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Trainerlevel: 30

Trainerpoints: 1,283/2,729


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Trainer ID: #691938238
Registration: 18/10/2019 (8 Months ago)
Premium member until 02/Apr/2021
Game Time: 641:28 Hours
Total interactions: 149,731
Money: 95,242
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


Anyone else slowly losing their sanity?
Today, 14:58
New Profile pic!
Thx Chiky!
Today, 14:25
You have the brain of Unova Ash if you think you can do it
Yesterday, 18:49
I broke the law and dad yelled at me for be prepared....
Pouring more than 0.001% of the Milk Gallon into my cup...
Yesterday, 02:46
Okay I need a full box G max eevees
Yesterday, 02:30
You push the dark blue key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Lawnmower found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

Well at least I will have it for my Rotom Hunt
Yesterday, 01:46
While this is in the works
I decided that I will make a small palpad version while the sprites are in progress for it, basically a demo of the rp... Only 2 players will be added to palpad demo!
Do NOT post in the link above, instead comment on this your Rp Name, Gender, Age, Starter (look at the link to see starters just don't post)
2 Days ago
Jesus will be the best person you will ever meet. He loves to talk to anyone who is feeling down and will comfort you when you need it. If you see one tell them they are the best person ever. He will always love you no matter what. If you date one. He will never cheat on you. Even though some of you disagree. He loves to talk to anyone. Always loves to meet people. Also, he is very smart in math. He loves people who are very generous. He hates people who always think who is always right. He thinks that every girl is beautiful no matter how ugly you look.

This is accurate and not accurate at the same time
2 Days ago
So I'm making a Minecraft World and Skin Pack Based off my comic! Here is some teasers!
Jesus Skin
Jesus's Room
3 Days ago
I swear I'm trying to record a video and my mom. Is yelling that her disco ball is gone
3 Days ago

2 Day's Ago Challenge:
Get a Umbreon and level it to Level 80+

Yesterday's Challenge Part 1:
Raise a FEMALE Chikorita to level 80+ While Having both the Umbreon and Chikorita In your Party

Yesterday's Challenge Part 2:
Gift ChikoritaMining Items because my Beautiful GF deserves it more than myself.

Today's Challenge Part 1:
Send Plushies to ChikoritaMining
(20 DP Minimum)
4 Days ago
Thx to the people who gifted me pd
4 Days ago
So I am making a quiz on how well you know me but one of the question is what Shade hasn't done and I feel ashamed when I saw ate a whole pizza by myself because I have done that...
4 Days ago
Feed Eevee a berry I need more floofs
5 Days ago
Coming soon
5 Days ago
Just a announcement soon I will host a Piggy game on my Custom map, the first to win 5 rounds will get 50 Nuggets! The map is unique in that the Piggy won't spawn and the mode is always traitor, basically murder mystery in Piggy! Be prepared to watch your back!
5 Days ago

Shiny Hunts

ShadeUmbreon's Future Shiny Hunt Rotom.
Hunt started: Not Yet

ShadeUmbreon's Future Shiny Hunt Squirtle.
Hunt started: Not Yet

ShadeUmbreon's Future Shiny Hunt Valenfloon.
Hunt started: Not Yet

ShadeUmbreon's Future Shiny Hunt Mareep.
Hunt started: Not Yet

ShadeUmbreon's Future Shiny Hunt Spring Mareep.
Hunt started: Not Yet

ShadeUmbreon's Future Shiny Hunt Summer Mareep.
Hunt started: Not Yet

ShadeUmbreon's Future Shiny Hunt Autumn Mareep.
Hunt started: Not Yet

ShadeUmbreon's Future Shiny Hunt Festival Ralts.
Hunt started: Not Yet

Missing Ampharos Collection