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Trainerlevel: 26

Trainerpoints: 787/2,053


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
13144,594 / 58,407

Shiny Hunt

One_Dusted_Soul is currently hunting Charmander.
Hunt started: 15/04/2019

Chain: 18
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Fall's Backstory

Everyone expects Fall Night is from Poketale. They are right but they are wrong. The event of Reset#163 happened, a glitch in the system where the eevee known as 'Frisk' turned to a silver colour. The glitch also gained other powers such as human speach and ability to make portals and she gained her aqua scarf. Eventually the AU was getting messed up by the glitching and the monsters drove her out. Her portals turned into AU jumps causing her to explore out of her comfort zone. One jump took a wrong turn and she fell into a room of white. She crashed onto the ground. As she pulled herself up she saw someone unfamiliar. The black skeleton known as Error. She was forced to fight with him and began to loose terribly, but that's when he came.
Ink, protector of AUs made his grand entrance to the battle, saving Falls fur in the nick of time. After a long battle, Fall and Ink were turning out victorious before Error dissapeared as always. The young eevee explained to Ink that she had no place to go and he offered her a once in a lifetime chance to work side by side with him to protect the AUs from those who wish to destroy them. Fall undoubtably agreed and over time, her form began to shape and change until she became the shiny umbreon we know today! When she went adventuring in AUs she usually finds herself a different form every now and again.


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #224964202
Registration: 28/12/2017 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 460:39 Hours
Total interactions: 66,020
Money: 226
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


*casually watching cute comics of no particular scary movie persons child-cough-Erma-cough-.*
Me:looks in comments
Comment: Oh look they put SCP-2006 in there
Me:What on earth is with everyone and these scp things?
Today, 00:58
I swear Kailani loves yanderes. She keeps asking me to give her a ship to draw yandere style and then for me to redraw it cuz apparently 'I'm a fabulous traditional drawer' here's a scene from our sleepover Tuesday night
"Can I turn-" No "How about that-" No "Yandere for the-" No
What to do with her? Should I hand her more ships or keep telling her no?
Yesterday, 22:34
I like them both but, UMBREON.
Yesterday, 16:34

Glaceon, its prettier
1 Day ago
Welp, I'm a useless failure of a child. The only thing I dont fail at is disappointing and upsetting people
2 Days ago

Leafeon, way more cute and it helped me in Pokemon Moon against Lusmaine.
2 Days ago
Hope you feel well soon!
5 Days ago
I smile when I see my friends by my side
But what is real makes my eyes grow wide
That they are not there when I'm crying in bed.
And when people hurt me and I fight back instead.
I hope and wish that they will grow
Without caring how close I am to letting go...
9 Days ago
Everything is Black
My Soul
My Heart
My Dreams

Everything is Red
Under my sleeves
It's not
What it seems

Everything is Grey
My Eyes
My Body
My Heart

Why does it feel
Like I'm ripping
9 Days ago
Mum only just noticed there is a difference in my behavioural pattern. It took her over a week to realise that I havent gotten any proper sleep, I hardly eat and that I've stopped caring. And what does she do? Rant at me, as always
14 Days ago
#FallBackstories Dreamtale Fall
I guess I need to explain why I'm at the Game Over screen huh? Ok since you asked so nicely. Back when I was alive, I had moved into a lovely town with a beautiful tree. Little did I know at first that this tree was the Tree of Feelings with the two different apples, and the brothers to protect them. I became good friends with the people and voted to know the brothers. I treated them equally but I saw that the townspeople didnt like Nightmare. I watched the terror rise. The kindness fall. I went to confront Nightmare. But, even before the fight had started, he had won. I tried my best, I dont think he ment it, but he killed my by slamming me into a pillar, the rubble collapsed on me. Killing me..
26 Days ago
#FallBackstories X!Fall
Back when I was young, I was bullied by both humans and monsters for thinking I could become a royal guard. One day, a group of humans quite older than me engaged me in a battle in an alleyway. They said about how the royal guard seemed to always wear an X...and how they would give me one. The leader took out a swiss army knife. The others held me down. I tried to run, struggling. The sharp metal stung as they drew it over my eye twice, giving me a scar that was shaped as an X. I was enraged, I fought back. I dragged them out into the street, red covering my eye from blood. It was tough. But I grew to be tougher, learned how to walk on two feet, how to fight, how to win
27 Days ago
#FallBackstories Horror!Fall
Ever since that human came to the underground everythings been different. I have had to fend for myself for a while now, getting into trouble with multiple monsters across the underground. I cant trust anyone. When Frisk came down, I thought they where nice, that we could be friends. But they tried to kill me on the spot, breaking off my front paw was the most damage they done to me. Except for making my sanity crash. It's best for me to stay away from the skelebros...especially Sans. We...don't get along, at all. Considering we are quite alike, I dont think we will ever like eachother. Even if this new Aliza girl can help it.
27 Days ago
#FallBackstories Original/Poketale Fall
It was a long while ago, the eevee known as Frisk has reached reset 163. The reset where a glitch in the system teared them apart, leaving me behind. A silver eevee, also know as the 'shiny' eevee. But as I existed, the world was slitting, collapsing, dying. The monsters..they hurt me, they hated me...they forced me out of my home. I'm not sure of the outcome of that version of the universe, but all I have is a scar on my neck to make me remember the pain.
28 Days ago
I know we aren't supposed to bring our life problems onto social media but...I need some help.
My friend, Maddie committed suicide in front of my eyes about 31 minutes ago . It was my fault, I was too weak to stop her. This made me realise how useless I am. I have told her parents, and the boy maddie was dating is now calling me a murderer...
I'm sorry if I've ruined your day but I need help...
29 Days ago
Random post about weaknesses
Delta(Realm): Does not know what he can actually do, terribly stuttery and shaky, Gets ill easy.
Traveller(Shadow): Deadly allergic to dust, has less health than her brother, easily irritable.
1 Month ago
I set up an art shop! Though it's not really a shop cuz everything is free!
Have at it
1 Month ago
Umbreon has went through various changes throughout the generations.
Umbreon and shiny umbreon first appearance in gen 2 was a very difficult time for their sprites. Both had pitch black fur and dull coloured rings. Their eyes were the same colour as their rings
Gen three introduced umbreon red eyes and its shiny forms yellow eyes. The fur became lighter and the rings looked way better(and they didnt look so fat)
Gen 4 came and gave the shiny form lighter fur colour. But it's back Sprite was very mysterious...
Gen 5 nothing changed
Gen 6, the sprites were WAY better.
1 Month ago
Undertale and Deltarune:
Has anyone else realised this
1 Month ago

My little cinnamon bunnies

made by ErrorThePyromaniac
made by MetalHeadKendra

my babies <3
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