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Trainerlevel: 52

Trainerpoints: 1,522/8,163


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Spearow16 / 8
Spearow17 / 8
Spearow17 / 8
Spearow17 / 8
Spearow20 / 19
Spearow17 / 8

sin(ny) / 21yo / friend
trash mammal / makes ok art

PoGO: 2498 3832 5733

Switch: 2228-8684-7401

3DS: 4399-5067-7574
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anime, manga, reading, writing, cats, pink
blue, dogs, birds, stars, aesthetic, flowers
plushies, creepypasta, pokemon, warriors
jacksepticeye, markiplier, pewdiepie
game grumps, daz black

Game Records

Trainer ID: #198913975
Registration: 17/10/2015 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 30/May/2019
Game Time: 561:56 Hours
Total interactions: 481,123
Money: 3,342,754
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Time to do what the kids call “binge watching”

I rarely watch anime bcuz I’m so lazy and choose YouTube videos I’ve seen so many times before ^^’
So, it’s time to go down my list (starting with the short ones)
Yesterday, 15:15
After watching a bunch of warrior cat amvs, I can see that Roxanne and Johanna have a whole lot to talk about- XD
Yesterday, 01:11
I’m thinking about getting my hair dyed pink (úwù)/

I heard that if your hair is dark, the pink won’t be light (and I want pastel), so I’m kinda disappointed - but pink is pink. Just gotta check on the rules for work because a lot of places don’t allow dyed hair, but I’m pretty sure I have seen employees walk around here with colored hair.
3 Days ago
3 Days ago
I just can't get onto the ranklist for the berry battle -uggggh...
It's so annoying, but at least I leveled up a bunch in the berry garden y.y

Like, I'm off today from work and I thought I would be able to do better, but it still isn't enough. I'm gonna attempt to change my method here or just give up. I want to win one of these y'all >->
3 Days ago
4 Days ago
Whahwhwaha- there's a Fruits Basket 2019??? *WheeZEEe*
6 Days ago
aaaa- my lovely avi is by CreativeJackalope <3

my rat child is so cute!!!
6 Days ago
PFFFT- my Pixpet auction stopped at like 1400 coins XD AND I got lots of badges/achievements from it! Best thing ever omg-
8 Days ago
I was wondering why the auction hasn’t ended 7mins ago (now it says in 9mins), then I realized someone must have tried to snipe it, so the time limit increased. Pixpet has a no sniping thingy, btw.
8 Days ago
Omg, i come on Pixpet and see that my rare rug received a lot of bids and is now one of the top auctions!! :ooooo - I’m gonna be rich in 7mins XD
8 Days ago
A friend of mine at work is moving on to Kentucky and today was his last day :,] I’m gonna miss him so much!!
He gave everyone a card but I didn’t read mine until after he left bcuz we were in the middle of work. The card mentioned how I was shy and timid when I started working there and now I won’t shut up, then I started crying XD I texted him that he should be glad to have left before I read his card or he would’ve had two girls (my other friend) crying over him.
8 Days ago
aaa- I’m working on a pokemon fanfiction series where it’s the core games but with a slightly altered plot and with my main OC as the protagonist in each book. mary su vibes lmao

This one is personal-ish so it will take a while to finish since I want to make it good and I also have to finish my current stuff.
11 Days ago
Ok I’m DJsobble on Roblox - add me, fools >;O
12 Days ago
By PokeRadar
Your PokéRadar recorded the 40th Pidgey in a row! You now reached the maximum chance of finding a shiny. Good luck!

Let’s get this bread y’allllll (/•0•)/
14 Days ago
If you don't ship PewdiepiexRicardo - get out
14 Days ago
Welp, time to start my shiny bird collection~!
First up, Pidgey ^^
14 Days ago
Just found out what Cutiefly is based on, and I'm-

15 Days ago
I dread the day I reach level 69
17 Days ago
aaa- if there is ever a bug evolution for Eevee, I hope it’s a moth - or a bee (either one would be cute, hopefully)~
18 Days ago

Shiny Hunt

Sobble is currently hunting Spearow.
Hunt started: 15/05/2019

Chain: 67



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- free avatars uwu⠀//⠀ - more free avatars

- character auction⠀//⠀ - my berry booth

- needing Nebula Stones!

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