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Trainerlevel: 28

Trainerpoints: 429/2,379


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Golden Nugget
34849,332 / 426,873

Fall's Backstory

Everyone expects Fall Night is from Poketale. They are right but they are wrong. The event of Reset#163 happened, a glitch in the system where the eevee known as 'Frisk' turned to a silver colour. The glitch also gained other powers such as human speach and ability to make portals and she gained her aqua scarf. Eventually the AU was getting messed up by the glitching and the monsters drove her out. Her portals turned into AU jumps causing her to explore out of her comfort zone. One jump took a wrong turn and she fell into a room of white. She crashed onto the ground. As she pulled herself up she saw someone unfamiliar. The black skeleton known as Error. She was forced to fight with him and began to loose terribly, but that's when he came.
Ink, protector of AUs made his grand entrance to the battle, saving Falls fur in the nick of time. After a long battle, Fall and Ink were turning out victorious before Error dissapeared as always. The young eevee explained to Ink that she had no place to go and he offered her a once in a lifetime chance to work side by side with him to protect the AUs from those who wish to destroy them. Fall undoubtably agreed and over time, her form began to shape and change until she became the shiny umbreon we know today! When she went adventuring in AUs she usually finds herself a different form every now and again.


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Art panel-all terrible

Game Records

Trainer ID: #224964202
Registration: 28/12/2017 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 576:59 Hours
Total interactions: 71,499
Money: 136,784
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Ok ima do a interactive story where you get to choose what happens, and have fun! There are three stories to choose from to start.

A)Hunted (Horror.)
B)No Looking Back (Fantasy)
C)Yurana High (Romance)

Please let me do this, :3
Yesterday, 22:43
Wonder Trade Report:

Oranguru => Gyarados
Beedrill* => Gyarados*
Drilbur* => Gyarados*
Pinsir => Pachirisu

I dont want to fish boi
Yesterday, 22:27
*searches up cute facts to share to people*
Google:Sad animal facts
Yesterday, 02:51
Three good things that happened in a week(Tuesday to Tuesday)
1)a total stranger helped me carry the shopping home when I was struggling with one of my legs
2)Baby brother laughed and smiled everytime I spoke to him, then fell asleep while cuddling me
3)Stray dog came to comfort me when I was sitting on the curb after gf broke up with me

Three bad things that happened to me in a week
1)Girlfriend broke up with me cuz I'm moving and she cant handle long distance relationships
2)Mum in hospital getting emergency surgery
3)Little brother claimed he hates me multiple times.
1 Day ago
Idk why I am doing this but these are 10 of my favourite songs in no particular order
•Soldier, Poet, King
•I See Fire
•Wake Me Up(-When Its All Over)
•Counting Stars
•Save Myself
•Castle On The Hill
•Shut Eye
•Take Me To Church
•Let Her Go
•Cups(When I'm Gone)
3 Days ago
I dont care if I know someone going to hurt me, because I will fight back..

What scares me most is when I dont know what they are going to do to me.
3 Days ago
*friend asks me how I spent 3 years learning about Undertale (and a little bit of Deltarune)*
Me:You really dot want to ask me that. You will regret it more than me doing Genoside
4 Days ago
Just watched ThunderKathryns Wolf Song for the 159th time
I still love it!
6 Days ago
Primal Dialga Sprite
Owner: HT_Beta_Bruh
Level: 695

Primal Dialga ate the berry thankfully.

Hell didnt know Shiny Primal looked so cool
8 Days ago
I got told to get out the house by my 6 year old autistic brother 3 timed today and even attacked me for saying no
I want to know where he got that from
9 Days ago
Fun Random Facts:
•In real life I cant say Philosopher, Dental Floss or Melee correct. I say Philoffofor, Dental Floff and merlay. Yet I can say Candyfloss
•I sometimes put an 'e' at the end of random and wisdom
•The first ever drawing I did was a horse but I cant draw horses correctly
11 Days ago
Why FlipaClip whyyy
Why u not open??

I have drawings to finish
Ocs to draw
A bedroom to design for when we move
NEW ocs to start
Redraw of old drawings
Traditional to turn digital
AMVs to continue

And u wont open
14 Days ago
random things about my OCs
1) Fall hates water unless she HAS to drink it
2)Shard will run if you have a rifle or a duck
3)Glimmer, despite being a summoned creature made from HATE and DT in one form, has a soul
4)Shards 'shard' cape really hurts to pull apart
5)Chloe(resident evil OC) was actually allergic to the sun as a baby, but grew out of it
6)Mystic, my main OC, has 3 forms. Only one looks like me(a little)
7)My first ever OC was a Zoroa who, when I was 10, I drew as a Zoroark kissing a Lucario
8)Shard was once designed to be a girl with a large bow
9)do NOT gove Realm marshmallows EVER
10) Falls enemy was originally a Houndoom
16 Days ago
So I was playing MineCraft today and the strangest thing happened
1) I spawned on an island, a good but small island
2)I got out of my bed to find 2 Endermen walking around
3)One died from going swimming
4)I looked straight up at the other to get it mad. It didnt attack me the whole time
5)It was staring at me THE WHOLE GAME.

Somebody please explain
17 Days ago
Glitchtale behind the scenes

Fans:Cami, can you stop killing everyone off please?
Fans:*Stop watching to prevent sadness*
Cami: Wait, that's illegal-
18 Days ago
FINE *Does a dog bark*
*the whole estates dogs go off*
18 Days ago
Shard:I want someone to take me out
Fall:On a date or with a sniper
Shard: *remembers dying from getting shot by a sniper(trained assassin)* iT wAs YoU?!!??
19 Days ago

My little cinnamon bunnies

made by ErrorThePyromaniac
made by MetalHeadKendra

my babies <3
Chain #140
Chain #49


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Hi! I'm Fall_Night but you can call me Fall! I am feminine
I'm Bisexual, loving girls and boys BUT I'm Taken by a lovely girl
I love Creppypastas, FNAF, Pokemon, Undertale and Minecraft(theres 75million of us. Fite meh)