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Dream World

BoxedDotts's Gifts

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ZolipopThe Mighty & Generous Emolga gifts an Emolga Plushie for one of those who interacted with her that day. Today (Day 635) you are the lucky chosen of her, she hopes she made your day better! :) 9 Months ago
CaseyStarThanks for the plushie! Have one back~ :)10 Months ago
SnakesWrath10 Months ago
Salai10 Months ago
MissSylve10 Months ago
BoxedDottsSpecial reward for spending 1,000 Dream Points at the DW Shop.10 Months ago
BoxedDottsEvent Distribution10 Months ago
neseirik10 Months ago
Inuiza10 Months ago
GalvadyneWelcome to PH! >^..^<11 Months ago
Linake11 Months ago
Linake11 Months ago
Linake11 Months ago
PandaChi^_^ Random plush day!11 Months ago
DM_N5T11 Months ago
Wolfycat10111 Months ago