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Shiny Hunt

One_Dusted_Soul is currently hunting Charmander.
Hunt started: 11/05/2019

Chain: 50
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Fall's Backstory

Everyone expects Fall Night is from Poketale. They are right but they are wrong. The event of Reset#163 happened, a glitch in the system where the eevee known as 'Frisk' turned to a silver colour. The glitch also gained other powers such as human speach and ability to make portals and she gained her aqua scarf. Eventually the AU was getting messed up by the glitching and the monsters drove her out. Her portals turned into AU jumps causing her to explore out of her comfort zone. One jump took a wrong turn and she fell into a room of white. She crashed onto the ground. As she pulled herself up she saw someone unfamiliar. The black skeleton known as Error. She was forced to fight with him and began to loose terribly, but that's when he came.
Ink, protector of AUs made his grand entrance to the battle, saving Falls fur in the nick of time. After a long battle, Fall and Ink were turning out victorious before Error dissapeared as always. The young eevee explained to Ink that she had no place to go and he offered her a once in a lifetime chance to work side by side with him to protect the AUs from those who wish to destroy them. Fall undoubtably agreed and over time, her form began to shape and change until she became the shiny umbreon we know today! When she went adventuring in AUs she usually finds herself a different form every now and again.


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #224964202
Registration: 28/12/2017 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 501:59 Hours
Total interactions: 67,381
Money: 53,846
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


I'm making a drawing of the good side of Chara, and I keep thinking her eyes are red. Tell me your opinion, What colour eyes do you think our little Megalomanic has?
Yesterday, 21:10
Either someone makes a FNAF rp or I am >:3
2 Days ago
Damn. I'm having a second FNAF faze......
4 Days ago
I cant beleive I forgot him...
I was just drawing a quick redraw of a 1 year old FNAF OC called Katy the Cat(I will get rid of her soon) when I remembered one of the best primary school times I ever had. Me and my old friend(she has moved 2hours away and we have nothing to contact to eachother) had made a collab OC called 'Good Boy'. We weren't very creative on the name but he was a grey and tan dog holding a bone like a baseball bat. We even talked about making a fan game, how he would act, the scenes with Good Boy in. This dog went very far....until she moved away and I never saw her again. And I've lost the sheet but I will check my 'primary school' drawer to see if I put it in there. If I did, Good Boy is coming out to play!
4 Days ago
Who here likes FNAF?
4 Days ago
*flops on bed* I'm completely blank, eint got no ideas for stories, art or even a roleplay.
I'm completely out! Why is my brain so empty
4 Days ago
So it's the morning, so I was in a good mood. That mean good(ish) drawings. So I started to draw a character who I like to mess about with alot
Version 1
Version 2
6 Days ago
Just watched the last big bang
I'm in tears ;0;
7 Days ago
Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch
Do you?
8 Days ago
My school friend The_Shattered_Soul just joined, go add her please ^^
9 Days ago
Me:*makes undertake theory*
LaLa:*nicknamed it the theory of why there are no toilets in undertale*
11 Days ago
I've been listening to vocaloid and not even knowing it........
12 Days ago
I'm scared for my brother he said something really creepy, read on if you dont get scared easily

My brother is 5 and autistic, he has never seen anything to scare him and we make sure of it. But the conversation I just heard seemed very strange and creepy. He was meant to be an identical twin but Levi died before birth, I'm sure if you have been friends with me long enough you would know that. I heard mark crying and saying "Leave me alone" and "Please get out of my room" at first I thought he was having a nightmare and tried to get back to sleep. But when my mom came up to check on him she said "You Ok? Who were you talking to?" My brother replied with "The boy in the corner" "what is his name, do you know?" "Yeah...he is Levi"
My brother has never heard of his twin...
12 Days ago
I'm casually watching a Horrortale Walkthrough, here is a hint: If you find a little secret option when talking to Horror!Sans...dont press it. Gaster is a touchy subject.
12 Days ago
Mother's day in America huh?
13 Days ago
15 Days ago
I just realised how cute Fall can be
15 Days ago
I just noticed all the shinies that I have bred are girls...wut
15 Days ago
By PokéRadar - 14 Minutes and 10 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Charmander hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #78)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

15 Days ago
Did I mention that giving Fall cranberries is like making a Weeping Angel(docter who) hyper...and furry xD
16 Days ago

My little cinnamon bunnies

made by ErrorThePyromaniac
made by MetalHeadKendra

my babies <3
Chain #140
Chain #49


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