra-Slightly feminine, but does classify as Male.
Age: 17
Appearance: (eye color is pink/yellow-Umbra | eye color is blue/purple-Justin)
(additionally: current outfit, his hair has grown long enough for him to put it up in a bun(currently his hair is up in a bun), a red sleeveless hoodie, a pair of denim jeans, boots(recently bought).
Height: 6"1.
Category of power: Weather(stronger) and Darkness(slightly weaker, has been training his darkness powers to strengthen it), he's mostly been working on his second power catagory but he can shoot dark bolts of electricity and shadow walk, create wind currents around him and use cloud to float on.
Personality: dual personalities: Justin is somewhat calm and collected for the most part, keeps to himself unless he wants to socialize, he's the less psychopathic one of the two, more passive than aggressive | both of them are flirtatious | Umbra is more hyperactive and loud and more in-your-face, cuddly when in a good mood, he's the more psychopathic one of the two, passive-aggressive.
Companion: n/a
Weapon(s): hunting knife.
History: most of it has been said.
Family: parents are deceased, no known siblings or relatives.
Other: his eye's colors will shift between who is who, has a bit of a sweet tooth, bookworm.

Name: Xena.
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Gender: Female.
Age: unknown.
Height: Approx. 9 feet at the shoulder.
Category of power: Darkness, she's able to shadow sneak and bend shadow's to her will, she has also learned human-speak(funnily enough).
Personality: unknown.
Companion: n/a
Weapon(s): claw's and teeth or course.
History: unknown.
Family: unknown.
Other: she is the beast of Darkness.
Posted: Thu, 01/01/2015 23:04 (3 Years ago)
Robin and Skye where both keeping watch, since Skye had scribbled a mustache (with mud) onto Robin's face last time she took watch. The last time Robin had been on watch, he had painted her nails pink with a worn-out marker. That really ticked her off.
Skye's eyes began to droop, but she wouldn't fall asleep and let Robin make-over her face.
She felt something tickling at her legs, like a bug, but she just decided that it was her imagination. But then something tightened and stretched her skin a bit on the legs.
She looked down, and saw fresh ivy crawling up her legs. Robin, I'm going to kill you! She raged mentally, and swatted the vines off.
"Robin." She growled, sending a death-glare at his direction. Her death glares were the worst--she had a flipping blood-red eye that pierced like metal nails at the skin.
"What?" The nature-boy grunted. He looked up to her with narrowed light-green eyes. "Don't you dare summon your nature on me again. I swear, earth-face--" Skye hissed silently, careful not to wake up the other two. "Don't call me that, dim-brain!" Robin complained. "Stop whining!" Skye snapped.

Her scythe had been taken off her back with a flip, and she thrust the blade at his knee. It didn't dig in, though, only touch. She sent electrical currents through the handle, which made the boy yelp and steam curl off of his head. Skye's scythe had metal in the core, so she could shock people easily. "HEY!" Robin shouted, and a branch from the tree above crack and landed onto Skye. She stumbled backwards and off the log she was sitting on.
"Oh, it is on, earth-face!" She screamed, and a rage of hers was released. Skye was one of those special Dark Fantasies, the one whose dark abilities sort of link with death abilities. The grass around her shriveled.
"Hey! You children! What are you doing out here alone?!" Cried an urgent, surprised voice of a man. Oh, crap. Skye thought. During these kind of situations, Skye and Robin switched from enemies to allies. Robin gave Draco a little shove with his foot to wake him up, and shook Alex awake.

"We're camping, sir." Skye said to the policeman. His skin was a wrinkled chocolate brown, and he was rather bulky. He had a wispy white beard covering his chin. "Alone, and so far away from the town?!" The policeman exclaimed. "Come with me in the car. We'll contact your parents." He said. So straight-to-the-point, Skye thought.
"Alex? Draco? Robin?" She said, calmly.

And now Robin was running for his life. Or really, his freedom outside an adoption center. He, Alex, Draco, and Skye would be separated if the policeman went through their history records. Skye would go back to her abusive family. He'd go to a Foster home. And heck knows what would happen to Draco and Alex. They'd been running for a pretty long time, to keep together. This group of strangelings were the only thing that Robin had ever since his parents had died. Even if he wanted to crack Skye's neck every now and then.

