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Trainerlevel: 97

Trainerpoints: 23,563/28,323


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Mega Heracross
23148,231 / 200,971

♤Painful Gem hunts notice♤

When I get to running the painful gems hunts after.my required shinies have hatched I will offer to hatch that pokemon for you for the cost of the gems. if you are unsure what that means you send the gem cost for the egg and get what hatches, will the odds be in your favour to get a shiny much easier, only one way to find out.

Shiny Hunt

ShyreniaRose is currently hunting Heracross.
Hunt started: 04/06/2021

Chain: 8,136
223 220 1

Future Hunt slots

♤ Painful Hunts♤
♤ Shiny Mega Diancie □Shinies,-2k Nug, 3.5Mil Pd, 150 Dg□ Will come back to one-day
♤ Yveltal
♤ Ditto
♤ Shiny Mega Mewtwo Y □Shinies,-2k Nug, 3.5Mil Pd, 150 Dg□
♤ Shiny Mega Mewtwo X □Shinies,-2k Nug, 3.5Mil Pd, 150 Dg□
♤ Moltres
♤ Zapdos
♤ Articuno

Live Gem Counts

437 Bug Gems
110,575 Electric Gems♤
339 Fighting Gems
110,644 Flying Gems
9,849 Grass Gems
266 Ground Gems
579,063 Normal Gems♤
22,541 Poison Gems
11,756 Rock Gems

34,954 Water Gems
6,330 Dark Gems
7,441 Fire Gems♤
6,621 Ghost Gems
32,756 Ice Gems♤
20 Psychic Gems♤
52 Steel Gems
1,558 Dragon Gems♤
3,026 Fairy Gems

♤ Required in Painful Hunts

Articuno in Storage x8
Zapdos in Storage x 20

Milcrey in storage x3

Owe my soul in bug gems
Scare Crow 1500
Braixie 5000+ also 5000 fighting


Game Records

Trainer ID: #684550172
Registration: 06/10/2015 (6 Years ago)
Premium member until 02/Jan/2023
Game Time: 3700:52 Hours
Total interactions: 3,852,366
Money: 114,917
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Should I he concerned that multiple staff have brought me presents today...........
Yesterday, 18:27
Interaction exchange, might as get gem counts up as this shiny mega isn't ever coming
Yesterday, 00:31
Psa tomatoes slices on floor are slippery, just slipped on one and smashed my head into the wall pretty good. I'll be okay.
1 Day ago
Apparently I was talking in my sleep again. I was yelling at someone that they didn't win because they got peed on by a dog, and proceeded to start laughing.
News to.me but at least Demon thinks it's hilarious
2 Days ago
Well hello chain 8k will you be friendly soon or should I start crying now
4 Days ago
Really wish there was a way to get banned or inactive for years people from showing up on people who have added you. I don't like seeing some if the names on that list.
4 Days ago
interaction exchange for another start to another non shiny mega day
4 Days ago
Alright back to trying to lure out the other with the sm
5 Days ago
Your coin and the one next to it look alike!
(Increased breeding chance)

More like getting less eggs than usual but thanks for trying to make it seem like I'm actually getting something to numb the sting a little. I see right through your lies fountain.
5 Days ago
Electrical tape and a pair of channel locks saved the day with the headset battery charger, should at least hold out till the new one gets here.
5 Days ago
Welp work sucks but at least I got paid to sit on the floor for an hour because I was the only thing able to keep the headset charger plugged in. The circuit is screwed and needed pressure now it's rigged with tape and a wrench
6 Days ago
Your coin looks much larger than the all others!
(Increased mega-able chance)
You mean to.say increase chance if hatching a boat load if regular Heracross, because torture is a must.
7 Days ago
2,902 eggs since I hatched the shiny mega. here's to hoping it comes soon
7 Days ago
Starting to think I'd have better luck getting a shiny mega bug from the tree than hatching one. Damn this is rough. Duckman I apologized for threatening the ducks and bugs can you please just forgive me.
8 Days ago
Hey I said that Ditto would be after Zapdos I never said that I wasn't running hunts before Zapdos. Give me a break guys I'm still at 30% discounts trying to make things cheaper for everyone here.
8 Days ago
So while I suffer anyone have ideas for my next hunt that doesn't have a mega forme or require bug gems....... I hate bug types now
8 Days ago
I remember having a dream once where I hatched a fully party of Shiny megas, do I know ehat pokemon it was no....... I saw all the stars and bubbles and passed out in said dream and that's when I woke up..... just saying now would be a good time for that dream to happen.
8 Days ago
Thanks for the gifts to the wonderful users who.sent them.
8 Days ago
So many shiny megas have hatched today, can Scare_Crow, Nima, Taavi and myself please gets ours.
8 Days ago
No I shall not hatch eggs today........ trying to see if I can get more gems for after reset. I hope this ends soon.
9 Days ago



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