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Trainerlevel: 36

Trainerpoints: 1,148/3,923


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Gyaroppu #15 (JWUSAD)
20421,318 / 125,461
Abusoru (Lab)
16031,678 / 88,022
Gyaroppu #12 (JWUSAD)
18920,314 / 107,731

~About Me~

Sometimes I will set up a Pokemon in AH with max bid. It mean I set up Pokemon for Dream Points, not for sell. So please ignore that auction.

QuoteEverything in the world is double-edged sword.


I just love Rapidash / Ponyta so much...

Art by ??? - I don't know. The first time I see this art I just save to my aunt's PC, no need to know who is artist. I think this art has been 7 years now.

Please train all of them, I'll very thankful.


#54 Tue, 09/04/2019, 10:58PM
#76 Thu, 11/04/2019, 06:03AM
#95 Thu, 11/04/2019, 07:43PM
#138 Mon, 15/04/2019, 02:05PM


Adopted from the Lab 100 Ponyta eggs... *Facepalm*


All evolves + all genders + all natures... *Sigh* Same for shiny hunt... *Sigh part 2* *Facepalm part 2*

Victini and Harvest Sprites

Please train all of them, I'll very thankful.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #130425226
Registration: 22/12/2018 (8 Months ago)
Game Time: 745:48 Hours
Total interactions: 557,765
Money: 73,717
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


By Crystalmyst
YAY! Raylong finally hatched. Now i can start my Shiny Cutiefly hunt. So here are the details of my giveaway:

Shiny Hunt Giveaway
1st Place: Shiny Pokemon + 50K Pd
2nd Place: Lugia + 25K PD
3rd Place: 10K PD

To enter, like this post and share #pinkcutie. Giveaway will end when the shiny is hatched.
3 Months ago
By LukeSky
My birthday is in 15 days so what about a give away of a pokemon of your choice other in my party?
#LukeSky's Birthday
3 Months ago
By testifytime
So, since it's my birthday, I'm thinking about doing a giveaway! It's not much, but it coincides with the HUGE amount of shiny Bunearies I've collected over the hunt I've been doing, so there'll be 10 winners total if enough people are interested!

Here's what the prizes will be:

1st and 2nd place winners: 2 shiny Bunearies, 1 mega-able Buneary

3rd-7th place winners: 2 shiny Bunearies

8th-10th place winners: 1 shiny Buneary

This starts today (14th May 2019) and ends in a week (21st May 2019). Just share #birthdaybunearies to enter!
3 Months ago
You found 1x Mega Stone in this treasure box!

3 Months ago
By Kaisa
So I have some things to celebrate folks!
1. A new, kick butt job that I love
2. My acceptance into Business School
3. My 23rd birthday

This year, let's give away, to 1 lucky person.
-Month of Premium (800 nuggets)
-All my boxes and keys
-All my plates
-100k PD

Will probably add more later!
Share, like, comment for a chance to win ^.^

3 Months ago
By Cofagrigus
frig it im starting it now
what may you ask well a give away
first prize:
second prize:
third prize:
slowyore complete dex
to enter just share the hashtag ends reset june 2 my birthday
3 Months ago
By Stormy
Sooo... Tomorrow is Monday~ My last day of school cx An official adult ig you could say. In order to "celebrate" imma be doing a giveaway. There are '3 sections per say' Pokemon, Gems, and PD/Nuggets. You can enter all three parts or just one, or two heck.

Prizes Include:
Pokemon - (All are Shiny) Feebas, Budew, Masquerain, Gyarados, and Jumpluff. ( 5 winners)

Gems - 80 rock gems, 50 electric gems, 50 flying gems, 50 poison gems, 40 fighting gems, 40 ground gems, 30 steel gems, 30 ghost gems. ( 3 winners )

PD/Nuggets - 100k / 50 nuggets, 100k (6 winners, only one wins the 100k/50 nuggets)

When entering make sure to share the hashtag and which section you'd like to be entered in. If you want to enter all 3 just share the hashtag. #schoolsoutgiveaway Share/Heart!! ((: Ends in 3 days !

Me: "Pokemon and PD/Nuggets."
3 Months ago
By AnthonyStark
Since I’m feeling generous, I’ll hold a little raffle.

Comment on this post what your favorite Pokémon is and why for a chance at winning 300 Nuggets! Runner up gets 200k PD from your’s truly.

Spread the hashtag #AnthonysGold for another entry!

Giveaway ends May 14th, at 3 AM server time!
3 Months ago
By Iccywolf
*flops like a fish* hey it’s me your probably wondering “I thought you quit” well your right but here’s the thing......I’m bored like extremely soooooo let’s do a *trumpet noise* GIVEAWAY!!! I gonna use my dad card since he made me not be able to use my money on here don’t worry imma use it with out his permission ummmm giveaway gonna be called........ #Imstillarebel ends idk good luck prize 2k nuggets
3 Months ago
You push the brown key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

3x Dragon Gem found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

3 Months ago
By _gh0st
My birthday is coming up in about three days, and I decided to host a small raffle/giveaway! There will be a total of 5 prizes.

