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Trainerlevel: 38

Trainerpoints: 733/4,369


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mr. Mime)
7701,382,582 / 1,781,011
(Mime Jr.)
1,2482,285,305 / 4,676,257

Shiny Hunt

RC_COLA is currently hunting Sad Jr..
Hunt started: 05/12/2020

Chain: 70

Hoarding these Babies!

Feel free to send one if you want! I'll try to send right back :o)

Thank You!

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Ultimate Clown Goal into 2021

Mr. Mime Profile Theme Goal!

Mime Jr. : STATUS : Hunt Complete! Chain #71 Date: May 2nd, 2018

Mr. Mime : STATUS : Hunt Complete! Chain #50 Date: December 3rd, 2020


Jolly Jr. : STATUS : Not Hunted yet.

100% Mr. Moody : STATUS : Not Hunted yet.

Galarian Mr. Mime : STATUS : Not Hunted yet.

Total Progress :

I'm just a gal who loves their Clowns :^)c

Pokesona Gallery for funs ^^

Basic info

Name: Borealis
Gender: Demigirl [They/Them/She/Her]
Species: Mr. Mime [Galarian]
Personality: Scatterbrained/Friendly/Goofy
Shiny: Maybe
Height: 5 feet 3 inches
Summary: Just a Mr. Mime who took up art instead of tap-dance. They use their carved icicle as a pencil of some sort to create various artworks upon hard surfaces; Most of the time, they can be found drawing or waltzing about like a regular human in town squares.
They don't talk much, but offer happy gestures, cheers, and claps- However, trainers who've attempted to catch this Pokemon or even make them tap-dance get swift rejections or kicks as a result.
They also appear to have a mysterious black scarf... Who knows where they got it from or who they may have stolen it from. Overall, if you're instead to approach them and take them up on their work, they're surely happy and excited to do so!
Other things may have happened to them judging by the fact they need glasses and have a shattered back crystal, but that's a mystery for another day :^)c
Also weirdly likes head pats.

Ref Sheet as of 2021!

All art above drawn by me, please don't use my art for anything/take it.

Commissioned Art

Commissioned piece from wizkid

Commissioned piece from Floofty

Commissioned piece from Ghosts

Game Records

Trainer ID: #688654181
Registration: 27/03/2018 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 27/Aug/2021
Game Time: 320:02 Hours
Total interactions: 643,025
Money: 2,974,620
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Guess who's 18 now?? Kek >:^D! Also I got so busy I completely forgot it just became my birthday... pfft
4 Days ago
New PFP!! Sorry if updates like that are annoying, I completely get it but like,, v proud of this one,, I should really do sprite work more often, it's pretty fun! Anyway loved animating this one, it was simple n came out better than I expected hah.
5 Days ago
New meme idea for myself: I start a youtube channel where I review all Pokemon related things but the kicker is I either stop reviewing it or review it poorly upon research discovery that it doesn't involve the Mr. Mime line at all
6 Days ago
hey howdy mates!! uhm so this a long time no see, n' this feed's just meant to be a quick thing.

So basically, I need some examples to showcase for a new category in my art shop [the category being fullbody Traditional ink-lined character art] and I figured a raffle for such a thing would be super fun so... here I am! It's basically free art too, no worries about payment.

This raffle will also, only be open for 4 hours! Afterward, I'll comment that it's over along with the winners. [A wheel will be randomly spun to choose the 2 winners- unless only 2 people enter in the 4 hour span ofc]

The basics are:
-Only 2 different people can win
-Only join if you're cool with me using the finished piece as an example on my shop [no worries, you'll be credited as the char creator/owner if you'd like ^^]

