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Trainerlevel: 44

Trainerpoints: 1,765/5,851


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Julian Devorak
(Dr. Honch)
871 / 105

The crazy Catlady in me.

(found via Google)

The crazy Catlady in me #2

(found via google then on a different site)

(this is honestly me and my family with the remaining cats we own, lol)

(*is dying laughing in the background*)

needs edited, to lazy

shiny hunt chain list(before the radar history was added).
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first shiny hunt: cyndaquil(Chain #97).
second shiny hunt: Oshawott(Chain #99)
third shiny hunt: zorua(Chain #136).
forth shiny hunt: houndour(chain#41).

Year 1.

Year 2.

Year 3.

Year 4.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #999619427
Registration: 20/07/2014 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 4484:08 Hours
Total interactions: 55,521
Money: 275,715
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


*sees the new plague doctor murkrow* . . . i must have this bird
Yesterday, 08:13
i finally do my first online battle with 3 random people and the moment i use U-Turn to switch to my other pokemon(pokemon to be named in comments) that isn't Gigantimax-able, i think someone on the other team just freaking tapped out because it said there was a communication error with another trainer.
i'm just laughing because it's funny.
6 Days ago
today was going just fine on my first day back from thanksgiving break.
until i fell.
how is everyone else's day been?
7 Days ago
family and friends.
that's it lol, there really isn't much else honestly, though another thing could be that i'm glad my games (sword and shield) haven't been corrupted since i recently learned that the auto save feature can cause save file corruption, so that's something.
8 Days ago
i'm dying..! i'm surprise trading and i end up surprise trading with some person named Batman! i'm not trading this zigzagoon back through surprise trade, i shall cherish her forever now.
9 Days ago
i'm just surprise trading in sword (yes, i mentioned i had bought the double pack i think, so i have both versions) and like... on one video about which pokemon were the hardest one's to catch or rarest catches, there are people practically flooding the surprise trade economy with them! i've gotten like.. 5 or 6 since a little past midnight yesterday XD (not mentioning said pokemons name because of spoilers!)
10 Days ago
Site: "You successfully bought 1 Black Friday Boxes!
Let's open them...
10x Sitrus Berry found!"

Me: *chucks the black friday sale box into a volcano*
12 Days ago
8 days.
i have just defeated Leon, i completed shield in just 8 days.
this is my best record of playing a pokemon game ever =D
18 Days ago
within 6 days of the game's release, in Pokemon Shield i have obtained all the badges necessary to battle Leon, this is the seventh day.
i think this is the fastest i've ever completed a pokemon game, especially using my battling tactic to get through it and taking breaks to go do some max raid battles.
19 Days ago
i'm just sitting here talking to myself on how i needed to figure out how to get another fire stone while collecting pokemon up from they're jobs, and what does Felix(my Gigantamax Eevee) give me after finishing a job? a fire stone! now i can get Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon XD
20 Days ago
*puts hands together and watches a theory video about fnaf* we all thought fnaf vr was the end.... but oh no, there is more to come with the fnaf franchise, a whole new story...
21 Days ago
23 Days ago
i have a Haunter, anyone else got one in shield?
24 Days ago
so far i've caught 3 shiny chimchar today, lets see if i can go for more, lmao
24 Days ago
i'm fangirling hardcore like- i'm actually gonna be along for the journey with millions of other people ='D
25 Days ago
i'm like, planning here for getting like normal pokemon data like normal fire Ponyta/Rapidash or normal Unovan Yamask because of the new Pokemon Home app, just gotta see if me and my family can go pokemon hunt this weekend.
i took the day off today because i didn't get ANY sleep and i woke up at like... 7 something PM or 8, so i've been planning, especially since i'll be able to play AFTER Sword and Shield are released!
26 Days ago
okay uhhh... i just got a Keldeo via WT on ultra sun.
26 Days ago
i'm back on mt ultra sun just wondertrading pokemon i don't need and JUST GOT KARTANA!
27 Days ago
*has both sword and shield bought and loaded 'cause of the dual pack* 4 more days till the release.
i bought the dual pack near the start of the month because i wanted the special pokemon in both of the freaking games okay??? and game type specific pokemon(aka Ponyta and Farfetch'd) and i wanna get them both
29 Days ago
okay now i NEED to see a list of these leaked pokemon that made it to gen 8, send me a link via palpad, 'cause my curiosity is killing me now and i see some familiar pokemon that also got galarian forms
1 Month ago


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(honestly true... lol)

(me when i have work in the morning)


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