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Forum Thread

*Greenie's Journal*

Forum-Index Diaries *Greenie's Journal*
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Posted: Wed, 22/08/2018 22:32 (2 Months ago)
Hello! Welcome to my journal of sorts! Expect to see entries related to my interests, hobbies, and other miscellaneous stuff, depending on what I feel like talking about. Don't expect very frequent updates! ;w;

Please do not comment in this thread! If you would like to say something or ask me a question, please send a PM or palpad message! :o

(This will look pretty later when I have the time to fix things! ;^;)

About Me!
Name: Greenie (Sarah to friends!)
Female | Ace | Gemini (June 16)
Personality: Timid, quiet, huge nerd
Hobbies: Gaming, drawing, watching cartoons, watching Youtube/Twitch
Likes: Kindness, rain, quiet places, learning new things, bug catching, robots
Dislikes: Rudeness, overheating, loud noises, germs, conflicts

Pokemon Favorites!
Pokemon: (especially Dex)
Pokemon Type: Electric
Pokemon Region: Alola
Offensive Attack: Thunderbolt/Discharge
Defensive Attack: Wish
Ability: Protean
Starter Pokemon:
Legendary Pokemon:
Mythical Pokemon:
Other Favorite Pokemon:
Villainous Team: Team Skull
Spin-Off Series: Snap, Mystery Dungeon

Vidya Favorites!
Nintendo Series: Animal Crossing, Smash Bros, Mother/Earthbound, Rhythm Heaven, Pikmin, Super Mario, Kirby
Other Series: Mega Man Classic, Sonic the Hedgehog, Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, Yo-Kai Watch, Professor Layton, Banjo-Kazooie
Stand-Alone: Undertale, Terraria, Stardew Valley, Overwatch, Slime Rancher, A Hat in Time, Cuphead, Minecraft
Portable Console: Nintendo 3DS
Home Console: Nintendo Gamecube
Genres: RPG, Adventure, Simulation, Sandbox
Streamers: Vinesauce (group), Games Repainted (group)
Youtubers: Normal Boots (group), Hidden Block (group), Super Best Friends, Jacksepticeye, Steam Train (rip ;^;)

Other Favorites!
Colors: Turquoise, blue, black
Animals: Foxes, seals, cats, jumping spiders, most insects
Music : Queen, Elton John, The Beatles, The Megas, classic rock, electronic, chiptune (and anime garbage, haha!)
Movies: Up, The Iron Giant, Wreck-It Ralph, Wall-E, Big Hero 6
TV Shows: Gravity Falls, most late 90's-present Cartoon Network shows
Anime/Manga: Pokemon SuMo, Digimon (Seasons 1-5, AppliMonsters), Mekakucity Actors/Kagerou Project, Pet Shop of Horrors, Zatch Bell!, Keroro Gunso, Madoka, Kemono Friends, a bunch more I can't remember atm
Food: Fettuccine alfredo, shrimp scampi, sweet corn pizza, cookie dough ice cream
Drinks: Dr. Pepper, orange soda, cherry soda, ramune, water

My Art Shop
My Good Bois (Rotom box)
My Missing Dex

PH Goals!
-Get Ditto Purchased via GTS for 4 mil. PD!
-Get all Mega-powered Pokemon
-Complete my dex (1202/1285 (93.54%) on 11/01/18)
-Complete my plushie collection @[email protected]
-Acquire 100 good bois (100/100 on 10/5/18) Completed!
-Acquire 250 good bois (250/250 on 10/16/18) Completed!
-Acquire 500 good bois (391/500 on 11/01/18)
-Get 7 shiny Rotom by myself (7/7 on 10/26/18) Completed!

Pokemon Birthdays!
In case I decide to do something special in the future!

Woshua- October 5, 2018
Frosty- October 8, 2018
Sassy Boi (temp. name)- October 11, 2018
Spooky- October 21, 2018
Rotom (bold; TBN)- October 22, 2018
Sparky- October 23, 2018
Rotom (careful; TBN)- October 26, 2018


Honey Donation Medal- Given by Syd_the_Squid

Beep boop, that seems to be it for now~!
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Posted: Fri, 24/08/2018 17:49 (2 Months ago)
Q & A

Why is your username ProfessorGreenie?
It's the name I use for any collectable site I'm on. The "Greenie" part comes from these guys!

Where did you learn how to draw?
I'm self-taught! I've been drawing since I was five or so. Lots and lots of time and practice, I suppose!

