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Trainerlevel: 29

Trainerpoints: 1,316/2,551


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
you are blue-tiful
(Gastly (Retro))
620803,630 / 1,367,558
10th october
(Mega Autumn Ampharos)
6891,353,025 / 1,690,893
xie lian
(Mega Frosmoth)
82714,721 / 2,054,269
Mimikyu241,674 / 1,801
Mimikyu910 / 271
Mimikyu9154 / 271

You Are My Whole World...

🍁🍂🍃One day in October
The world finally
Seemed to turn
It never once did before...

That one Autumn day
Something remarkable
It put me at a loss for words

We fell in love in October
And that's why I love fall
Who knew that someone
Could be worth it all?

My girl, my girl, my girl, my girl...
You became my girl, my girl, my girl, my girl...
You are my whole world, my world, my world, my world...
You are my whole world...🍁🍂🍃

🌹🌸🌺🌹 •○•○• 🌹🌸🌷🌹 •○•○• 🌹✿🌺🌹•○•○• 🌹𐇵🌹•○•○ 🌹𐇵🌷𐇵🌹•○•○• 🌹✿🌹 •○•○•

"Maybe if I smile then I won’t fear her
Maybe for a while, I can be near her
Maybe then my thoughts would sound clearer
And I’d feel safe tonight”

Art by FR0GB0X on Reddit! Please check out their art if you get the chance to! ^^

🌹🌸🌺🌹 •○•○• 🌹🌸🌷🌹 •○•○• 🌹✿🌺🌹•○•○• 🌹𐇵🌹•○•○ 🌹𐇵🌷𐇵🌹•○•○• 🌹✿🌹 •○•○•

``ᴶᵘˢᵗ ˡⁱᵛⁱⁿᵍ ᵐʸ ˡⁱᶠᵉ, ᵗʳʸⁱⁿᵍ ᵐʸ ᵇᵉˢᵗ, ˢᵗᵃʸⁱⁿᵍ ᵐᵒᵗⁱᵛᵃᵗᵉᵈ, ᵈᵉᵗᵉʳᵐⁱⁿᵉᵈ; ˢᵘʳᵛⁱᵛⁱⁿᵍ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸ ᵗᵉˢᵗ``
➼ ➼ ᴰᵒᵍ/ᴰᵒʳᵏʸ🌹🌸🌹 ○• •○ ˢʰᵉ/ʰᵉʳ/ʰᵉʳˢ 🌸🌹🌸•○ ○• ᴱᴺᵀᴾ⁻ᵀ ⁽ᴺᵉ⁻ᵀⁱ⁻ᶠᵉ⁻ˢⁱ⁾ 🌹𐇵🌷𐇵🌹○• •○
𝒯𝒶𝓀𝑒𝓃💞 🌹𐇵🌷𐇵🌹 •○ ○• ⁷ʷ⁶ ˢˣ/ˢᵒ 𐇵🌺🌹🌷𐇵•○ ○• ✷ 🎀 𝒦𝒾𝓃𝓃𝑒𝓇 💮𝒻 𝓂𝒶𝓃𝓎, 𝓃💗𝓉 𝓈𝓁𝒶𝓎𝑒𝓇 💍𝒻 𝒶𝓃𝓎 (𝑒𝓍𝒸𝑒𝓅𝓉 𝒾𝓃 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒢𝑒𝓃☯𝒸𝒾𝒹𝑒 𝑅𝓊𝓃) 🎀 ✷

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I'll Be Your Beach

Quote from Natsuki from Doki-Doki Literature ClubYour mind is so full of troubles and fears
That diminished your wonder over the years
But today I have a special place
A beach for us to go.

A shore reaching beyond your sight
A sea that sparkles with brilliant light
The walls in your mind will melt away
Before the sunny glow.

I'll be the beach that washes your worries away
I'll be the beach that you daydream about each day
I'll be the beach that makes your heart leap
In a way you thought had left you long ago.

Let's bury your heavy thoughts in a pile of sand
Bathe in sunbeams and hold my hand
Wash your insecurities in the salty sea
And let me see you shine.

Let's leave your memories in a footprint trail
Set you free in my windy sail
And remember the reasons you're wonderful
When you press your lips to mine.

I'll be the beach that washes your worries away
I'll be the beach that you daydream about each day
I'll be the beach that makes your heart leap
In a way you thought had left you long ago.

