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The Fight for the Throne

Forum-Index Roleplay The Fight for the Throne
Posted: Sat, 07/01/2017 04:39 (1 Year ago)
Luna put Sugar Cube back in her cage, before walking to the library as well. Her room was farthest from the library, so she would walk for about 5 minutes to get there.
Posted: Sat, 07/01/2017 04:43 (1 Year ago)
*Notices Oliver says hi to her.* Oh hi Oliver. Um...Shi and I were wondering if you can help us get that book right there?" *Points to a book titled Tactics of The Great Dwarven War*
Posted: Sat, 07/01/2017 04:54 (1 Year ago)
Once Luna made it to the library, she started to look for books on her own. Mostly so she could read up on 'being a good queen'.
Posted: Sat, 07/01/2017 05:02 (1 Year ago)
Blitz looked up from his game. He saw quite a few of his siblings were there. Smiling, he told Billy to sit. He went to Luna. "What'cha doing?" He asked.
Posted: Sat, 07/01/2017 05:05 (1 Year ago)
"Oh... Uhm. Well, I am significantly short than you, but..." Oliver looked at his pet, and hopped on it's back. Grabbing the book, he got down. He noticed a book on 'Ruling', and grabbed it. "Here you go." He hummed, handing Harper the book. He held his books close to his chest, smiling. Grey entered his dorm, and flopped onto his bed.
Posted: Sat, 07/01/2017 05:09 (1 Year ago)
Luna looked up at Blitz, putting the book she was browsing back on the shelf. "Thinking too much." she said bluntly. She had a big framed poster in her bedroom with the words "I've been thinking too much", and she had loved it.
Posted: Sat, 07/01/2017 05:11 (1 Year ago)
Blitz shrugged. "Alrighty." He walked back to Billy, who was playing with one of the cards. He took it from him and the rest of the cards, then proceeded to his room. He sighed, then went to his bathroom to take a bath.
Posted: Sat, 07/01/2017 05:15 (1 Year ago)
"Thank you big brother!" *Harmony walks over to a table in the corner and starts researching different war tactics and tunes everyone else out*
Posted: Sat, 07/01/2017 05:27 (1 Year ago)
"Mhm..." Oliver hummed, starting to an open table in the library. He opened the 'Ruling' book, and started reading. He hummed as he did, smiling.

Grey curled up on the bed, staring at the ceiling with half lidded eyes. He sighed, covering his face with his forearm.
Posted: Sat, 07/01/2017 05:29 (1 Year ago)
Luna, with nothing to do, decided to go back to her room. She lighted banged on each door she passed, including Grey's.
Posted: Sat, 07/01/2017 05:48 (1 Year ago)
*Harmony ends up falling asleep while researching.* Hello is anyone here? She yells while turning every which way only to see darkness everywhere. Where am I? Mother, father? Luna, Oliver, Grey can anyone hear me?" *She takes a step forward and everything lights up with fire. "What? What's going on?" *She looks up and sees the castle before running towards it. When she gets there the door is hanging off its edge and the stone around it looks cracked and broken. Harmony steps though the door to see her family sitting around the main table. *Guys what's going on?" *She hears a giggle from behind her and turns around to see a child like version of herself. "You did this..aren't you proud of yourself?" says the little girl before walking pass Harmony to her family. "What do you mean I did this?" "Look closer at your family dear" *Harmony does so before screaming which jolts her out of her sleep*
Posted: Sat, 07/01/2017 06:01 (1 Year ago)
In her room, Zero read a book on War strategies, purposely skipping out on supper for extra practice time and she had been notified of her parents decision to step down. Setting down her book, Zero looked out the window and at the town she often frequented at. Being Queen would be nice and she could protect everyone better that way. But being Queen ment giving up her lifelong dream of being General, and enrolling in the army at 12, enduring the mocking and harsh training and gaining the respect of everyone would be for nothing.
Posted: Sat, 07/01/2017 06:04 (1 Year ago)
Oliver headed out of the library soon after Luna, and went into his room. He smiled, setting his books on his nightstand and changing out of his casual clothes into comfy stuff. Changing into a pink nightgown, he slid on some leggings just in case anyone needed him. He ran his fingers through his hair, tucking it behind his ear. Sitting on his bed, he opened the book again. His legs were kicking back and forth, almost hitting his bum.

Grey sat straight up at the bang in the door, and growled. "Annoying." He murmured, laying back down and kicking his shoes off.

((I added room descriptions to their forms, btw-))
Posted: Sat, 07/01/2017 13:23 (1 Year ago)
Luna heard a faint scream, but thought somebody else would have come to the scream already, so she kept on her way. She entered her room, and went to sleep.
Posted: Sat, 07/01/2017 13:30 (1 Year ago)
Billy scratched at the door. Blitz came out. "Do you need to get out?" He sighed. Billy nodded, and he opened it to let him out. He would return later, so he kept the door open.
Posted: Sat, 07/01/2017 13:42 (1 Year ago)
(Ima skip to morning soon)
Posted: Sat, 07/01/2017 14:48 (1 Year ago)
Venus walked into his room and closed the door. He pulled a candle and the book shelf swung open. There was a staircase that led to his lab. When he was little he almost burned down the castle from playing around with chemicals so the King gave him his own lab. Nobody knows about it accept for him and father. He got down and got his special cloak on. He still had the translater device on midnight. He fed midnight a mouse and looked at all the snakes he had bred with special abilities. One had wings another was on fire. There was a lot more. He was making a snake for the King that is very friendly and never bites
Nanbaka Trash:
Posted: Sat, 07/01/2017 16:38 (1 Year ago)
Oliver had fallen asleep while reading, cheek resting on the book page about dressing. He shifted in his sleep, rolling off the book. He breathed softly, but let out small noises of surprise and fear in his sleep. Ah, another nightmare. Like every night.

Grey was just laying in bed, staring at the wall. He shifted, and blinked. He was tired, sure. But his body wasn't letting him sleep.
Posted: Sat, 07/01/2017 17:02 (1 Year ago)
Venus was working on a special project but needed something. He got out the special snake he had bred for his father as a gift. He walked up the staircase and closed the secret entrance. He walked to the library and sat down and read a book about snake anatomy. He took it and left.
Nanbaka Trash:
Posted: Sat, 07/01/2017 17:09 (1 Year ago)
I rp the king, I said so In the rules...