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Trainerlevel: 22

Trainerpoints: 729/1,473


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Milcery1015,082 / 30,907
Eevee1617 / 817
Eevee14576 / 631
Eevee1045 / 331

About Me

My favourite Pokemon are:

Shiny eevee (female bashful nature) tundra
Shiny mew (bashful nature)candy
Gardevoir (female brave nature)psya
Alcremie (Mint, heart sweet, bashful, female)sweety
alolan ninetales (bashful female)fengari
polar vivilion (bashful female)snow
lyckenroc miday form (female brave)moon
Shiny galarian ponyta (female bashful)selene
clefairy (female bashful)fi-fi
I love all Pokemon though. especially cute ones and legendaries, mythicals and ultra beasts.

if you add me to your friendlist i will definetly add you back

My user name in pokefarm is LunaLMoon. 😁❤️


List. Oh how I love lists!

Fav food: lots of things
Fav Place: lots
Fav plant: mint, moon lily, ferns, many others
Fav Digits: 10, 4, 12, 9, 8, 14, 11
Fav book: Lots i LOVE to read
Fav Day: Friday, Monday, weekends
Fav Month: may, July, September
fav Season: winter, autmn, spring, summer I love them all!
Fav Drink: lemon squash, apple juice, water, many others
Fav Animal: arctic wolf, Canadien lynx, Tasmanian devil, lots of others.
I love animals and know a lot about quite a few of them
birthday: Friday 13 of may
vivillion: polar
alcremie: mint, berry sweet
fav poke: shiny eevee though i like them all
fav type: normal
fav nature: bashful
fav legend: mew
fav colour: sky blue lots of others
fav name: luna
fav move: moon blast
fav country: canada but i do not live there
any more? Anything else you want to know (wich is not to personal) ask me and I'll put the answer down here.
My pokesona would be a cosmic mew eevee hybrid.
First shiny hunt: eevee
First shadow: charmeleon
First giga: eevee
First shiny: shinx
Free eevees! 1 at a time no females and you must set up the trade!
❤️😁 Luna

I have lots of freinds on ph but these are my real life freinds : ~Pixie~, AuntmnUmbreon, WinterShadow4, ~12flamez~, MEISCOOL-hatersbackoff, Kkss56, TURTWIG-TERROR . so far these are all my real life freinds but some of the freinds I've made in pokeheroes are definitely awsome freinds some of the people I've met on pokeheroes and no really well (sorry if I haven't added evryone) are:
Maelstrom9, ETREV, The_scourge, Meowsic, and loads like I mean LOADS more

I'm always free to chat and love talking. If you add me on your friend list I'll add you back.

(if ive made any spelling errors please pp me. thanks😁❤)

Have I forgot anything?....

My goals

My goals in pokeheroes are to:
Not ever get blocked
Have at least 5 shinys
Try and have all the legendaries, mythicals and ultra beasts, ect,ect
to get at least 1 level ahead everyone on my friend list

To get a mew
To get a ditto

Have the whole eevee collection
To have 50 people add me on there friend list
To have 1 mill pd (not going to happen 🤣)
Have all eeveelution plushies and eevee please help!
Many more to busy to list all
red means not started,yellow means started, green means done

credit to hassuki and ~pixie~

eevee interactions

my eevee collection!

Game Records

Trainer ID: #464506625
Registration: 05/06/2021 (4 Months ago)
Game Time: 233:54 Hours
Total interactions: 49,588
Money: 8
Starter Pokémon: Sceptile


#MEISCOOLSFIRSTGIVEAWAY (my friends still new so please share the hashtag so se feels more popular) thanks!
Yesterday, 00:05
Winners of #LunasMilceryAndAlcremieGiveaway are:
3. snowvixen
Please set up a private trade with me
2 Days ago
Giveaways have ended
For #eclipseoftheeevees
Winners are
Please set up a private trade with me and I will offer
2 Days ago
Share #EclipseOfTheEevees And if we get to top 2 then I'll give away a eevee bonus prize to three people who have entered. Remember to enter my milcery give away as well!
6 Days ago
Ok I'm going to do another giveaway but please still enter my alcremie one. Prizes are:
Any Pokémon from my first 6 boxes their choice and milcery
2. An eevee and milcery with sweet
3.dynamx crystal and an alolan form of a Pokemon.
Share #EclipseOfTheEevees heart this feed and comment your favourite Pokemon to enter.
Giveaway ends sometime in the next two weeks.