What art program do you use?
PaintTool SAI! I'm a little limited on effects I can do, but that's ok!

Why do you charge 200k for your art?
Multiple reasons!
-200,000 PD, through conversion into nuggets and then into USD, is a little over $1. A good amount of the userbase here cannot afford my actual commission prices ($15), so I've made my base rate very low!
-Interacting/clicking eggs on this site for a long period of time strains my hand. Drawing is a lot less painful to me, haha! It's the best way I can think of to earn currency to be able to buy things for dex completion.

Can you draw people?
Yes! However, I prefer and specialize in drawing animals and monsters. Plus I never know how to do posing right for fullbodies

Do you have any personal characters/OCs?
I do not! Not at the moment, at least.

Why do you like Rotom so much?
Again, multiple reasons!
-Very cute and adorable
-Best type (Electric)
-Immune to Electric's only weakness with Levitate
-Lots of formes (not all competitively viable but oh well!)
-That stupid grin
-USUM Dex is a sweetheart and I love him

Everything about them is endearing to me. I actually have an entire team of them in USUM with perfect IVs and EVs, haha! Sadly, I cannot use them in anything but regular gameplay since battle facilities and the like have a "no duplicates" rule. But they get lots of pets and rainbow beans! <3

How would you rank the different formes of Rotom?
1. Dex (cutest, able to talk, huggable design)
2. Classic (super cute, very small, excitedly zips all over the place)
3. Mow (very cute, best grin, a little scary!)
4. Frost (big, can store ice cream or frozen food if needed)
5. Heat (very cute, can heat up aforementioned food)
6. Fan (cute, portable air-conditioning... but a little redundant )
7. Wash (a little strange-looking, but still cute)

Can I have one from your collection box?
No. O^O (In all seriousness, no. Sorry!)

Will amend this post with more questions as they are asked!
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Posted: Mon, 03/09/2018 16:16 (2 Months ago)
Did a little bit of drawing this weekend! I've been without my computer and drawing tablet for a week or so due to construction, so my "break to work on other projects" wasn't very productive! ;w;

I managed to finally finish my randomizer Nuzlocke of Black 2, but I'm debating whether or not I should make a comic about it. I have a bunch of projects on my plate at the moment, so a comic might be a bit too overzealous. We'll have to see! :o


Alternate Shiny versions

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Posted: Fri, 07/09/2018 23:09 (2 Months ago)
Taking a bit of a break from doing commission work! Probably just for the weekend. I tend to get burned out from doing too many in a short amount of time, but that's just how I work! > <;;

Debating whether I should try my hand at making adopts? Someone suggested it to me and I'm pondering it... I'd probably keep the starting bid at the base 200k I charge for commissions, since I'd be putting the same amount of time/effort into them. Hmmst.

I'm very excited for fall! The temperature cools down a lot around here, and fall signals the start of my favorite time of the year; October-December! I'll probably start making new Halloween designs for my shop soon; my current ones are two years old! Kind of rusty, imo...


Alternate Shiny versions

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Posted: Sun, 16/09/2018 05:31 (2 Months ago)
Whew boy I have a lot of stuff to update on, haha!

I finally managed to get a Ditto! It's really speeding up breeding for the event Pokemon I'm missing a part of the evo line for. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't snag it from the lab, but I should be able to make all of that money back eventually!

After I finish up the event breeding, I'm debating getting Premium again to attempt to shiny hunt the BEST POKEMON. I would like to get a set of 7 (the 6 canon formes plus a spare just in case). I've been trying to use the Safari Zone to chain but oh lordy it's progressing slowly and hurting my wallet. > <;;

This past week's Rowan Quest was a bust. Despite everything, it still started losing traction near the end. Ugh. I hate Rowan quests so I'm not looking forward to the next attempt at it. orz

I am extremely excited for Isabelle's inclusion in Smash Ultimate! She's one of my all-time favorite characters (I have a small collection of Isabelle merchandise, haha) and it appears she plays fairly similar to Villager, one of my SSB4 mains. She wasn't even on my wanted list (atm that consists of Banjo and Kazooie and "any character from the Rhythm Heaven series"), so her reveal was a very nice surprise! But part of me feels a little bittersweet... all the excitement makes me miss an old project of mine that I retired from.

I haven't been feeling too good as of late (IW joke not intended, heh), but I'm hoping this coming week will improve things a bit. We'll have to see!


Alternate Shiny versions