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Formerly: Xx_Squidkid_xX
Trainerlevel: 32

Trainerpoints: 2,439/3,103


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
22517,343 / 176,396
Xerneas30176,161 / 340,884
256139,035 / 229,257
Light form Meso
(Giga Inteleon)
255186,615 / 227,444
(Zacian (Crowned Sword))
337148,033 / 427,149
Anniversary Cake12436,298 / 46,501

Art I have received


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By moonsnow

By kittyKatrinaKat

By Nightsky

Art (PH)

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By BlackReshiram

Art (PFQ)

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by lemonboyo01

By MysteryClicker

About me

~70% kid, Unknown percentage Squid~

Somethings about me:
-English isn't my mother launguage; it's actually Japanese
-I love to RP.
-Zoroark is a precious Pokemon.
-I play Pokemon sword (I prefer to keep my friend code a secret.)
-Ninjala player.

PokefarmQ: Hyllasymmetry
Scratch: Howlarmoon
Wattpad: @SealWithAPen (Happyseal001)

Splatoon 2 and Ninjala: Silverwolf
Pokemon: Viola

PH (meaning not actual) Boyfriend:StonksX

Looking for the following:

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Ultra saddles
Missing Alola Pokemon. PP me and we'll set a deal. Hopefully.


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Beast balls
Missing Jonto, Sinnoh and Unova Dex entires.


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #564445197
Registration: 05/04/2019 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1242:06 Hours
Total interactions: 40,698
Money: 231,948
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


Yesterday, 03:25
I got a jar of dirt,

I got a jar of dirt,

And guess what's inside it?
4 Days ago
I got it

a chill multi-fandom village rp! gonna make the server as soon as possible
5 Days ago
Hmmm should I do a chill furry high school rp for my discord server rp? Or something else

Plz give me ideas!
5 Days ago
In regards to my last feed about my own rp server on discord:

Here's what I plan:

A rp with no actual plot, a chill one if you will.
Maybe furries or with humans who can shift into a animal form?

Ideas are well appreciated
6 Days ago
I'm close to rounding up a private rp I wanna finish. Then it's adios.

Or is it? Should I make a rp discord server and if so, what would it be about?
6 Days ago
By Anniversary - 8 Minutes and 21 Seconds ago.
You've been a member on PokéHeroes for more than 2 Years now!

→ Claim your gift

Waaaait a minute. You're telling me I joined on the same day as Riako's birthday?
14 Days ago
I will unfriend people who has cursed pfps so I don't have to look at them
16 Days ago
No April fools event? Very sus.
16 Days ago
Henry stickmin alphabet!

A is for achievements
B is for breaking the bank
C is for Charles Calvin.
D is for Dmitri
E is for Ellie
F is for fleeing the complex
G is for greatest plaaaaaan!
H is for Henry (duh)
I is for infiltrating the airship
J is for jewel baron
K is for (I didn't come up with anything)
L is for lawyered up
M is for master bounty hunter
N is for Norwegian emerald/Ruby (which one was it?)
O is for organisations
P is for pure blooded thief
Q is for... <insert something here>
R is for RA DO FUSS
S is for Sven
T is for toppat
U is for (insert something starting with u)
V is for Valient hero
W is for why so many possibilities
X is for <insert something here>
Y is for you choose the options
Z is for
18 Days ago
giving out bonus #GhostlyNoMore rewards made me realise I had 8 gold keys
19 Days ago

The winners have been drawn!

1st place: blooming
2nd place: Suvichan
3rd place: Ablip

and since I realised I had more stuff I could giveaway, the following people won random items (boxes, keys etc)

prizes will be sent shortly! Thank you for all these amazing years. I'll finish up some rps (mainly private) first before leaving.
19 Days ago

Ladies and gents, the time has come. My shiny Meso has now Fifa evolved!

I'll be drawing the winners soon so keep a eye out.
20 Days ago
Someone link me a site map
22 Days ago
Bruh I'm not even gonna stay for the Easter event

Yet I found one egg.
23 Days ago

20 Dynamax crystals. The end is coming soon...
23 Days ago
27 Days ago
And ofcouse, Giveaways!

Share #GhostlyNoMore, heart this feed, and comment to enter.

1st place: 2 SHINY Pokemon of your choice, a mega of your choice, Fossils, Gems and 10k pd.
2nd: one SHINY Pokemon of your choice, Gems, 5k PD and honey
3rd: A Pokemon of choice, Evolution stones and berries.

Also! Extra entry if you donate Dynamax crystals.

Ends when Meso is gigantamaxed! Good luck!
27 Days ago
I want to explain why I'm leaving

I'm finding less things to do. It's getting quite boring. I might also leave PFQ as well. It's just the boredom and such. Plus I want to focus my mind on education and things.

But maybe before I leave...

27 Days ago
I think it's about time I leave PH soon.

Maybe in a few more days?
27 Days ago


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~private RPs~

Palpad me if want to do a private rp (small groups accepted too!) of the following fandoms

-a hat in time (base game)
-Prodigy math rp, mainly crystal caverns
-Splatoon 2
-magic and mythies (which is a forgotten game sadly)
-Wings of fire
-Harry potter (especially the hogwarts mystery plot line)
-sky children of the light (not the base game. I don't want spoilers. Either season of enchantment, prophecy or dreams)
-Subnautica (both below zero and original)
-Genshin Impact
-Henry stickmin
-Minecraft smps, the ones I know very well are Scratchcraft and HermitCraft.
-anything with Furries!
-any of my RPs I have done before