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Trainerlevel: 35

Trainerpoints: 1,134/3,709


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mr. Mime)
9514,214 / 27,361
(Mime Jr.)
809188,950 / 1,965,871
8312,258 / 20,917

About Me

Howdy there pardner, Welcome to my Account!

Well, I'm not too sure how to start, but, ah, welcome again! I'm just an average user here, I don't do anything special besides maybe shiny hunt from time-to-time!

Personal Info though? Just a 17 year old They/Them or She/Her casually existing in the world! My passion is art, specifically character designing and the study of stop motion and traditional animation- My ultimate goal is to... really just vibe with my work and succeed with telling my stories! However, on PH, my Ultimate Goal is to be the Supreme Mr. Mime Ruler, of course :^)c It is my favorite Pokemon afterall! And if you have an issue with that, I shall simply launch a confetti cannon into your face.

Birthday: July 25th, 2003 [Leo]

I'm quite confusing, reference dead memes alot, make constant jokes, have some spunk, am in my process of learning more self-respect and confidence in myself, and am always looking for new things to do and goals to work toward!

Anywho, that's all, Thank you greatly for stopping by! If there's anything you'd love to tell me about, or if you'd simply like to get to know me better, let me know, I'm super chill and open to anything ^^ Reminder to take care of yourself, be safe, stay hydrated, and forfeit all possessions to the Mime.

Additionally, am Hoarding These Boys!

Thank You!

Ultimate Clown Goal into 2021

Mr. Mime Profile Theme Goal!

Mime Jr. : STATUS : Hunt Complete! Chain #71 Date: May 2nd, 2018

Here's Koun'na! My first act and child within this Clown only circus and one of the Precious Pokes that's been on my account from the start. I adore Mime Jr. Greatly, and this little Sassy clown of mine is no exception.

Mr. Mime : STATUS : Hunt Complete! Chain #50 Date: December 3rd, 2020

Behold the Auggie!! Second member of the team and second target completed to kick off this whole journey! Anywho, I love this Adamant baby so much, Mr. Mime is precious.

Jolly Jr. : STATUS : Not Hunted yet.


100% Mr. Moody : STATUS : Not Hunted yet.

Galarian Mr. Mime : STATUS : Not Hunted yet.

Total Progress :

I'm just a gal who loves their Clowns :^)c


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #688654181
Registration: 27/03/2018 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 200:39 Hours
Total interactions: 447,831
Money: 1,492,302
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


WOO finally a Sad Jr. has been bred! Hunt started, wish me luck cause I'm certain I'll be spending all month into 2021 with this bad boy :^)c After this shall be Jolly Jr.! We're doin' itttt.
Yesterday, 21:16
Updated my Mime hunt list! Additionally, concerning my last feed, I think I'll just go for whichever event Jr. comes first, because dear golly, we're 7 Mime Jr. eggs in from this Mr. Moody breeding pair and not a single one is an event :sweats: Just HOPE the Jr. will be Sad Jr. so we can kick this off.
Now I'm gonna run off to go edit my art shop up, It's been sitting there for a while n' slots are gonna open soon so gotta prepare and get the Reserved slot orders done! Have a great night, day, evening, or mornin' everyone! It's currently 11:37 pm for me, whoops.
1 Day ago
Alrighty so! -claps hands together- I think I'll go ahead n' go for another Mime target since my Premium will let me do a hunt for free currently. It has to be a hunt that will take a while, so I'm thinking of going for one of the Jr. Events! OR start going for that Mr. Moody- but which event should I start going at? I've gotten one vote for Sad Jr, but I'd love to hear what yall think!
2 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Mime Jr. hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #50)!

WOOO Shiny Mimey finally!! This one will be evolved into Mr. Mime to continue my Quest ;v; Say howdy to her! I'm so excited to have a cute little Mr. Mime here,,
2 Days ago

Learning my self worth and how I don't have to live up to cripplingly harsh expectations set on me by all of my family- I'm so happy that I'm getting over my issue of intense self-dislike with the help of lovely friends I've had and continue to interact happily with <3
4 Days ago
Got Premium from one of my 2 Black Friday boxes! So I'm gonna just go ahead n' hunt for my next Mr. Mime themed profile goal: Mr. Mime themselves! I figured the classic Mime would be the best to go first, as, it won't take as long as waiting for Event eggs in the daycare- THIS TECHNICALLY BREAKS MY 2021 GOAL RULE BUT SHHH, I wanna have a Mr. Mime and Koun'na by my side to watch me suffer on the Event hunts ;v; [since, I'll have to do them 4x technically, since I want a 100% Mr. Moody because violent dedication.] But anywho, 6 eggs in now! Wish me luck, because I wish ya'll luck on ya'lls own hunts ^^
7 Days ago
Does anyone know if anyone on this site has a shiny Galarian Mr. Mime? If not, does anyone know how anyone would go about hunting one? I'm super curious, as, Galarian Mr. Mime will be one of my targets soon.
8 Days ago
Changed my PFP really quick! Didn't like how slightly compressed the last one looked- plus I guess this fits into the 'getting colder' theme :^)c so enjoy a shiny Galarian Mr. Mime Hatted dweeb
11 Days ago

