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Formerly: Roly-Poly
Trainerlevel: 33

Trainerpoints: 2,520/3,299


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
I m m o r t a l
6613,265 / 13,267
Kartana7318,424 / 20,259
Kartana6515,034 / 16,089
Kartana62240 / 14,649

About Me

Hello, welcome to my profile, feel free to PP Me!

~ Stuff ~

Homoromantic, Bisexual, Transgender, Sensitive, Nerd, Geek, Certified Dumbo

Favorite Region ~ Hoenn

Favorite Pokemon (1) ~ Marshadow

Favorite Food ~ Basically Anything Italian

Favorite Things To Do/Hobbies ~ Drawing, Writing, Video Games, Legos, Swimming, Roller Skating

Favorite Pokemon (1-5) ~ Marshadow, Spheal, Torchic, Blaziken, Gallade

Preferred Messages ~ Palpad

Pronouns ~ She/Her

Preferred Book/Movie Genres ~ Mystery, Comedy, Adventure, Action, Horror etc.

Preferred Humor ~ Dark, NSFW

Expect Funny Quotes, Crappy Jokes, Mood Swings, Dumb Things, Wasted Time, and Stupid Rhymes.

[Updated] Zuzulocke

1. Usual Nuzlocke Rules (First encounter only, Nickname, Permadeath, Whiteout=Lose)
2. Roll for Roles (More on that below, yoinked from Apocalocke)
3. One-Gift Rule (Can only use one gift pokemon/trade pokemon, can be self-gift where you trade a pokemon to yourself or friend-gift where your friend tells you what specific pokemon to trade to yourself including name, gender, and whether or not it's shiny)
4. HM Pokemon Allowed (Unusable in battle)
5. Set Mode
6. Clauses (Shiny, Dupes, and Multi-Floor)

Artlocke Rules (Must draw caught Pokemon & How they died)
Random Starter Choice

Rule 2:
1: Lone Ranger (Bad, Cannot switch out unless in critical condition)
2: Voodoo Linked (Bad, If another member in the party with this pokemon dies, this pokemon dies)
3: Duo (Balanced, Allows for second encounter but second encounter is a duo with first and if one dies the other dies)
4: Extra (Neutral, Nothing special)
5: Healer (Good, Can revive 1 pokemon who dies while this pokemon is in the party)
6: Survivor (Good, Has 2 lives)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #727137307
Registration: 09/09/2020 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 937:58 Hours
Total interactions: 236,678
Money: 30,925
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


I got a youtube notif that literally just said

"Satisfied with this Youtube notification?
😣 - 😦 - 😑 - ☺ - 😊"
Yesterday, 13:12
Is it possible to have character development without a personality?
1 Day ago
I wonder if it's possible to sleep off existential dread about the fact that i'll have to die eventually and it's very unlikely that i'll die happy
1 Day ago
#ImFeelingLucky ends when my Raylong hatches, feel free to warm my eggo
2 Days ago
I summoned the Raylong and the raylong sprite was shiny so I feel lucky

Heart and share #ImFeelingLucky and tell your friends about it, and put the name of the first person to tell you about it before you posted in the feed if someone told you about it directly and whoever has the highest number of people who listed them wins the Raylong, shiny or not (If there's a tie or no one lists anyone, then i'll rely on a random wheel)
2 Days ago
The Shadow Furret has been caught successfully!
Finish hunt
2 Days ago
Three kinds of Okay

Okay-More formal
2 Days ago
Dogs be like:
2 Days ago
Pan Cereal Recipe:

Grab all cereal and milk off the shelves, don't even look at the labels

Mix all milk together and divide into jugs


Mix all cereal and divide into containers

Pour Pan Cereal into bowl

Pour Pan Milk

2 Days ago
Kay then
2 Days ago
Gay Cereal Recipe

Lucky Charms
Fruity Pebbles

Pour Skittles into microwave-safe bowl
Put in microwave until melted
Pour in cup with milk
Mix until rainbow liquid
Put in fridge
Sort Lucky Charms marshmallows into piles
Put rainbows in bowl with fruit pebbles
Take gay milk out of fridge
Let gay milk thaw
Pour gay milk in bowl
2 Days ago
I joined a gay cult today
2 Days ago
*casually eats gay cereal*
2 Days ago
I love wearing people's skin. Specifically my skin stretched over my bones.
3 Days ago
I mixed Cherry Mellow Yellow, Root Beer, and Mixed Berry Sparkling Water.
4 Days ago
Not to start a war, but...

Spearmint Gum or Peppermint Gum?

Fresh Mint Mouthwash or Cool Mint Mouthwash?

Extra or 5Gum?

Hubba Bubba or Dubble Bubble?

Coffee or Tea?

Mtn Dew or Sprite or Mellow Yellow?
4 Days ago
First i'm traumatized by Owl House (Eda saves Luz from Lillith and gets trapped as the Owl Beast/Petrification Ceremony)

Then i'm traumatized by Little Witch Academia (Gilloutine scene in Akko's Adventure in Sucyworld)
6 Days ago
Never in my life did I expect to be traumatized by 2 shows about gay witches
6 Days ago


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