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Trainerlevel: 95

Trainerpoints: 9,651/27,169


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Heracross524 / 114

♤Painful Gem hunts notice♤

When I get to running the painful gems hunts after.my required shinies have hatched I will offer to hatch that pokemon for you for the cost of the gems. if you are unsure what that means you send the gem cost for the egg and get what hatches, will the odds be in your favour to get a shiny much easier, only one way to find out.

Shiny Hunt

ShyreniaRose is currently hunting Heracross.
Hunt started: 04/06/2021

Chain: 2,662
57 97 0

Gem Breakdown

• 1750 Flying
• 1750 Electric

Here's the breakdown of Gem cost for Zapdos for those wondering what gems they need for their chance at a shiny

Future Hunt slots

♤ Painful Hunts♤
♤ Shiny Mega Diancie □Shinies,-2k Nug, 3.5Mil Pd, 150 Dg□ Will come back to one-day
♤ Yveltal
♤ Ditto
♤ Shiny Mega Mewtwo Y □Shinies,-2k Nug, 3.5Mil Pd, 150 Dg□
♤ Shiny Mega Mewtwo X □Shinies,-2k Nug, 3.5Mil Pd, 150 Dg□
♤ Moltres
♤ Zapdos
♤ Articuno

Live Gem Counts

5,448 Bug Gems
79,244 Electric Gems♤
5,639 Fighting Gems
83,951 Flying Gems
7,667 Grass Gems
5,248 Ground Gems
21,787 Normal Gems♤
18,271 Poison Gems
9,167 Rock Gems

21,984 Water Gems
4,079 Dark Gems
3,994 Fire Gems♤
5,774 Ghost Gems
30,405 Ice Gems♤
9,995 Psychic Gems♤
6,163 Steel Gems
2,114 Dragon Gems♤
2,782 Fairy Gems

♤ Required in Painful Hunts

Game Records

Trainer ID: #684550172
Registration: 06/10/2015 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 02/Jan/2023
Game Time: 3474:10 Hours
Total interactions: 3,572,761
Money: 1,786,532
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Well back to nightshifts for two days and then flipped back onto days, is this torture over with yet.
Yesterday, 23:51
I refuse to buy another mega cuff on this hunt when it expires. If these shiny megas are going to follow suit of any other ones I've done the number of shinies and megas hatched need to be around the same. Not 40 megas more than shinies.
Yesterday, 20:11
Come out, come out wherever you are. I promise Heracross if you just give me the first shiny mega I will be nice for a while.
Yesterday, 18:36
Anyone wanna guess when shiny mega 1 comes out to play, just for fun
1 Day ago
I forgot I have two switches so I can play Zelda again, just gotta start over good thing I wasn't too far anyways
1 Day ago
If you message me today and I don't respond don't take it personally, I tend to shut down on July 25 every year for the last 19 years.
1 Day ago
Whelp no Zelda Skyward Sword for me I guess. Joystick is acting up and won't calibrate, someone moved my screwdriver for the switch and now it's gone so that sucks. I ain't forking out money for another console either.
2 Days ago
Blundspot and Zelda kind of night when I get off because for once it's not nightshift. Thanks Demon for buying me the game.
3 Days ago
It feels weird being at work during daylight hours now, can we please keep me to one shift instead of this back and fourth
3 Days ago
interaction exchange ❤ I'm feeling lucky today
4 Days ago
Let's see if this works, worked on sushi hunt
4 Days ago
Oh Heracross why you gotta be like this, I promise if you would just give me the first Shiny Mega I need I will stop saying I will grind you up and use you in a protein shake.
4 Days ago
Anyone looking for Dragon gems that wants to trade for ice, flying or electric
5 Days ago
I love and appericate the many of you of think of me when selling normal gems, however I am shifting my focus to flying, electric and ice gems. I will still be after normal gems until blue blob appears but I really wanna get another hunt out of the way in the progress
6 Days ago
When will fellow users learn that telling me that certain hunts are impossible, means I'm going to do it eventually
7 Days ago
I love being asked how much I am going to sell shiny Dittos for the answer isn't going to change I am aiming for 2 and calling it quits
7 Days ago
Yes my normal gems in my bag are rather low, I have a trade to myself with the exact amount needed for 100 eggs at 40% discounts. I still have my gems calm down
7 Days ago
Anyone selling some bug gems, this hunt isn't friendly and I need 4. oh well gives me more time to save up Zapdos.
8 Days ago
Interaction exchange, maybe sprinkle some shiny mega dust on them... this hunt is getting to me
8 Days ago
What do the Kanto bird trio sell for now a days?
8 Days ago



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