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Trainerlevel: 27

Trainerpoints: 112/2,213


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Igglybuff453,254 / 4,968
Pyukumuku421,404 / 4,335
584,233 / 10,665
Unfezant401,235 / 4,790
Haunter363,581 / 3,801

Shiny Hunts

Current Shiny Hunt: None! I'm collecting money/electric gems for the next hunt. Please vote on what I should go for next (updated poll)!

Looking for Electric Gems: I need them to shiny hunt! PD is accepted too. I will pay 500-800 for electric gems or do another type of trade if you so choose.

My current owned shinies are below! Any help to add to the list is much appreciated!


Goals for 2019
Get to level 30 (27/30)
Hatch 10 shinies (3/10)
Fill up one dex (0/1)
Hoard 100 of the same species (100/100 - complete)
Collect 1 million PD (last checked: 193,718/1,000,000)
Get all Castforms (shiny too): (11/19)

Buying Stuff:
I will update this with items I need. If it does not come with a price, feel free to set one yourself. Deals are negotiable! Availability of me being able to buy items fluctuates.
-Breeding pairs (that I don't own, depends on the rarity)
-Normal gems
-Electric gems (500-800)

Selling stuff:
-Eevees (200PD per breeding pair)
-Alolan Vulpixes (150 per breeding pair)


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Yaboku 29 Days ago
Beckysh92 29 Days ago
Coraline 1 Month ago
MasterOkena 1 Month ago


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Interacting (26 Days ago)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #41129271
Registration: 09/03/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 119:20 Hours
Total interactions: 149,404
Money: 116,021
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


By Anime - 14 Days and 7 Hours ago.

I'm going away from PH for a while so... I'm giving Pokemon in my Specials box (no starter/harvest sprites), items, PD (1M worth) and Nuggets.

Winner 1 - PD + Chosen Pokemon
Winner 2 - Nuggets + Chosen Pokemon
Winner 3 - Chosen Pokemon (2)
Winner 4-8 - Chosen Pokemon (1)
Others: Items

To people I'm close to I'll give some Pokemon or items in advance as a thank you.

All I ask for is you treat it well ^^

Ends May 31.
1 Month ago
1 Month ago
1 Month ago
By _gh0st - 1 Day and 21 Hours ago.
My birthday is coming up in about three days, and I decided to host a small raffle/giveaway! There will be a total of 5 prizes.

1st Place: 100k PD and 1 Lugia Egg Voucher
2nd Place: 50 Nuggets and 1 Lugia Egg Voucher
3rd Place: 50k PD and 30 Electric Gems
4th Place: 10k PD and a Weather Balloon
5th Place: 5k PD and 10 Water Gems

All that is required to enter this raffle/giveaway is to heart the original post, comment any wish that you may have (optional), and share the hashtag #MyWishIs !

Ends in 3 resets! There seems to be a lot of birthdays this month (゚o゚;;
1 Month ago
By Kaisa - 13 Hours and 56 Minutes ago.
So I have some things to celebrate folks!
1. A new, kick butt job that I love
2. My acceptance into Business School
3. My 23rd birthday

This year, let's give away, to 1 lucky person.
-Month of Premium (800 nuggets)
-All my boxes and keys
-All my plates
-100k PD

Will probably add more later!
Share, like, comment for a chance to win ^.^

1 Month ago
By Stormy - 18 Hours and 13 Minutes ago.
Sooo... Tomorrow is Monday~ My last day of school cx An official adult ig you could say. In order to "celebrate" imma be doing a giveaway. There are '3 sections per say' Pokemon, Gems, and PD/Nuggets. You can enter all three parts or just one, or two heck.

Prizes Include:
Pokemon - (All are Shiny) Feebas, Budew, Masquerain, Gyarados, and Jumpluff. ( 5 winners)

Gems - 80 rock gems, 50 electric gems, 50 flying gems, 50 poison gems, 40 fighting gems, 40 ground gems, 30 steel gems, 30 ghost gems. ( 3 winners )

PD/Nuggets - 100k / 50 nuggets, 100k (6 winners, only one wins the 100k/50 nuggets)

When entering make sure to share the hashtag and which section you'd like to be entered in. If you want to enter all 3 just share the hashtag. #schoolsoutgiveaway Share/Heart!! ((: Ends in 3 days !
1 Month ago
Interaction exchange?
1 Month ago
By CrystalAngel5 - 12 Hours and 42 Minutes ago.
Vote on meh poll!and share #MegaEvolve
After you voted on one (and please state wat u voted on)
After the Pokémon with the most votes,I’ll mega evolve and 1-3 (prizes might go up,depends on how many ppl enter) ppl who voted on the Pokémon will win the prizes below!