Posted: Thu, 01/01/2015 23:34 (3 Years ago)
draco leaped over log's and over bushes as he ran after robin and skye.
''this is getting really annoying!'' he yelled up to them.
alex grinned and ran up a tree, back flipped over to the cop and knocked him to the ground.
''nighty night!'' she laughed and whacked him in the head with her bat, not hard enough to harm him, just to knock him out cold.
she then ran after the other's, laughing.
''your scary sometime's, did you know that?'' draco asked teasingly.
''i know'' alex said grinning.

once they were safe, alex and draco both collapsed, breathing heavily.
''hate... running....!'' draco coughed.
''good grief draco... it ain't all that bad'' alex said.
he looked up at alex, a small grin crossing his face.
''well you try leaping over log's and trying to keep up with the two fighting half the time'' he said standing up.
she laughed a little and sat on a log, crossing her arm's.
Posted: Fri, 02/01/2015 09:45 (3 Years ago)
Robin and Skye both sent a glare towards Draco's way. "Hey, dim-brain's the one who started it all! Don't blame me!" Robin slumped.
"Well we're going to be running a lot. Get used to it!" Skye snapped in her defense. Robin's teeth grimly clenched, and Skye went off to the woods. She looked over her shoulder at Alex. "I'll be back." She said, and disappeared into the shadows, literally. Like a dream ghost fading into wherever, Skye faded into the shadows. Dissolved. Just like a dark-witch should, Robin thought. He sat on the log, his arms crossed.
Skye walked back to them, a policeman's device in her hand.
"Remember that policeman you knocked out, Alex? I took his tazer." She purred. Robin stood up from the log, bewildered.
"Are you serious?!" He shrieked.
"Yup. It'll be fine. Anyways, I guess we can rest here. And Robin, get some sleep. You look tired." She said. "No I'm--" He began to protest, but Skye grabbed his shoulders and zapped him in the back with the policeman's weapon. Everything kind of swirled off, and Robin didn't feel himself fall to the ground.

Posted: Fri, 02/01/2015 23:54 (3 Years ago)
alex and draco both blinked, now a bit cautious around skye with the tazer.
''um.... don't you think that's a little extreme skye...?'' alex asked, keeping her voice a bit low and even.
''good grief skye...'' draco mumble, sitting down on the log next to alex.
she sighed and got up.
''how about you rest skye.. me and draco will keep watch this time'' she said.
he nodded in agreement.
''get some rest, you'll need it..'' he muttered.
Posted: Sat, 03/01/2015 13:14 (3 Years ago)
Skye paused, but shoved the tazer into the backpack. "I'm sure it will come out handy." She said with a tiny shrug. "Stop arguing for once," Robin grumbled, leaning back on the log. "I'm not arguing, I'm trying to prove I'm right!" She snapped, sending him a crimson-eyed glare. "That's the definition of arguing!" Robin shouted, standing up. "Shut up, you freaky dirt-faced maniac!" Skye hissed. "No wonder your father abandoned you!" Robin growled. Skye froze. Her jaw muscles tightened, and she sent the most murderous glare that she could.
"You." She growled,and shadow figures crept out from the trees. They had crooked structures, like the skeleton from 'A Nightmare Before Christmas' covered in ebony black. They grabbed Robin in a gesture like those warriors about to rip his limbs off by hand. Skye's hair electrocuted straight up. She thrust her hand outwards, and a mix of both lightning and darkness cast towards him. He screamed, even though it had been reflected with a shield of light.

Posted: Sat, 03/01/2015 16:13 (3 Years ago)
alex grabbed her bat and stood in front of robin, giving skye an icy death glare.
''if we start fighting each other like this we'll all be captured for sure!'' she snapped, her anger boiling really quick.
''um.. i uh, i'll go scout around'' draco said quickly and bolted, not wanting to get in the middle of the fighting.
with alex's short temper to match her hair, she practically looked like the devil himself, just no horn's or tail and icy blue eye's.
''please, get along for just a couple of day's for goodness sake'' she said.
she made a clawing motion at the shadow creature's and they released robin, letting him fall to the ground.

draco held a dagger in his left hand as he walked around.
please don't let any fan girl's be camping around here.. he thought.
he hated being chased by girl's at his old school, ever since a band he joined won a talent show.

draco's back story

he had been the lead singer and he picked one of the song's he listened to for the song, which put them in first place.
every once in a while a when he was just going through his locker a few of the girl's there would stop by and annoy him, asking question's none stop.
he hated every girl in that school because they kept annoying him, except one, alex nightshade.
he always had a crush on alex, they had a lot in common, the same opinion on thing's, and never fought.
they were practically best friend's.
but ever sense they found out about their power's, they left the school and became running criminal's, stealing and fighting, trying to keep from being caught and split apart.
just like now, running with two friend's that barely get along unless needed.
Posted: Sat, 03/01/2015 18:14 (3 Years ago)
Robin scowled and brushed the newly applied dirt off of his faded red shirt. "Skye and me can't not hate each other for more than a week," he told Alex with a sigh. "Yeah, I mean, he's just so stupid!" Skye agreed. "Yeah, we--wait, what?!" He snapped, just noticing what he said 'yeah' to. The dark fantasy snickered, with a sparkle in her eyes that was rather tormenting to him. "Whatever. But I guess we can give it a shot for a couple of days?" He questioned with a glance at both Alex and Skye. "Alright, pot-head. Let's give it a shot." Skye grumbled, knowing Alex would force her if she didn't agree. "Starting in the morning," he chirped at the last moment, and cast a wall of light so bright that it knocked Skye out. He didn't forget to blind Alex's eyes from the light by forming some tree bark across her eyes. It deformed as he flicked his hand. Skye was on the ground, sleeping. He huddled himself next to her and went to sleep.

