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Registration: 24/06/2017 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 1331:41 Hours
Total interactions: 1,790
Money: 58,737
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


so, im excited for john wick chapter 3, so im watching john wick chapter one and chapter 2!
2 Days ago
im super tiredddd
4 Days ago
im so excited for rick and morty season 4! its coming out in november 2019, and im so excited!
6 Days ago
so i made my favorite character, his name is xander, or malcom. he is amnesia, he doesnt know his real age, or his real name, so he calls himself xander.
9 Days ago
one more time, were gonna celebrate, aww year, all right, start the dancing
10 Days ago
years pass, drake soon is following someone, his old friend, the friend limps torwards a pit that is covered by metal. she limps torwards the middle, presses a button, and waits for drake to get to the circle, the circle starts to open, showing lava. drake starts to run,then he jumps over the lava and lands in front of the friend and cuts her arm off with his claw arm, but she wraps her arms around drake, and kisses drakes cheek. "see you in hell, drake." she slams into drakes body and causes the both of them to fall into the lava. 5 years pass after this, and the lava seems to harden. but a molten robotic claw punches from throughout the hardened lava. a molten figure made out of parts hardened lava, hardened metal, and waxy skin. his legs are molten, peices of molten skin connecting the legs together. molten skin covers his legs. drake looks at his claw, the claw closes and opens slowly breaking the skin seal, causing fresh blood to leak from the claw. "im back...." said drake (...)
11 Days ago
like my profile?
12 Days ago
so, not a lot of people signed up for my one rp, 'just messing around', but i hope people do!
12 Days ago
i made a new rp! its called 'just messing around (rp)'
13 Days ago
ok, so im gonna make a rp where.......there is no story. its just characters screwing around and potential fourth wall breaks
13 Days ago
so, any rps having to do with super powered people at a school, but not having to do with magic, you know? they are born with their 'abilities' thats what im calling their powers.
13 Days ago

so, i am dead, but...this is his soul.i died on flipaclip, and now i possess the app right now. how am i texting you ask? i dont know. just am. anyway, i was a good person in life. i had many friends. one of them even made this hashtag. share this and you will get 5 random keys and boxes (a mix of both)
18 Days ago
can i just say how tom holland is a adorable spider boi and i love him
23 Days ago
story time!

so last week, i cussed in front of my principle, and he started yelling at me for it....then, he brought up my speech impediment. he said 'you think its so cool that you found a word that you can actually pronounce.'
23 Days ago
ok, so i know i have been talking about this stuff a lot. but i found out something....i need to take a break. my burn-out...is getting worse...so, im taking a break of my universe after the phase 2 finale. when its over, im gonna take a month off..hopefully my burnout stops.
24 Days ago
im gonna go to avengers endgame!!! im so excited!!! im a huge marvel fan, and i cant wait to see this 3 hour long movie!!
25 Days ago
i should really stop complaining about my writers block.

26 Days ago
my writing ability has gotten better, but just when it gets better i lose ideas of stories. other than old stories that can be rebooted.....so im gonna do a story called ice vs fire, with tyler, the king of fire, sal, the king of grass, jax, the king of ice, and kyle the king of rock. if anyone is interested in working with me to make this story with me and encourage me to make this story, than that would be great because i lose ideas really fast and i lose interest...so yeah, if anyone is interested with working with me on this than thanks
27 Days ago

im a fan of vaporeon.
1 Month ago
a friend is gonna get me a mega-able charizard! you have no idea how happy i am!
1 Month ago

lololololololololol get roasted

if anyone here hates me......go eat a grenade and see me in hell cause i hate you too XDDD im completely serious.


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im kugan, im a cancer, born in july, im 13, and i love drawing, writing, rping, my paypal is always open if you want to conversate, invite me to a rp, just chat about my world, multiple things.

everything universal

for 2 years I built a universe. its still being built, and my friends, hexe, angellrune~kris, varagon,and many more, have helped me out. angell has helped so much, even if he didn't do anything. he gave me dkdl (I still owe you for that, man. you need anything, tell me.) dkdl 2 and 3 didn't do...as well as the first one did, but it was still good. the storyline was good. but...assassins of time. where to begin. my best series I created. I have so many friends from this universe, and all the help they given me along the way....I owe them all. every one of my friends in my universe. hexe given me strength to continue, even when my anxiety shot though the roof, my friends helped me out. they didn't have to, and they did. I owe them a lot. shoutouts to all my friends.


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