How to Join:
-Just comment that you'd like to join under this feed, and that's p much it!
15 Days ago
Shoot I'm late cause I've been real busy and dead- But happy Pride month y'all!!
1 Month ago
Howdy y'all! Sorry this is kinda another offer thing instead of something cool, but I have a ton of Sad Jrs again that I'm cool with selling before I put alot of them in the Auction house ^^ So whoever wants one can have one for only 2,000 PD rn!
I have 18 Females and 11 Males if you have a preferred gender; Just reply to this if you're interested and I'll set up a Private trade asap.
3 Months ago
MMM... Yup might open up my art shop again next month... I've been wanting to add another category to it though; that one being traditional character artwork [maybe with color pencils too? Itd be good practice.]
What would yall think of that? Or like... A different category altogether? Still figuring it out.
3 Months ago
Well, I completely mis-counted my Sad Jr. amount, but anywho! Might as well decide to sell them for right now: If anyone is interested, I have 15 Sad Jr. for individual sale currently.
Each will be 2,500 PD, if you'd like a specific gender, I have 7 males and 8 females!
Just reply to this if you'd like one I guess, I'll set up a private trade right away ^^
4 Months ago
Anyone know what a good price for Sad Jr.s would be...? Thinking of selling the 20-ish I currently have to anyone who wants one. I wanted to know this for sure since it's like... a v old event but at the same time idk if it's popular enough to be pricey! If I decided for myself, I'd say I'd put it in the 2,000 range.
4 Months ago
Oh shoot apologies for the close feeds but, I completely remembered I forgot to share my background entry pshhttt;
It is quite mimey hah,,, it's decently old art now but eh? Still happy with it, either way, it helped me with my skills on just drawing with my finger since I am still a wacom-less fiend pft.
5 Months ago
Howdy ya'll! Just a small update but, as of recent I've been doing a little better. I mean I'm still tired and all but... hey? Least I feel motivated to actually do things ahah ^^
About to be at a chain of 28 for Sad Jr.s and, I think that's just fantastic so, that's makin' me glad- I'd also like to extend appreciation to everyone who wished me well on the last feed, I really do massively appreciate it all <3 thanks fellas,,
5 Months ago
I'm very tired and can't keep up with things so, if I haven't responded to much, my deepest apologies- I see things, then get super shy, tired, and I pass out and such.
That being said, regular life has kinda just drained me in alot of different ways so, I'm just kinda gonna take a break from all my side things on PH for 2 months; Gonna go refund anyone who's ordered icons from me, close up for a bit, and just kind of lay low cause I am. exhausted and unmotivated in everything.
I'm sorry to anyone who falls in that category, Imma go PM everyone right now and update shop feeds n such, I hope you all have great days! And again, I am just extremely sorry ahah. Sorry to anyone who's sent me things or tried to engage with me, like I said I'm... so forgetful and exhausted.
5 Months ago
-Raises hand up weakly- yayyy... we're at 20 Sad Jr... only 20 more to go for max pokeradar odds :'^)
But no seriously, happy to be at this milestone at FREAKIN' last.
5 Months ago
If you're lookin' to do a Mime Jr. hunt, now's your chance!! Sent like... 171 eggs into the tall grass on account of this darned Sad Jr. bein' so moody on showing up lmaO- but yes the grasses are abundant with tiny clowns >v<
5 Months ago
-points to new avatar- Now that's one fluffy snow clown
5 Months ago
A digital painting's never complete without some clowns, Righty? :^)c
[Teeny snip of a piece I did, won't give the context though >v<]
6 Months ago
The Mewton eggs won't break your chain, right? Bein' double sure, apologies if this post's a bit useless! pfp.
6 Months ago
-looks at banner contest-
This sounds like a job for me soon
6 Months ago

So sorry to see you go mate :^( you seem like such a cool dude, I just hope regular life goes super well for you <3 take all of the care,,
6 Months ago

About Me

Howdy there pardner, Welcome to my Account!

Well, I'm not too sure how to start, but, ah, welcome again! I'm just an average user here, I don't do anything special besides maybe shiny hunt n' draw!

Personal Info though? Just an 18 year old demigirl casually existing in the world! My passion is art, specifically character designing and the study of stop motion and traditional animation- My ultimate goal is to... really just be great with my work and succeed with telling my stories! However, on PH, my Ultimate Goal is both to be the best Mr. Mime fan ofc, and to interact and chill the most I can with people, and my clowns :^)c.

Birthday: July 25th, 2003 [Leo]

I'm quite confusing, reference dead memes alot, make constant jokes, have some energy, am in my process of learning more self-respect and confidence in myself, and am always looking for new things to do and goals to work toward!

Some of my interests and likes includeeee: Art, Character Designing, Worldbuilding, Circus themes, Bands such as the Brobecks/IDKHBTFM and Lemon Demon [Those are my top 2 favorites!], Artists such as Junji Ito and Nicolas Marlet, and Genres relating to Horror! I absolutely adore Creepy folklore and Urban Legendry ;v;. My favorite kind of food as well is seafood! I can't get enough of fried prawns or shellfish in general.

Anywho, that's all, Thank you greatly for stopping by! If there's anything you'd love to tell me about, or if you'd simply like to get to know me better, let me know, I'm super chill and open to anything ^^. I am a tad timid and anxious though hah! Reminder to take care of yourself, be safe, stay hydrated, and forfeit all possessions to the Mime.



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Casual Poke Icon Art Gallery

Toonnii! : My shiny Mimikyu :
One of my Docile little Darlings here! Love this baby. Headshot drawn 11/22/2020.

Koun'na! : My shiny Mime Jr. :
A Sassy sweetheart of many tricks of clownery, I present, the Koun'na, a precious, greenhatted little fool. Headshot drawn 11/23/2020.

Big Buddy! : My Starting Partner, Charizard :
The lad who's been with me from the start, and I'm still surprised this boy was randomly given to me when signing up, since I don't really like the Charmander line too much. However, Since then, my thoughts have changed quite a bit, and I do indeed love my pure Jolly laddie :^)c. Headshot drawn 11/23/2020

Twinkie! : My shiny Lucario and First Hunt :
Behold! The lad who started it all with a surprisingly quick hunt and dip into shiny hunting here. I adore shiny Riolu and Lucario, and I'm very happy to have had the honor of having this Rash, wonderful golden boy as my first successful hunt. Headshot drawn 11/23/2020.