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Trainerlevel: 73

Trainerpoints: 15,803/16,059


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Deerling (Easter))
309234,227 / 287,371

Shiny Hunt

~_Princess_Unikitty_~ is currently hunting Deerling (Spring).
Hunt started: 24/04/2019

Chain: 176

A few favourites.



Game Records

Trainer ID: #808317508
Registration: 12/10/2015 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 3564:06 Hours
Total interactions: 3,211,164
Money: 17,395
Starter Pokémon: Blastoise


~_Princess_Unikitty_~ is currently hunting Deerling (Spring).
Hunt started: 24/04/2019

Chain: 156

Ok this it’s getting stupid now
3 Days ago

Roses are red
Pizza sauce is too
I ordered a large
But none is for you
5 Days ago
Dream Points spent: -600/800

Not sure how that’s possible lol
6 Days ago
I mostly keep to myself and don’t share my business with everyone unless I feel like I have to. What I mean by this is everyone else I know who is pregnant is putting up pictures of their baby bumps constantly but I haven’t once and I’m now 26 weeks. In a way I feel like I’m failing as a parent already. The only posts I have made are of both scans (one announcing and one gender) but that’s it. I don’t put up daily “can’t wait to meet you” posts, I don’t go looking for the attention, I tend to spend more time actually talking to him (yeah I know that’s sad) than putting it up over social media.
Am I failing? I just feel like I am.

Sorry. Rant over~
7 Days ago
PoGO- can someone explain this whole “lure module” evo thing to me please.

I know there’s a name trick for glaceon (Rea) and leafeon (linnea) but how do I get probopass? DX
7 Days ago
250k to anyone who guessed what I’m currently doing now XD I’m in the rain btw. What is one doing in the rain though? XD
9 Days ago
3 truths one lie :3

1. Sushi is one of my top favourite foods
2. I hate the colour pink
3. One of my favourite animal is a snake
4. I hate cheese
10 Days ago
Seeing Detective Pikachu on Saturday pre booking so I get the free Pikachu ears
10 Days ago
When there is literally no food in the house so I start making popcorn for breakfast XD
10 Days ago
Right. I’ve forgot again but just did the random draw thingy thing for the giveaway DX so sorry for the delay.

1st - Honoshiro
2nd - Rose~Kitty
3rd - Cofagrigus
4th - Kytten

11 Days ago
For some reason I thought my giveaway ended at reset tonight... oops. I’ll write up the names and randomise them later, sorry guys and galls
13 Days ago
#Goose 0.o
16 Days ago
Doing a small giveaway that’ll end on the 12th at 23:59:59.
Just like this post to be entered.
I don’t have much so the prizes aren’t the best but meh, here we go.

1st - Ultra saddle
2nd - 200k pd
3rd - variety of mystery boxes/keys totalling 100k worth
4th - dragon gem

Good luck :3
May add more/better stuff if I get it lol
19 Days ago
Agadoo doo doo push pineapple shake the tree
Agadoo doo doo push pineapple grind coffee
To the left to the right jump up and down and to the knees
Come and dance every night sing with a hula melody
20 Days ago
Uggghhhhhhhhhhhh I’m in a mood to interact but still my laptop is broke ;-; I hate interacting on my phone
22 Days ago
25 Days ago
Normal people - normal conversations with friends

Me -
*sends meme*
*sends meme*
*sends meme*
*sends meme*
*sends meme*
*sends meme*
.... (etc)
25 Days ago
Anyone stuck on a really long sm hunt and need gems to help? I don’t have many but I’ll send what I can
25 Days ago
Kinda glad I looked up the best times for a toilet break during the film XD 24 weeks pregnant and a 3 hour long movie don’t mix XD hopefully will be fine but who knows XD
27 Days ago
Seeing Endgame in 2 hours
27 Days ago


Why worry
Show hidden content

This sinking feeling sets,
It feels just like a hole inside your chest.
I know you're thinking,
No, no, no, no, it is easier said than done,
But please let me attest.
I know it's hard.
You're feeling like you're trapped,
But that's how you react,
When you cannot see the light.
But try and see the light.
I'm tellin' you,
No, no, no, no,
You're the only one
Standing in your way,
Just take a breath, relax, and tell me…

Please tell me why do we worry?
Why do we worry at all?
Just tell me why do we worry?
When worry is never helping tell me
Why worry at all?

Why do we insist,
On crossing bridges that do not exist?
Let's take these issues
Step by step by step, to work it out,
Day by day by day we're falling down,
But life goes on.
I've got some questions,
Are you sick of feelin' sorry?
Uh huh,
And people sayin' not to worry?
Uh huh,
Sick of hearing this hakuna matata motto,
From people who won the lotto,
We're not that lucky.
Have you noticed that you're breathing?
Uh huh,
Look around and count your blessings,
Uh huh,
So when you're sick of all this stressin' and guessin' I'm suggestin' you turn this up and let them hear you sing it.


Chin up, quit actin' like you're half dead.
Tears can only half fill how you’re feelin'.
Don't worry, be happy baby.
Stand up, life is too damn short,
That clock is ticking.
Man up, if ya feel me,
Everybody sing it.

Please tell me why do we worry?
Why do we worry at all?
Just tell me why do we worry?
When worry is never helping tell me
Why worry at all? [×2]


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