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The Silvertongue

I am a black-blooded god of the Ironback Empire, the speaker of fates and the watcher of war. It is for me to decide who lives and who falls, and for me to know the minds of those bound by my mark. The Blacksouls see to that for me, bounding the tongues of those unwilling in my sacred metal, forcing them to speak to me. And when their minds are shattered and all their breath given, they are discarded.

I am the Silvertongue and the silver-tongued, the worthy god of balance of the Ironback Empire.

The Ironback Empire

Jdiaohaodia! (Greeting!)

We are an old empire, from the first Conqueror to the newest recruits of the army. We hold hundreds of years of pride under our skin, and it is there to stay. Hold your threats, for they will only spark more pride. We'll only strike when you try to, only win when you're weak. So hold your tongue if you feel the need to bite. Find something else to chew on, as you'll find our flavor quite unpleasant.


I am personally denying use of my characters and creations without permission. That includes:

-The Blackguard as a whole (Including religion, words, units, and agriculture)
-Irin and his relatives, as well as any of his contacts I created
-The alternate Derek, the Bastion of the Wayfarer
-Sylas Verun, drunken medium and veteran
-Any and all of my abilities and the characters respective to them
-Icarus Flare and contacts of his I have made
-Zander and Danner, my anthro OCs

If you use any of these without my permission, I will have plenty of reason to block and/or report you.

Thanks in Advance for not using my creations.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #323228645
Registration: 16/01/2018 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 865:57 Hours
Total interactions: 119,039
Money: 998,912
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


The masthead groaning, swinging in the rocking, writhing waves.. Through the fog, silence tiptoes, creeping up on the creaking hull.. Sailors, wandering silently about their duties atop the deck, only share passing whispers.. The bow of the ship, radiating heat from the ship's spirit, holds up the figurehead; an elegantly carved dragon, whose body was crouched in preparedness of an attack.. Her eyes, alive despite her body being made of wood, scan slowly over the waters...

Aboard Imperial Republic Vessel Atlantis, only work is to be done; for there is no ship mightier than she upon the seas.
7 Days ago
The old saying still stands, despite the many translations that have trampled the words. "The pen is mightier than the sword." Even I, as a true representative of the Ironback Empire, must agree. For it is with the pen that wars are began, and it is with the pen that wars are ended. It is with the pen that a voice reaches more, it is with the pen that I create my own craft, and you create yours.
9 Months ago
Excerpt From an Ironback Soldier's Journal

"Someone asked me today, a question I still decide to ponder. A boy, a boy that I had played with, that I had trained to fight with blades. We met, as the army was packing up to leave, and he looked me in the eye. And into my eye, he asked, 'What will you miss me for? Will it be the joy, or the duels? Or will it be my voice, or my presence?' I did not answer, for I had no answer. Instead, I hugged this boy, this noble duelist, and told him, 'I may not know now, but I will come back some day, and I shall tell you then.' Yet, here I am, so far away, without an answer. What will I miss you for?"
10 Months ago
Now, here in the Empire (and the distant past), we enjoy a chocolaty drink we call "Frusta," which technically translates to "fruity." However, there's a reason for that- Our Frusta has hints of fruit in it, and each batch tastes different from another, giving the drink tons of opportunities to please your taste buds! In addition, it's a warm drink, which helps everybody on those cold days. Remember to stay warm out there!
1 Year ago
"The sun may set on your life, but never thy eternal rule. The toil of a life, set to rest for the pyre's dreary crackle. Forever will you be known as not a warrior, nor a friend, but as a brother of my own claws. A small yet powerful shadow, one to truly turn the scales of the Everlasting. This is it, my dearest brethren. Our Final Goodbye. In the heart of the Empire, thy Supreme Blade shall be lodged in a stone, never to be lifted by the hands of another. Here it shall remain, forevermore, until thy boots crush the Earth once more, and thy remains stand to once more claim the Conqueror's Blade, the Holy insignia of our Mighty Empire. Lay at rest, dear brother. Let the pyre consume you, and gently carry you on towards the Judgements, to face the scales and decide between the Everlasting afterlife, or to walk again, reborn as a new soldier. Fate's Hand shall guide thee, for thy quest is now thy own. Brothers, let us bid our Last Farewell."
1 Year ago
Very rarely do we find a truly philosophical idea, though the Blackguard does have a few favorites. "Do not be an echo, be a voice." "Life is a cage, death is our key." "We only wait, for we have something to wait for." "To die a fool is to have lived an uneducated life."
1 Year ago
Perhaps, before nabbing the chance to slaughter a people, one should consider diplomacy. Unless, of course, one finds oneself as the attacking force. Then one should consider first why one is attacking, and then strategies to best eliminate what has enraged one so greatly.
1 Year ago
Times of war grind by on shattered wheels, forever demanding the attention of a Ruler and Commander. However, even in such brutal and demanding moments, a brief and critical break can and must be taken. Today, we celebrate the Blackguardian holiday of Vilisinfratz, roughly translating to "Victory Day." On that note, a happy Vilisinfratz to the Blackguard Empire and our allies!
1 Year ago
An army is only as great as the Commander is. If your Commander isn't quick enough to act, or hesitates even a moment in battle, you'll lose ten. If your Commander is weak in soul and heart and takes pity on your opponent, you'll lose a hundred. And if your Commander is simply incompetent, you'll lose thousands.
1 Year ago

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