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dineshsingh 1 Day ago
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Trainer ID: #132629579
Registration: 31/12/2014 (6 Years ago)
Game Time: 230:36 Hours
Total interactions: 56,968
Money: 153,310
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


By dawg - 8 Hours and 3 Minutes ago.

so i’m trying to get a shiny ditto before riako

to do that i’m doing this!

send me normal gems to get a shiny ditto! every ditto i get will be randomly given to a user who likes this post and shares the hashtag #BabyDitto :DDD
Yesterday, 07:16
By TremorzGG -
Lets give away the third shiny mega weedle. Like, comment and share the entire post. For a chance to win. Pd, nugget or poison and bug gems will help keep this hunt and giveaways alive! Feel free to donate. This is very appreciated but not mandatory. Good luck everyone. Ends tomorrow at reset.
4 Days ago
5 Days ago
By EtherealDeer - 20 Hours and 29 Minutes ago.
Time to do my first ever raffle! I got a ditto and now one of you will have one too! This will end when I get enough normal gems to get a ditto egg! Ill be using the PD and nuggets I get for entries to buy gems as well! That is 10000 gems :)
if you have 10000 normal gems and just want a ditto thats fine just pp me.
You will get one entry from sharing the hashtag #firstditto
Each normal gem will give you one more entry (5 normal gems = 5 entries, etc)
50 nuggets will get you 25 entries
2k pd will get you one entry (price of one normal gem in GTS)
At the end ill do a random number generator to see who wins! Entering a lot will give you a higher chance of winning, but you won’t auto win. This helps give everyone a chance :)

1st place: Ditto!!
2nd place: mega-able gengar and a mega-able gardevoir, and one mega stone!
3rd place: mega-able gardevoir and mega-able luxray

Everyone who enters will get a plushie from me when this is all over :) ju
7 Days ago

8 Days ago
By _Jay_

I FINALLY hatched a SM! His name is Hikaru and I love him!

To celebrate, I'm throwing a giveaway!

Every day, there will be random gifts! These gifts include mystery items, summons, egg vouchers, and even PD or nuggets!

And every day, one person will go home with a shiny Galarian Ponyta!

This event will only last three weeks! To enter, heart and share this post, comment about what types of gifts you would like to receive, and feed URL Hikaru a berry and comment proof!
9 Days ago
There is going to be plenty more to come. Heart comment and share the entire post for a chance to win a shiny mega beedrill. Feel free to donate any unwanted bug and poison gems to help with the hunt! Ends at reset!
11 Days ago
Hey everyone! I'm gonna do a giveaway. To enter share #FREEPKMN
Prizes= 1st= 3 pkmn
2nd= 2pkmn
3rd= 1 pkmn
13 Days ago
By matso
imma doing a cool raffle:

there can only be one winner: a mega evolved poke, ultra saddle, and event poke!

like the post, share the hashtag, and at least send 10 gems!

Ends on january 7th!

14 Days ago
You found 8x Dragon Gems in this treasure box!
14 Days ago
By Batch


So I'm going to make a giveaway
To enter just like this feed and share #Batch1stGiveaway

1st place: Hoopa + Sigilyph + 5kpd + Psychic gem
2nd place: Delibird + 3kpd + Bug Gem
3rd place: Luxray + 1kpd + Dark Gem
4th place: A plushie of the winner's choice (Only up to 30 DP)

If this giveaway got 15 or more participant today until 12:00nn (Philippine Time) it will end tomorrow

14 Days ago
By Intensive_Blackhole -
"Hey, guys!
I'll be leaving Ph and will possibly never come back ;w;
So, I'll be holding my (possibly) last giveaway here!
Just share #ByeIntensiveBlackhole and heart this feed to get an entry.
Prizes below:
1st: 1k nuggets + 3 Pokemon you want from my boxes
2nd: 200 nuggets + 2 Pokemon you want from my boxes
3rd: 100 nuggets + 1 Pokemon you want from my boxes
4th: Some valuable items in my bag + 1 Pokemon you want from my boxes"

Good Bye, Take iRL! ;)
15 Days ago
By Tensa
A few posts ago I said that I’d make a giveaway dedicated to my one year anniversary, well here it is

All you have you do is heart this feed and share #tensas1year to have a chance at winning:

1st: Shiny Lucario-Sensei
2nd: Shiny Onix + 4 nebula stones
3rd: Shiny and Mega able Onix + 2 nebula stones

Ends Jan 5th. Good luck then :)
16 Days ago
By VirtusDomini - 10 Hours and 11 Minutes ago.
Sooo now that we are done with speed click saturday i have invested 100% of my points in dynamax crystals, i now have 9 which means 3 dynamax giveaways until next scs one shall begin today ending on thursday next week

To enter #DynamaxGiveaway8 you must:
Like the post
Share the hashtag with a number from 1 to 400
As well as comment the number also.

There shall be 3 crystals being given away this tims but only 1 person gets them rather than crystal per winning number sooo uhh Batterup

GOOD LUCK TO ALL AND MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOUR (Ive been rereading hungergames... plz dont judge...)

16 Days ago
By S0AP -

ayo happy new year!!

To kick this year off a good note I'd figure I'd do a 100mil PD Giveaway where 5 users each win 20mil

All you have to do is comment and make a feed or something letting people know this is happening with #helpinghands

have fun ily all <3 ends reset jan 5
17 Days ago
By Kojofuu - 1 Hour and 20 Minutes ago.

New year, new beginnings! Everyone has changed, and so has PokéHeroes. This has been an exhausting year because of COVID-19. But let’s wash that away with midnight today. Might as well top it off with a giveaway...

1. x1 Mega Stone x1 Marine Cave Map x50,000 PD x1 Rare Candy

2. x1 Mega Stone Boiling Pack x1 Pikachu Cosplay Box Of Choice x1 Rare Candy

3. x1 Sail Fossil x1 Shiny Hunt Coupon

⭐️ Special Prize: x3 Shiny Hunt Coupon

(I will breed a certain Pokémon I have never before to specify that it is the coupon, like “original trainer: Kojofuu; Place obtained: Daycare”, it is tradable)

Good luck everyone! If you want to boost your chance to win, help my friend Light16 on her giveaway. She is also doing one of these End-Of-Year giveaways...

Heart this feed and share! See you next year, it ends on January 3, 2021, 12:00PM sharp central time-zone!

20 Days ago
By Momma_Miko - 18 Hours and 42 Minutes ago.
I'm gonna start a giveaway

How to enter:
share the #mommagiveaway
heart this post
comment your favorite plushie

gifts will be:
100k pd
100 nuggets
1 mega able pokemon
1shiny pokemon (you will need to let me know what you would like so I can breed for it if i do not have it)

giveaway will end new years eve

20 Days ago
You found 1x Mega Stone in this treasure box!

lucky lucky 🤞🤞
21 Days ago


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