7 Days ago
Ok Im going to update #LunasMilceryAndAlcremieGiveaway please keep entering! Giveaway will be extended another week and prizes now are:
3 alcremies
Five milcery
3 milcery and some items
Also to get extra point/whatever you dont have to but just so I keep having enough game chips to keep spinning please if you want donate 500+ Pd wich I will only spend at the Game Center please remember to read my original feed before entering also you no longer have to feed sweety. Enjoy!
10 Days ago
Ok new giveaway! (Prizes aren't the best) so I've just unlocked the milcery wheel. So I'm going to do a giveaway about milcery and alcremie! Prizes are
1. An alcremie and some items
2. Two milcerys
3. Some item I get in the wheel or something else.
To enter share #LunasMilceryAndAlcremieGiveaway heart this feed and comment proof that you interacted with sweety (my mint alcremie)
Prizes will only be given if we reach at least 25 people who have shared the hashtag. Ends sometime in the next two weeks.
Enjoy! Luna😁❤️
18 Days ago
20 Days ago
By Gosth - 17 Hours and 26 Minutes ago.

Good morning, evening or night to yall, as you might know today is october 1st, the spookiest month of all, wich means that my birthday is near!
Well, every year since i joined this site, i like to do a giveaway, and this year won't be an exception.
So, what should i give away? Hmmm....

I know! I will give away some of my nuggets, not 50, not 500 but 1k nuggets that will be divided into 5 lucky participants
5th place: 50 nuggets
4th place: 100 nuggets
3rd place: 150 nuggets
2nd place: 200 nuggets
1st place: 500 nuggets

Okay, i think this is fair, but now, how to enter? Simple, just share this whole feed AND ❤ this feed, is very important that you heart it

This will end on october 20 as soon i wake up

Good luck to everyone!
21 Days ago
Alright sorry for being late we went away and I completely forgot!
Winners of #EeveeEeveeEeveeAndMoreEevee are:

Bloopthecowmmon 3 eevee breeding pairs
Jaywire 2 eevee pairs
ivory kitsune 1 eevee pair
The scourge female eevee
And willow dew eevee
Please set up a private trade!
21 Days ago
Also for By #EeveeEeveeEeveeAndMoreEevee depends on how many people join if only like 10 people join I will give free eevee to everyone if they set up a private trade with me at the end of the giveaway but it depends how many people join
24 Days ago
Because of my happiness new giveaway!
Share the hashtag #EeveeEeveeEeveeAndMoreEevee and heart this feed to get:
1. 3 breeding pairs of eevee maybe some items
2. 2 breeding pairs of eevee maybe some items
3. 1 breeding pair of eevee maybe some items
4. 1 female eevee
5. Random gendered eevee
Please note if you win you must set up the private trade, also giveaway will end in roughly 2 days
Have fun!
24 Days ago
The winners of #lunasnewgivaway are:
Graceful eevee
And happiny24
Please tell the winner I will also tell them to set up a private trade with me and I shall offer the prizes
25 Days ago
Winners of #eeveelutionandgemsgiveaway are:

Shadow slasher
Psychic geek
And bloopthecowmmon
Please tell the winner I will also tell them to set up a private trade with me and I shall offer the prizes
25 Days ago
25 Days ago
New giveaway! Since I'm bored out of my mind with the eevee one...
So the prizes are:
A few retros and items
Alolan ninetales (take care of her!) and a few items
Some gems and a Pokemon I'll choose later
To enter share the hashtag #lunasnewgivaway
Also please note that if you win you must set up the private trade! For some reason it won't work for me.....
Also winners announced some time this week be prepared!
Enjoy luna😁❤️
26 Days ago
1 Month ago



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