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[L] Wishing for a shiny angel [mega/shiny lotto]

Forum-Index Contests User-made contests [L] Wishing for a shiny angel [mega/shiny lotto]
Posted: Mon, 17/07/2017 02:07 (11 Months ago)

As I restart my Absol hunt, I am struck with an epiphany! I shall offer off my spares! Tickets will be sold if and/or when this is approved!

The lottery will run for 3 months (January 24th, 2018 at reset), so enter while it lasts xD

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First Place: 1 Shiny Absol, 1 Mega-Able Absol, and 15 Evo stones
Second Place: 1 Mega-Able Absol, a lugia voucher and 150 assorted berries
Third Place: 1 Shiny Absol, a lugia voucher and 100 assorted berries
Fourth Place: 1 Shiny Absol, 75 assorted berries and 5 Evo stones
Fifth Place: 1 Shiny Absol, and 50 assorted berries

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PD: 1000pd = 1 Tickets
Common Gems: 1 Ticket Each
Fairy Gems: 2 Tickets Each
Normal Gems: 10 Tickets each
Dark Gems: 25 Tickets each
Dragon Gems: 50 Tickets Each
Star Piece: 50 Tickets Each
Sail Fossil: 25 Tickets Each
Boxes/Keys (standard): 10 Ticket Each
Boxes/Keys (gold): 15 Tickets Each
Boxes (black): 50 Tickets Each
Keys (black): 250 Tickets Each
Nuggets: 15 Tickets Each (minimum 50 Nuggets/750 Tickets)
Purrloin Plush: 75 Tickets
Liepard Plush: 85 Tickets
Absol Plush: 90 Tickets
MEGA Absol Plush: 150 Tickets
Nayami (black/red absol) Plush: 110 Tickets

If you purchase tickets, either tell me here, or be sure you say so in the Delibird Notes. I will keep an update here as to ticket counts.
Ticket Holders
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No body! Tickets have been reset!

By [user]buschb[/user]

Want a floofy herald of disaster?

Enter my lottery for the chance to win a [i]Shiny[/i] Absol, a [u]Mega-able[/u] Absol, and more!

This week, get [b][u]FIFTY TIMES[/u][/b] tickets for sail fossils! That's 1,250 Tickets for ONE sail fossil! I've also decided that this week that MEGA Absol Plushes will be [b][u]TEN TIMES[/u][/b] the normal ticket amount, so one plush will give you [b][u]1.5K tickets![/u][/b]

There are a few ways to enter, so check the thread to learn more!
[url=http://pokeheroes.com/forum_thread.php?id=61524]LOTTERY THREAD[/url]
Posted: Tue, 22/08/2017 22:55 (10 Months ago)

Park Hyung Sik #ZA:E #K-POP #I'M IN LOVE
Posted: Tue, 17/10/2017 17:17 (8 Months ago)
To those that entered my lotto, prizes shall be given out sometime around reset or a bit after...I'm in a bit of a bad state at the moment as one of my grandmothers passed away late yesterday morning and I was just told a few hours ago...

It's not as big of a shock as it should be as we all thought she'd be gone last year, but at 98 she lived a long and happy life...

Thank you all for understanding and prizes WILL be given out asap