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Trainerlevel: 44

Trainerpoints: 1,065/5,851


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Dugtrio (Alolan)47333 / 6,769
Graveler (Alolan)639,821 / 12,711

The crazy Catlady in me.

(found via Google)

The crazy Catlady in me #2

(found via google then on a different site)

(this is honestly me and my family with the remaining cats we own, lol)

(*is dying laughing in the background*)

needs edited, to lazy

shiny hunt chain list(before the radar history was added).
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first shiny hunt: cyndaquil(Chain #97).
second shiny hunt: Oshawott(Chain #99)
third shiny hunt: zorua(Chain #136).
forth shiny hunt: houndour(chain#41).

Year 1.

Year 2.

Year 3.

Year 4.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #999619427
Registration: 20/07/2014 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 4445:16 Hours
Total interactions: 55,401
Money: 402,425
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion



i have 118 nuggets i can trade for 118 gems if anyone is interested!
Yesterday, 19:46
i've been seeing ads for a new form of mattress and an ad just popped up just for this explaining what it was.
humanity has fallen more if there are now VEGAN MATTRESSES.
why does this have to be a thing like- why?
2 Days ago
GEN 5 IN POKEMON GO HAS BEEN RELEASED! i've already caught 2 Lillipup =D
6 Days ago
finally getting some progress done on Majora's mask, i wasn't sure what to do for the longest time mostly due to the fact i was trying to complete a side quest ~.~
10 Days ago
i'm continuing the story for Flannery and i swear to god Blaine looks like Eggman from the Sonic series.
12 Days ago
15 Days ago
sooo i bought both let's go games today....

was it stupid? maybe.
do i regret my desicion? not in the slightest.
15 Days ago
okay, Tetris 99 is pretty cool, just extremely difficult, lol
17 Days ago
i started pokemon masters, is there any way to change the pokemon you have or no....? i don' wanna be stuck with a pikachu forever LOL, i wanna be able to mix it up occasionally
18 Days ago
today was going just fine until i accidentally burnt myself
i just wanna go home and relax rn.
21 Days ago
i've gotten back into FR again since yesterday, made it back on in time for the flameforgers festival X3

minecraft-wise: my panda populations gotten big enough i need to expand the pen.... i also found a panda that's skittish and runs off if it see's you, also have 3 cats and 3 parrots... i need some wolves darn it LOL
27 Days ago
on my switch minecraft world i have like- 3 panda's now near where i plan to build, two that were originally there and a baby that i aged up.
i also have a cat now.
28 Days ago

i'm watching a "Best Wholesome Memes" video and it showed one with a little harvest mouse on a dandelion just contently eating and i just had to take a screenshot and downsize on the one that looks like it's "yelling" it's so stinking cute!
29 Days ago
i'm gonna list off the shinies i've got in pokemon go, 'cause why not! =D
now they won't be listed in order of first caught shiny to last, i'll list them by how i have the storage sorted (sorted my dex/gen number)
list will be in the comments.
1 Month ago
i-i'm going to be off for a little while.... hope everyone has a good night...~<3
1 Month ago
today's just... not starting on a good note.....
1 Month ago
been playing minecraft a bit more, bit mad a creeper exploded and killed a traveling trader, he had jungle tree saplings, glowstone, and purple coral T^T
1 Month ago
just out of curiosity, do i HAVE to soft reset from the house in the pokemon games for a shiny starter or can i do it where you first obtain said starter....?
1 Month ago
at this point i don't even want to know what the drama is about, because it's just pointless no matter who thinks they are in the right and the other is in the wrong. plain and simple.
1 Month ago
whenever i see the yungoos come crawling out of the grass before you get the starter its jut like... "i could kick your fuzzy but halfway across the island if i wanted to you feisty little furball, but then i'd face the wrath of the Tapu's for doing so"
1 Month ago


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(honestly true... lol)

(me when i have work in the morning)


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