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Trainerlevel: 93

Trainerpoints: 11,776/26,039


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Carvanha10 / 10

♤Painful Gem hunts notice♤

When I get to running the painful gems hunts after.my required shinies have hatched I will offer to hatch that pokemon for you for the cost of the gems. if you are unsure what that means you send the gem cost for the egg and get what hatches, will the odds be in your favour to get a shiny much easier, only one way to find out.

Shiny Hunt

ShyreniaRose is currently hunting Carvanha.
Hunt started: 09/03/2021

Chain: 3,980
100 107 3

Gem Breakdown

• 75 Dragon
• 75 Psychic
• 75 Electric
• 75 Ice

Here's the breakdown of Gem cost for Yveltal for those wondering what gems they need for their chance at a shiny

Future Hunt slots

♤ Painful Hunts♤
♤ Shiny Mega Diancie □Shinies,-2k Nug, 3.5Mil Pd, 150 Dg□ Will come back to one-day
♤ Yveltal
♤ Ditto
♤ Shiny Mega Mewtwo Y □Shinies,-2k Nug, 3.5Mil Pd, 150 Dg□
♤ Shiny Mega Mewtwo X □Shinies,-2k Nug, 3.5Mil Pd, 150 Dg□
♤ Moltres
♤ Zapdos
♤ Articuno

Live Gem Counts

21,700 Bug Gems
55,535 Electric Gems♤
32,014 Fighting Gems
47,179 Flying Gems
8,199 Grass Gems
1,092 Ground Gems
516,550 Normal Gems♤
12,268 Poison Gems
5,646 Rock Gems

564 Water Gems
260 Dark Gems
1,121 Fire Gems♤
952 Ghost Gems
23,336 Ice Gems♤
9,081 Psychic Gems♤
3,329 Steel Gems
1,417 Dragon Gems♤
2,151 Fairy Gems

♤ Required in Painful Hunts

Game Records

Trainer ID: #684550172
Registration: 06/10/2015 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 02/Jan/2023
Game Time: 3319:26 Hours
Total interactions: 3,479,702
Money: 233,626
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


So three megaables and three shinies today can the final shiny mega come soon
Yesterday, 22:47
interaction exchange need a spot in my party free to level my new baby
Yesterday, 14:31
let's find that elusive shiny megs today
interaction exchange
3 Days ago
Alright guess it's.time to go add thousands of tiny stones to canvas while.waiting for eggs to hatch. Not really feeling clicking mindlessly today
4 Days ago
Hey eggs you see that little red star and mega bubble one the shark between you. Be like the shark please
5 Days ago
Sell me your dark gems pretty please and I promise I won't make sushi outta these fish.
5 Days ago
Thanks for the gifts it's greatly appreciated you have no idea
5 Days ago
I need more water and dark gems. set up a pt and I'll send the corresponding pd or nuggies when I see it.
5 Days ago
So incensed shiny chance means 0 shinies but 3 mega ables. yeah that makes sense
5 Days ago
Looking forward to a day where I don't have to post this but you know today is not that day so buying Dark Gems again 1k a gem set up a pt and I'll send the corresponding amount
6 Days ago
These new restrictionseictions in Ontario are going to be the death of me, the cops already are in my neck of town too often now they can stop me and ask me why I'm leaving my house. have a feeling I'm getting stopped daily
6 Days ago
Once again buying Dark Gems
6 Days ago
Guess I really need to step up my game on ice, flying and electric gems so buying them at 1k a piece too
7 Days ago
Nephilim leave my mass amount of coffee intake alone, it keeps me from slapping people
7 Days ago
You have traded 446,532 Gems with the Gem Collector so far. This grants you a discount of 20% on regular gem trades with the collector.
Slowly getting somewhere.
7 Days ago
Thanks Nephilim for coming and demoing the old shed so I didn't die. Happy to say out of all of us working on it I haven't gotten hurt. however it's over 9 hours later and I'm working on it in the dark
8 Days ago
Anyone wanna sell me their water and dark gems. Depending on amount we got pd or nuggets
8 Days ago
Still buying water and dark gems, set up a pt and I'll offer according
9 Days ago
Well two years in a row now Spring break shuts down the school system in Ontario for the school year. I may pull my kid from school in September as she hasn't even started yet as her starting and the constant closures will just screw up her up mentally.
10 Days ago
Buying Dark and water gems 1k a gem. praying this hunt ends soon
10 Days ago



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