Posted: Sat, 03/01/2015 19:57 (3 Years ago)
alex growled and made the bark across her eye's disappear.
she grinned and a spark of mischief appeared in her eye's.
she quietly and carefully made a moss style blanket appear over both of them and went to scout around the forest.

''those two really need to get a grip on their senses.... they are both to stubborn to keep quiet, we'll all get in trouble if their yelling continues...'' she grumbled, really annoyed.
she sighed and grabbed her bat off her side, looking at the dent she made when she first hurt somebody.
i won't ever forget that... this dent is a bad memory.... she thought sadly, closing her eye's and gritting her teeth.

alex's back story

when alex had first found the bat, she mostly used it to destroy stuff that was in the way.
but when someone had her and draco cornered, she freaked out and whacked the person in the head pretty hard.
she then whacked the person in both knee's to make sure they stayed down.
''alex, calm down!'' draco yelled, grabbing her arm before she swung the bat again.
she let go of the bat and it clattered to the ground.
alex started to cry and hugged draco.
''it's alright alex.. calm down......'' he muttered.
''i-i.. i couldn't stop myself...!'' she sobbed.
he looked at the person laying limp on the ground and sighed.
Posted: Sat, 03/01/2015 20:16 (3 Years ago)
Skye woke up with the golden-blonde hair of hers scruffily shoved into her face. She felt utterly warm, which was rather strange counting that all she was wearing was a white shirt and a hoodie in the dead-middle of winter in somewhere in America that wasn't Florida (she'd forgotten and counted on Draco whenever the heck she actually wanted to know--which was never). She brushed her hair out of her face (except for the slang of auburn that was always almost across her eye), and saw out into the world.
Although the forest was covered deeply in a blanket mountain of fresh untouched snow. Alex (since Robin was asleep somewhere) must of cast that vine barrier across them so the snow wouldn't cave in--another reason why Skye enjoyed travelling with them. She blinked, and looked down on her lap.
No wonder she felt so warm. Robin was laying there, and her arms were around her neck. She recoiled away from him in disgust, ready to blast some lightning at him, and remembered the promise. I can go ahead and freeze to death about now, she thought with a scowl, her sharp (seriously sharp) teeth bared and clenched. Skye looked around, but Draco and Alex had fallen asleep sometime during the night. Her sharp battle-ready nails claws at her palm, which was wrapped in a black cloth.

She grunted, and stood up. Skye's hands pressed against the solid-like ivy fence, and pushed herself up. She swung her legs over it, and slipped out her scythe. With an effort of energy, her made a slightly larger-than-usual snowball, which was still rather tiny. It cast into the air, and fell again (which wasn't much trouble).
Skye's scythe swung towards it precisely, and she managed to slice the snow in half. She heard footsteps behind her, and turned around, ready to strike.
It was Robin.
"Oh. Hi." She grumbled (may be the least bit disappointed). Skye remembered how she woke up, and wondered whether it was her of Robin who did that in their sleep. Or maybe he was awake...? She shook the thoughts out of her head (mentally screaming at herself), and felt herself grow warm. "The others up yet?" She asked, nodding towards the vine fence.

Posted: Sun, 04/01/2015 02:11 (3 Years ago)
draco, with him not having a jacket, was freezing so he never actually went to sleep.
''i can hear you, ya know'' he called over to skye and robin.
he froze when he felt something being wrapped over his shoulder's, and when he looked up, alex was smiling as she put a moss blanket over him.
''wouldn't need you freezing to death draco..'' she mumbled.
he blushed a little and smiled.
''thank's...'' he muttered.
she chuckled and went over to a tree and laid down, covering herself up with her own moss blanket and was out like a light.
Posted: Sun, 04/01/2015 16:55 (3 Years ago)
Skye watched Alex and Draco with a smirk. Robin seemed uneasy as if he felt that he shouldn't if saw that, but the dark Fantasy gave a slight chuckle and looked up at Draco. "You looove her!" She sang in one of those annoying catchy tunes. "Seriously, Skye?" Robin grumbled. "On behalf of Draco, do I really need to--" he began, but Skye socked him in the face lighter than usual (because of the deal). "You saw that coming, dirt-head." She assured with a grin. Robin sighed.

