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Trainerlevel: 20

Trainerpoints: 840/1,219


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP

OT Shiny Gallery


Art by ToxtricityTamer.

God of the vine, grape-harvest, wine-making, wine, fertility, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, and theatre.


Art by Scribe.

God of oracles, healing, archery, music and arts, sunlight, knowledge, herds and flocks, and protection of the young.


Art by N/A.

Goddess of wisdom, olives, weaving, and battle strategy.

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Valid Raffle Entries

This is mainly for reference, but if you haven't seen it, check the initial post in the DeakyHits20 hashtag.

Here is where I will be tracking valid entries. If you participated but are not on this list, here is the criteria you need to meet:

- Send me a plushie I am missing that has a DP value of 40 or above
- Heart the initial post
- Comment on the initial post
- Share the hashtag

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Zarkesh 1 Hour ago
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Shiny Hunt

deaky is currently hunting Skitty.
Hunt started: 29/11/2020

Chain: 1

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deaky hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #877839974
Registration: 16/11/2020 (13 Days ago)
Premium member until 29/Dec/2020
Game Time: 96:42 Hours
Total interactions: 75,113
Money: 77,014
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


Ugh... I think I'll have to notify specific art shop customers about cancellations, sparing a few. I just... can't work for pennies anymore. I know it's harsh but I spend so long making these pieces to only get scraps of change in return.
Today, 21:23
"The Hidden Importance of Leon Kuwata" I've known this for years...
Today, 19:29
Shiny hunting Totodile in Pokemon Crystal. Wish me luck.
Today, 18:30
The #DeakyHits20 raffle is officially over! Congratulations to the winners! I will be sending over gifts now. Winners, please contact me for what you'd like to be drawn.

1st Place:

2nd Place:

3rd Place:

Thanks for participating, everyone!
Today, 00:04
You push the pink key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Green Orb found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.
Yesterday, 22:27
The #DeakyHits20 raffle ends in less than two hours!! Make sure you've sent me an appropriate plushie, hearted the initial post, commented on the initial post, and shared the hashtag!
Yesterday, 22:19
I feel like this shouldn't have to be stated, but please do not vaguepost about me. I will see it. No amount of deleting your feeds will stop the fact that I have already seen your feeds about me. Stop.
Yesterday, 20:25
Looking for multiple Skiddos/Gogoats to make breeding pairs. Will buy if necessary
Yesterday, 18:32
Time to break the Aron chain. Gotta wait for the Undertale fan club to decide a Pokemon to hunt before I start the next one, though.
Yesterday, 17:09
Under, and I cannot stress this enough, tale
Yesterday, 17:00
I have a Volcano Cave map, but I don't have any Pokemon that are strong enough to take on Heatran. Would anyone exchange their Magma Stone for my Volcano Cave map + a small fee if needed?
Yesterday, 15:11
I'm curious, does anyone consider me to be "entitled"? I don't intend to come off as all high and uppity, but I can see where someone would think that.
Yesterday, 13:52
None of the Undertale fan clubs are actually active. So I made my own. Come check it out, spent a lot of time coding it.
Yesterday, 13:43
Yesterday, 12:14
I'm... really thinking about refreshing my art shop slots list because I'm getting unfairly paid. Maybe I'll even have set prices. 10k PD for a piece of art that I have to spend time lining, coloring, and shading doesn't seem fair when I can just interact with a few hundred people, redeem Dream Points, send a plushie to someone, and make more than that in gems.
Yesterday, 11:44
My Event Pass was Babylonian Wailmer, which I must say, has a very nice shiny.
Yesterday, 01:43
You successfully bought 5 Black Friday Boxes!
Let's open them...

1 Week(s) of Premium Membership found!
1x Rusted Sword found!
80x Dream Points found!
1x Ultra Ball found!
5x Poké Ball found!
Yesterday, 01:38
Someone: "We didn't start the fire!"
My brain, immediately: "You can't fight the Homestuck!"
1 Day ago
Two MA Aron are up for auction in the Auction House. Starting bid is 10k PD on each.
1 Day ago
Do I buy the random Uncommon Event Pass and 5 Black Friday boxes, or 20 Black Friday boxes and no random Uncommon Event Pass?
1 Day ago


Current Hunt

#304 - ARON

This is my current hunt.
You may reserve slots.

SHINY PRICE - 75k PD or equivalent in items/nuggets
MEGA POWERED PRICE - 150k PD or equivalent in items/nuggets
SHINY MEGA POWERED PRICE - 4 mil PD or equivalent in items/nuggets, assuming I even get my hands on one



deaky ☆ 17 ☆ he/him

I like Deoxys. I wish to obtain a horde of them on this site. Maybe even a shiny.

Unfortunately it appears that there is no Deoxys plush on PokeHeroes. I'll happily take any of my favorite plushies, though.

I have an art shop, come buy some art from me.


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