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Trainerlevel: 67

Trainerpoints: 1,206/13,533


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Weedle39 / 37
Gastly28 / 48

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The Takeyama species. They are known to be quite adamant but timid.

NEVER CONTACT ME WITH 3 LETTERS OR LESS (I consider it rude and uncaring. Upon repeated deliberate provoking you will be blocked, NO exceptions)!!!

NEVER ASK FOR POKEMON OR ITEMS/PD (Including borrowing/giving things for free)!!!



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Game Records

Trainer ID: #200355559
Registration: 06/07/2017 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 2417:43 Hours
Total interactions: 597,778
Money: 2,213,701
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Has Penguin Highway come out yet?
Today, 00:16
3 villager pics.
1 Day ago
Less than 30 minutes before reset! Please click this eggy.

Heart so I know who to return to.
2 Days ago
My mother is actually playing Pokemon Let's Go Eevee!

She actually had the original Yellow, Red, AND Blue games. So this is very exciting for me. Since she is only used to black-white games, I'll be sure to help her as much as possible!
2 Days ago
Jeez, why do my eggs keep showing up on index? This is the 5th one!
3 Days ago
Wow, this is the second time I had to decline somebody because they dOn'T eVeN bOtHeR tO rEaD tHe dEsCrIpTiOn

Try as hard as you want, but no means no.
4 Days ago
My dumb 3DS says: Game Card Removed for no reason at all.


Reloads ACNL.

Bug Contest Winner: not me.

Nat: Beat 65 points.

Jitters, you sneaky cheat-
4 Days ago
My first Pokemon fusion! ♡
6 Days ago
This is my self-portrayal
What people see of me.

To get where I am
It wasn't easy.

Compared to them
I am nothing.
6 Days ago
My gosh... this is kind bothering me.

A little OCD with those white outlines

Either way, I'm sorry
6 Days ago
Pick a number from 1-10. Number majority decides my next plan of action for YouTube content.

And yes, I'm keeping it a secret until I'm done... no exceptions.
8 Days ago
Aww, I was expecting more feedback. I'm disappointed.
8 Days ago
Tsukishima as a baby chick is the cutest thing ever o(╥﹏╥)o

my heart can't handle such cuteness
9 Days ago
Ever since my Chocolate passed on,I have been looking for another companion for his brother, Coffee. Different blood do clash, though. Coffee is bigger and seems to be the dominant one. So... in other words, I just saved my gerbils from severely hurting each other.

A long time ago I was in a animal caretaking class. And you know how Chinchillas look big because of their long fur, right? One of them was weaving out of my classmate's hold. It managed to break free. My hands instantly snatched up the Chinchilla before it even got a chance to move. And yes, Chinchillas are known to be really, really fast. My friend had to chase one down the hallway. She said those things can run.
10 Days ago
I saw another user posting about their ideas for events. Since I'm not that kind of artist either, I'll be glad to give my ideas out, ones that I've been thinking about a long time now. And I refuse to let these go to waste.

1 idea per person!

1. Fruit-Themed Bounsweet, Steenee, and Tsareena.

2. Fortune Telling Voltorb + Electrode

3. Glamorous Phione + Manaphy

4. Pikachu (Sleuth) (you saw that one coming heh)
10 Days ago
Oh... I guess some friendships aren't meant to be forever
12 Days ago
My heart goes out to the Bahamas: no matter if you were on vacation or were permanently living there.
12 Days ago

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