1st Place: 100k PD and 1 Lugia Egg Voucher
2nd Place: 50 Nuggets and 1 Lugia Egg Voucher
3rd Place: 50k PD and 30 Electric Gems
4th Place: 10k PD and a Weather Balloon
5th Place: 5k PD and 10 Water Gems

All that is required to enter this raffle/giveaway is to heart the original post, comment any wish that you may have (optional), and share the hashtag #MyWishIs !

Ends in 3 resets! There seems to be a lot of birthdays this month (゚o゚;;
3 Months ago
By YuiMiho
Giveaway time!

Use #YuiGivesNugs

I know it isn't much but i will be giving away 50 nuggets to ONE lucky winner! I will be using a random generator to pick the winner.

Heart this post
Share the hashtag
Comment "Done diggity done it" when finished!

Winner will be announced in two (2) days!

Good Luck!
3 Months ago
By EventPoker

I have interacted 15k in a day so im giving away 15k pd to some lucky user

Share The Hash Tag And Like The Post
3 Months ago
By TimeKIDBeta
*Looks at PD*
Hmmmmmm... yup.. Ik exactly what I’m gonna do.
Just share #StuffFromBeta AND heart this post for a chance to win one of these prizes.(there gonna be 4 winners)
•2 dragon gems
•1 dragon gem
Ends at Next Reset~ GL!
3 Months ago
By BabyEevee22
Sitewide frequency: 5 / 876 for hippopotain

sooooooo not many people have this pokemon so ima do a giveaway share ummm #emeras_hippo for a chance to get a hippopotain those who didnt win would get sth small like honey or sth so basically everyone winss oh ends tmr when i have time

To enter: like this post <3
Share the whole post
and add me to ur friendlist? lol (totally not being lonely)
3 Months ago
By CrystalAngel5
Vote on meh poll!and share #MegaEvolve
After you voted on one (and please state wat u voted on)
After the Pokémon with the most votes,I’ll mega evolve and 1-3 (prizes might go up,depends on how many ppl enter) ppl who voted on the Pokémon will win the prizes below!

1st - 100k along with a mega able
2nd - 25k along with a hard rock
3rd - Mystery Items (10)

Ends when I say so!
3 Months ago
By UnfathomableShadow

-Advertising contest-

Important announcement: I am doing an unofficial event that I will be planning for the next couple of weeks, it will be a storyline project in which certain players who sign up during the admission time will participate in a storyline written by me, BUT I need volunteers to help act in the story and not participate, and each volunteer will receive a random box and key pair upon completion.
Some won’t be doing anything for a couple of weeks until I assign them their part. Sign up for participation is NOT open yet, ONLY the volunteer portion is open for sign up, please refer to below for the positions I’ll need.
Roles needed:
1 script writer assistant
3 actors for the event
1 tester for event
If you would like to apply for one or want more information, please palpad me.

Also at next reset (about 22 hours) a random hashtag sharer will win a monitor rotom
3 Months ago
By Sternchen
I see I have 2 pass left... so I want make a Raffle because it is so happy that i got the First Shiny mega Autumn

1 Prize : 1 shiny And 1 Mega able autumn
2 prize : 1 Shiny OR 1 Mega able (you can choose)
3 prize : what prize 2 don’t take..

Please join with #SternchensShinyMega
I choose the winners on Friday morning
Good luck guys

Please don’t forget to feed my cutie girl
3 Months ago
By Inverso
I am proud to announce my giveaway with AmberLikeEmber !


To celebrate this great news we are giving away some goodies that I am sure everyone will like.

Some of these goodies are:

~ Shiny Rowlet
~ 200k PD
~ Mystery Items
~ Balls
~ Evo Items / Summons?
~ Forme-Change Items
~ Nuggets (why not?)


~ Share #FriendsGiveaway ↓↑


Thank You!

AmberLikeEmber - Nicest person!

Inverso - A nab xp
3 Months ago
By Anime

I'm going away from PH for a while so... I'm giving Pokemon in my Specials box (no starter/harvest sprites), items, PD (1M worth) and Nuggets.

Winner 1 - PD + Chosen Pokemon
Winner 2 - Nuggets + Chosen Pokemon
Winner 3 - Chosen Pokemon (2)
Winner 4-8 - Chosen Pokemon (1)
Others: Items

To people I'm close to I'll give some Pokemon or items in advance as a thank you.

All I ask for is you treat it well ^^

Ends May 31.
3 Months ago


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