Flying-type Jirachi... Huh, interesting!
11 Days ago
Got some art examples up in a custom panel now! Super proud of them and I think I'm getting pretty alright at capturing character and drawing on my laptop's touchpad ^^ Hopefully I can do the rest of my team someday, but for now, just got 4 of my favorite kiddos icon'd and drawn.
12 Days ago
Woot, took a bit but PFP update as well! Really proud of how this icon came out- they're my new sona currently, just wearin' a shiny Mime Jr. hat B^)
I'm thinking of maybe doing more of these here as little icon commissions for Electric Gems or PD or something... that would definitely seem fun and I'd love to practice more in the 150x150 ratio! Sorry for the constant updates by the by, haha, just happy to finally be updating things here.
13 Days ago
Being in the process of doin' some cleaning up on my account here! Love the way it's going and I love the Mr. Mime infestation of which has occurred PFT
13 Days ago
YOOO! Shiny Woobat in 65 Eggs!! Radical man, I didn't know it'd come so fast ^^
Know what, I think I'll be down for a longer hunt... a goal of some sort- I think that, Mr. Mime, being my favorite Pokemon, deserves to have all its forms here hunted :^)c already got a Mime Jr. ! I think perhaps I'll hunt and evolve a Mime Jr. or go for Galarian Mr. Mime?
16 Days ago
Howdy! Back again in a short spurt, Just here to casually shiny hunt now- My next target is Woobat/Swoobat ^^ Hopefully after that I'll be doing my Mr. Moody, Jolly Jr., and Sad Jr. hunt! Woobat's gonna be a nice easy warm-up, plus I LOVE Swoobat, such a goofy little fiend.
The entire Jr. hunt will absolutely take some time though but, I'm prepared! Anyway, hope you're all having a good time.
20 Days ago
WHOOSH I'm back after such a while, I'm thinking of being more artistically involved on this site... not entirely sure yet, but Howdy I have returned.
9 Months ago
WOO shiny Snubbull hatched!! It's male too,, damn that's pretty rare :^O!!!
1 Year ago
Kind of a hot take, but I REALLY HATE SwSh's Battle Layout. It just looks so plain and terrible and-just automated in a way..? Like artificial, I'm not sure how to describe it. If they were going for the professional, clean look, I'd say they failed-it just looks way too... boring and just off. I'm not even gonna begin to comment on the Gigantamaxing thing but... ahhh nah.
1 Year ago
Friday the 13th AND a full moon... Yup I see how nothing can go wrong today.
1 Year ago
FI NALLY I CAN MOVE ON WITH MY LIFE,, THE BABY HATCHED!! I now have a shiny rodeo Scraggy,,
1 Year ago
-cries- I'm at a 100 chain for this darned shiny rodeo scraggy
1 Year ago

Shiny Hunt

ToonyRcads is currently hunting Sad Jr..
Hunt started: 05/12/2020

Chain: 1

Casual Poke Icon Art Gallery

Toonnii! : My shiny Mimikyu :
One of my Docile little Darlings here! Love this baby. Headshot drawn 11/22/2020.

Koun'na! : My shiny Mime Jr. :
A Sassy sweetheart of many tricks of clownery, I present, the Koun'na, a precious, greenhatted little fool. Headshot drawn 11/23/2020.

Big Buddy! : My Starting Partner, Charizard :
The lad who's been with me from the start, and I'm still surprised this boy was randomly given to me when signing up, since I don't really like the Charmander line too much. However, Since then, my thoughts have changed quite a bit, and I do indeed love my pure Jolly laddie :^)c. Headshot drawn 11/23/2020

Twinkie! : My shiny Lucario and First Hunt :
Behold! The lad who started it all with a surprisingly quick hunt and dip into shiny hunting here. I adore shiny Riolu and Lucario, and I'm very happy to have had the honor of having this Rash, wonderful golden boy as my first successful hunt. Headshot drawn 11/23/2020.



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