1st - 100k along with a mega able
2nd - 25k along with a hard rock
3rd - Mystery Items (10)

Ends when I say so!

1 Month ago
Interaction exchange?
1 Month ago
By Honorchior - 14 Hours and 48 Minutes ago.

Oh my gosh! My birthday is in less than 2 weeks! What the heck?! Where did all the time go?
Does this mean it’s time to give away all the stuff I’ve been trying to store up over the past few months for this specific occasion?!

Alright cool, glad we are on the same page! I’m giving away 17 prizes to 17 different people because I’m turning 17. (So much 17)

The Prizes:
1 Dark Stone
1 Ultra Saddle
1 Sky Pillar Map
1 Nebula Stone
1 Enigma Stone
1 Red Orb
7 Dragon Gems
17 Mystery Items
17 Super Honey
17 Normal Gems
17 Ultraballs
170 Cooked Things
170 Pokeballs
170 Lemonade
170 Soda Pop
1,700 Honey
170,000 PD

How To Enter
1. Heart This Post
2. Share the hashtag to spread the giveaway around.
3. Wish me happy birthday (if you want) in the comments.
4. If you want to you can also send me a plushie. Any is fine. I like plushies.

End Date:
May 24 at reset.
1 Month ago
By ~_Princess_Unikitty_~ - 16 Hours and 21 Minutes ago.
Doing a small giveaway that’ll end on the 12th at 23:59:59.
Just like this post to be entered.
I don’t have much so the prizes aren’t the best but meh, here we go.

1st - Ultra saddle
2nd - 200k pd
3rd - variety of mystery boxes/keys totalling 100k worth
4th - dragon gem

Good luck :3
May add more/better stuff if I get it lol
1 Month ago
By Anime

I'm going away from PH for a while so... I'm giving Pokemon in my Specials box (no starter/harvest sprites), items, PD (1M worth) and Nuggets.

Winner 1 - PD + Chosen Pokemon
Winner 2 - Nuggets + Chosen Pokemon
Winner 3 - Chosen Pokemon (2)
Winner 4-8 - Chosen Pokemon (1)
Others: Items

To people I'm close to I'll give some Pokemon or items in advance as a thank you.

All I ask for is you treat it well ^^

Ends May 31
1 Month ago
By Stormy - 16 Hours and 35 Minutes ago.
So... Inside joke 9000 o3o
Share/Heart to win 400k pd

...ends tomorrow at reset.
Remember everyone... use soap.
1 Month ago
#itsashinyfox one of my favorite pokemon!!
1 Month ago
By AmberLikeEmber

Giveaway Time!

My free item shop is doing quite well, but I want it to be doing even better and reach more people! I love to help people so I want to see some new faces! I want to be #TheOprahOfPH

Share this ENTIRE post AND send me a small donation for the shop (can be any item you do not need for yourself, like some berries, some gems, some stones, some mystery items, etc.) to be entered to win some amazing prizes

First Place: 1 Marine Cave Map
Second Place: 100,000 pokedollars
Third Place: 1 shiny flygon

This giveaway ends on 5/6/19 @ Reset, good luck!
1 Month ago
By InaneCat - 20 Hours and 6 Minutes ago.
#owofreestuffowo Will end on 12/05 (12th May)
Hello! It’s been 3 months since I did a giveaway, so this time I'm doing a bigger one.

The prices are:
\1mil pokedollars
/500k pokedollars + Azelf Egg Voucher
\16 various boxes/keys (will increase)
/718 various gems (will increase)

To enter:
You can share the hashtag
You can comment on this feed
You can heart this post.

There are 4 prizes - so one of the prizes will be given to someone who has shared the hashtag, one to someone who has commented, one to someone who has hearted the post and one to someone who has done all three.

The prizes will be allocated at random, and the categories for the prizes will be allocated at random as well.
1 Month ago
By dragon-paws - 1 Day and 4 Hours ago.
Okay, so I have a bunch of pd that I don’t need so I thought I’d give it away!!
To enter, just share the hashtag #pawbeantreasures (I can never come up with good hashtags lol)
There will be three winners drawn on May 12th, here are the prizes
1st: 2 mil pd
2nd: 1.5 mil pd
3rd: 1 mil pd
Also if you comment here with either pet pics (or what pet you would want if you don’t have one) you’ll get 100k pd (unless I run out lol)
1 Month ago


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