Posted: Sun, 04/01/2015 18:31 (3 Years ago)
draco looked at skye, blushing more.
''not funny skye...!'' he yelled quietly, trying not to wake alex up.
he stood up and was trying really hard not to knock skye out, but somehow couldn't stop himself from casting a rain cloud over skye's head.
he was now getting ticked off, but not enough to start fighting.
''i'm going to go scout around......'' he grumbled, teeth gritting and walked off to walk around again.
Posted: Sun, 04/01/2015 20:30 (3 Years ago)
Skye swatted Draco's annoyed rain cloud away, although the embarrassed rain of it took a bit to wear off. She wasn't quite the weather Fantasy, since she inherited it from her uncle like all Fantasy hybrids did. Although her specialty was lightning, not rain or blizzards or etcetera. Although she sometimes conjured ''worried'' rain when she had nightmares (which she knew about thanks to Robin yelling at her about it). "Why'd you mention that to his face?" Robin the complaining nature Fantasy grumbled a bit furiously at her. "I like to mess with people sometimes. It lets different pressure for a taste." She replied simply. "Different pressure?" Robin grumbled.
"Its better than being-chased-by-cops pressure." She shrugged. "Give me an example." Robin ordered, obviously just trying to prove himself right. "The time you were laying on me when I woke up." Skye replied hesitantly. Robin's face flushed red. "When the heck did that happen?!" He grumbled. "This morning." She grumbled. "What does that have to do with pressure?" Robin grumbled, still blushing furiously. "The pressure of restraining to electrify you." Skye shrugged.

Posted: Sun, 04/01/2015 20:50 (3 Years ago)
once draco was out of sight of both of them, he unsheathed his sword and swung at a tree hard enough it left a huge chunk missing from the trunk of the tree.
he sat down and rubbed his forehead, trying to calm his nerve's.
''don't let skye mess with you like that draco.. it's murder on your nerve's....'' he told himself.
draco looked at the blade of his sword and made a bit of a flame in his free hand, giving a bit of some light.
''being on the run like this is getting old...'' he sighed, calmed back down now.

alex grumbled and sat up.
''what's with all the noise...?!'' she asked, clearly not knowing what had happened.
her crimson red hair was half in her face, but she didn't seem to care.
Posted: Sun, 04/01/2015 22:35 (3 Years ago)
Skye's oddly-colored eyes snapped towards the devilish oak trees that seemed to whisper as she heard a snap. "What was that?" She asked, glaring towards Robin. He was distracted with a small robin that had perched on his finger. She slipped out her murderously-shaped scythe, and held it in a ready-to-chop-heads-off position (one of her favorites).

The world seemed to shift-shape under her feet. The wind turned hollow and uninviting, and winter's cause to make the leaves fall and shrivel seemed spine-chilling. The wrath of the still snow made Skye feel that earth-face had disappeared, and she felt watched.

A thump seemed to cause a slight shame of the ground, which made Skye's heart hammer in her ribcage. A thing burst out of the trees with a humped back and shiny on-screen scales that made the demon look like it had just gotten out of water. It's eyes were a blazing gold, and it had claws thick and yellow like a fairy tale oger's.

Posted: Sun, 04/01/2015 23:13 (3 Years ago)
alex's eye's widened and she instantly lunged, whacking the creature in the face with her metal bat.
''not on my watch you little bugger!'' she yelled.
she yelled pretty loud, just enough to have draco skidding to a stop, his sword in hand.
''what is that thing?!'' he called from behind the monster.
''no clue! just help!'' alex called back, using her bat to block a blow of the monster's claw's.
Posted: Sun, 04/01/2015 23:45 (3 Years ago)
Skye's arm thrust forwards it, and a surge of dark power blasted off her fingers like goop slipping out of her grip. The blast hit the devilish creature in the chest, causing it to stumble to the ground and smoke to sizzle off of it. She acknowledged Robin's urgent tree branches suddenly extending and holding the monster by the neck. A blast of poorly-aimed light hit it in the arm as it was about to get up. Skye ran up towards it, and slammed her scythe into its knee brutally. The monster clawed at her, but she ducked and only got a very light scratch on her hoodie. The auburn part of her hair was slung into her face.

Posted: Mon, 05/01/2015 01:26 (3 Years ago)
draco ran up the creature's back and raised his sword.
he was just about to bring down the sword when a scream echoed through the air.
he looked over and seen that alex was laying on her side out cold, a huge gash on her arm.
''alex! you beast!!'' he yelled and raised his sword again, the blade bursting into a blinding flash of light as he sank his sword into the monster's head.
draco leaped down and ran over to where alex was, dragging her away from any more harm and breathing heavily from using so much power to light his sword up like that.