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Formerly: _Crosshairs_
Trainerlevel: 32

Trainerpoints: 34/3,103


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Charizard X)
270103,967 / 255,398
187113,310 / 131,836
Mega Metagross778,531 / 22,524
(Mega Winter Ampharos)
9825,999 / 32,073

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Shiny Hunt

StormyNight is currently hunting Summer Mareep.
Hunt started: 15/05/2021

Chain: 6
0 0 0

Game Records

Trainer ID: #627547991
Registration: 26/05/2020 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 607:18 Hours
Total interactions: 138,037
Money: 15,132
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Lol well cuz *somebody* wants me to up the reward (I'm not taking the gift it defeats the point of me being the generous one smhhh), and cuz I just found these in my bag
First comment can have 15 dynamax crystals. Just comment something like your favorite color outside the visible spectrum in the electromagnetic spectrum or something/j
Today, 05:18
I'm a bit bored rn and kinda wanna be known as like a generous person or smth. I'm a bit broke rn but first comment can have 8k and a shiny luxray. That's not worth a whole lot but I'll do bigger give aways in the future. Probably. Wryyy.
Today, 04:28
Kk no reset it is then. Well, it'd be a shame to lose the Pokemon I worked hard to get anyway. Well, introducing myself my name's Storm. My interests include games (obviously), game design, art, programing, music occasionally, and I'm obsessed with Jojo's bizarre adventure. So yeah. Looking forward to meeting all the new people, and hope to see some of the old ones too
Today, 04:15
Dang sorry for like feed spams but is it even possible to delete an account? Or like reset it- a mods help would be nice I have no idea who the mods are anymore lol--
Today, 02:50
I miss this game low-key. I see it hasn't changed a whole lot. Give aways, roleplays (omg I feel bad for anyone I've talked to more than a year ago). I don't recognize any of these names but I bet I know some them. Its surreal for sure. Anyway
Today, 02:45
I wonder how many of the old people I used to know still play. Or the state of the Pokemon economy rn heheh- I get dragon gems are like 25k now. I remember when they were like 10k. Inflation or smth. Anyway, I go by storm and if I do make a brand new account,any old friends can find me listed under StormyNight or something like that. That depends on whenever I decide to restart
Today, 02:33
Dang this account is old ain't it? Its even registered as a name I don't even use anymore. But wassup y'all. It's been ages. I've gone by many names in this account, Papyrus, Uhhh- I don't really remember the other ones heheh- reguardless. I remember there being a rule about no dual accounts but is it acceptable to delete this one and start from scratch? I will miss my pokemon but it's half the fun getting back to what I once was.
Today, 02:30
What is up everyone, came back for another visit
Ya may know me as Cybat101 or Papyrus the skeleton, who knows
But, either way, wassup everyone! How are things?
A few updates, that partner in my last feed, didnt end to well haha
But, I did find a new one so thats lovely
Andd, mental health, had a pretty good rise
So I may or may not come back to pokeheroes
1 Year ago
I'm thinking about getting back onto Poke heros, but since my mental healrj is still garbage, I dunno if it's a good idea
1 Year ago
Hm, well heres a few updates to how my life is rn, if you're curious
Um, I no longer identify as straight, yep. I'm Demi-bisexual and Agender, so I'm going by they them probluns now, will change my profile thing later if I feel up to it
Um, I got a partner, I love them very much
My mental health, not good
And, um, yeah that's about it
1 Year ago
Hey wassup guys, remember me?
Just checking in rq, seeing how things are
1 Year ago
Oh yeah- I have a discord
If y'all wanna chat on discord with me then my disc is Cybat101#9609
1 Year ago
Welp the winner of my Goodbye Giveaway is...
Congrats to them! I'll be sending the stuff shortly in a PT.

And I guess after I send this stuff, I'll be gone officially
So this is it guys. Buh Bye!
1 Year ago
Allrighty, time to see who won.
1 Year ago
Welp, this is it I guess...
Time for my final giveaway. Just like this feed, and at some point if I don't forget, I'll pick a singular winner. Said winner will get all my pd, 408 nuggets, a bunch of gems and mystery boxes, and a group of shiny, mega able and event mons.

Not gonna make a hashtag cuz they clog up notification walls.
1 Year ago
Hey anyone remember that I exist?
Well I might be leaving Pokeheroes officially soon due to my inactivity because of emotional issues and loss of interest because of said issues.
Ill probably do my final giveaway at some point.
1 Year ago
God it's been 22 days since I've last been on...
1 Year ago
Man it feels like I haven't been on here in forever. What's been bonin on?
1 Year ago
Guys I finally beat Sans hard mode after all this time.
1 Year ago
I get tired by existing, and interacting with people makes it twice as fast. Idk how y'all do it...
1 Year ago



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