But if you let me by your side
Your own beach, your own escape
You'll learn to love yourself again. ❥

Game Records

Trainer ID: #549731245
Registration: 16/03/2021 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 767:43 Hours
Total interactions: 252,223
Money: 161,664
Starter Pokémon: Quilava


The scary thing about Instant Buys in the Auction House is if you're not the instant buyer...
You're going to live in fear just HOPING no one Instant Buy Snipes-
Yesterday, 09:16
Auction House when I have no PD:
Auction House when I have PD:
"No shinies available that you like, sorry"
2 Days ago
The difficult decision button meme template is literally that one part of Spongebob- "I don't need it... I don't need it... I don't need it... I don't need it- I NEED IT!" (Except in the meme the person can't decide what option it is they need)
3 Days ago
It truly is a magical thing, isn't it?
To have so many things you want to do, and there's nothing stopping you!!
-- But your lack of motivation to follow through with them-
3 Days ago
I wish regarding DW tasks that if there was a really difficult one/one you never did that you could swap it for a different one- maybe that would make getting Points too easy but I guess I just think it'd be better if it was simpler-
For instance I know it's my fault I never bought the Gem Cauldron but I can't do the task because of it-
Another example is the Catch a Pokémon at the Beach task-- like imagine there happens to be lightning and you don't have a Fisherman's Hat, tough luck, my friend-
I just think this kind of thing might be a lot more convenient, and another thing is maybe being able to swap any 5 Gems for Dream World Shop Points (but you can still only do it once an hour) and very small amounts of Nuggets being able to purchase smaller amounts of DP- I just think that would be convenient- maybe these suggestions would make it too easy though-
5 Days ago
Me: -deposits 5k in the daycare-
Daycare: "Here, eggs."
Me: -deposits 10k in the daycare-
Daycare: "Haha no."
5 Days ago
When you see really pretty Shiny Events in Auction but you're too poor-
6 Days ago
I thought of it- the best most nightmarish idea ever!
Shiny Mega hunting a Rare rarity Pokémon using only the Lab, AND NO PREMIUM so you have to reset the Pokéradar every time you finally hatch a Shiny-
6 Days ago
Here's a thought:
Imagine how unstable the PH Economy would be if Game Chips could be converted back into Poké Dollar!! 😯😯
7 Days ago
That one fear that you're going to accidentally type in the wrong emoji and really confuse somebody 😨😨😨😨😨
14 Days ago
Friendly reminder to always choose Tails in Coinflip in honor of Miles "Tails" Prower from Sonic the Hedgehog- we must honor the mechanic flying fox!
(Or choose Heads, if you want to! I just noticed I always choose Tails and I had to say this)
15 Days ago
Intellectuals- -saves up hundreds or thousands of Gems and hunts with them or sells them all-
Me- "Omg I have one -insert type- Gem! Time to sell!!"
(Like- seriously, it seems to be impossible to save them)
17 Days ago
There's only 7 Shinies in the Auction House?!!
Did someone instant buy a ton of them!?
What just happened? I've never seen so few on there ever!!
1 Month ago
Ooh- question!!
What do you think of the Treasure Hunt?
Personally, I think it's really cool! I am bothered it's left up to chance so much but I like that it's a thing and sometimes you get really cool stuff from it!!
1 Month ago
Heya!! I just... wanted to say-
Thank you so so so so so so much to anyone who buys the items I put up in the Item Market- I just really appreciate it- I hope you found good uses for the items that I sold to you and that they help you in achieving your goals on this site! Once again... thank you so much- I hope that those items really helped you and I really appreciate you taking the time and the PD to buy them... thank you-
1 Month ago
Imagine if when they first implemented the Auction House update, if people were accidentally permitted unlimited Instant Buys a day-
C h a o s
1 Month ago
By Anniversary - 1 Hour and 18 Minutes ago.
You've been a member on PokéHeroes for more than 1 Year now!
Wait what?!
Has it really been a year?
I... wow- I wasn't expecting this notification-
2 Months ago
Good luck, everyone! ^^
2 Months ago
Knowing the VDay event is about to end, and you were too lazy so you still need to do 2,000 more interactions even though your wrist feels like it might break...

It fills you with determination.
3 Months ago
Is it weird I imagine a literal war among trainers every time there's a Normal-type egg in the Lab?
3 Months ago



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Dear Sunshine

Quote from Sayori from Doki-Doki Literature ClubThe way you glow through my blinds in the morning
It makes me feel like you missed me.
Kissing my forehead to help me out of bed.
Making me rub the sleepy from my eyes.

Are you asking me to come out and play?
Are you trusting me to wish away a rainy day?
I look above. The sky is blue.
It's a secret, but I trust you too.

If it wasn't for you, I could sleep forever.
But I'm not mad.

I want breakfast.

Amazing People

I may or may not talk a lot with the people on this list, but regardless of whether we do, know that you're very important to me, whether you're on this list or not- these are just certain honorable mentions of people I care very much about and appreciate very much- thank you for being in my life. I really, really appreciate all of you. If you're not on this list, please know that you're still an amazing person, and someone I appreciate. ^^

🌹 🌸 🌺 🌼 🌷

Fuecoco ♥️ DrGrimm ♥️ soda~ ♥️ Serendibite ♥️ Hooty ♥️ Spearmint_Gay ♥️ KidKrimson ♥️ TundrabreonKodaCarson2468 ♥️ Pandlover255 ♥️ MsLovelyRainbow ♥️ animalistyebestmuppet ♥️ Mathisthebest ♥️ KitKatGirl ♥️ SmolBeanRey ♥️ Eli_Vanto ♥️
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Thank you for visiting my profile. Please, know, whoever you are, that you are loved and appreciated and deserve everything good in this world.