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Trainerlevel: 21

Trainerpoints: 1,023/1,343


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
11411,781 / 49,164
Nidoqueen646,734 / 13,143
Azumarill382,757 / 3,558
Lugia738 / 211


Last Action
Sending a Pokémon on a Rumble Mission (13 Minutes ago)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #573252947
Registration: 03/03/2019 (1 Month ago)
Game Time: 102:52 Hours
Total interactions: 190,737
Money: 29,980
Starter Pokémon: Blastoise




Today, 01:45
How do I get Eevee to evolve into a Espeon?
Today, 01:29
Wonder Trade Report:
One of your Pokémon couldn't be exchanged in a Wonder Trade (no partner found).
It returned to your storage boxes.


Today, 01:05
If you have any Nidos that has a Everstone.
Please let me know.

Yesterday, 03:12
I know Nido is my username since I'm a Nidoran lover but I prefer to be called Carla or Carly. (not being mean).
Yesterday, 01:49
Care for a plushie exchange?
Yesterday, 01:37
Wonder Trade Report:

Druddigon => Gastrodon (West)
Ponyta => Budew
Wartortle => Bibarel

You have got to be stinking kidding!

Yesterday, 01:10
Can you please interact with my egg?

If you help hatch it.
You will get a surprise reward from me.
3 Days ago
Last night was so terrible as a no good lady blocked the street for my mother and I to get home and my mom honked the horn and then the lady pulled next to us and she honked at my mom and then she followed us and then when we got to Carls Jr. She pulled next to us again and she honked at my mom again and boy it was stinking crazy.
4 Days ago
Sorry for the temper.
4 Days ago
I still have the noibat if anyone is a fan of Noibat or wants a Noibat.
5 Days ago
Here are a list of names that I named my pokemon.
Shocker (Raichu)
Juliet (Nidoqueen)
Romeo (Nidoking)
Donald (Golduck)
Smores (Furret)
Nibbles (Pichu)
Pinky (Corsola)
Ziggy (Linoone)
Gracie (Gardevoir)
Draco (Shelgon)
Luxo (Luxray)
Nightfox (Zoroark)
Zsa Zsa (Zoroark)
Vixen (Sawsbuck)
Haxel (Haxorus)
Polar (Beartic)
Pierre (Meowstic)
Emile (Meowstic)
Joanna (Charizard)
Cruiser (Blastoise)
Fantina (Gengar)
Leanna (Lapras)
Hershey (Eevee)
Bubbles (Vaporeon)
Bolt (Jolteon)
Sasha (Flareon)
Nessie (Dragonite)
Maple (Chikorita)
Megan (Meganium)
Irwin (Totodile)
Hootsy (Hoothoot)
Glowly (Umbreon)
Clover (Miltank)
Shenzi (Mightyena)
Alice (Gardevoir)
Stitch (Sableye)
Gustavo (Absol)
Hobbes (Walrein)
Splashy (Finneon)
Blossom (Leafeon)
Flurry (Glaceon)
Hissy (Liepard)
Thurston (Zebstrika)
Ducky (Ducklett)
Sylvia (Sylveon)
Bork Jr. (Rockruff)
Midday Bork (Lycanroc)
Dusk Bork (Lycanroc)
Lucia (Salazzle)
Electric Kitty (Zeraora)

6 Days ago
If you want Eevee.
Please go to the trade and pay me pokedollars or nuggets along with a shiny pokemon or a pokemon that I don't have on my pokedex.
6 Days ago
Would anyone like a female Eevee?
6 Days ago
Here is my real full name.

Carla Ann Young
7 Days ago
If you have shiny Eevee or any of the shiny Nidos.
Please go to the Global Trading Center.
8 Days ago
I'm still on the hunt to find a shiny Eevee or any of the shiny nidos.
8 Days ago
I got late for work and sent home from my teacher from my day program because I didn't look at the time and I had my 6:30 alarm off.
8 Days ago
I have a Noibat if anyone wants it.
10 Days ago
Care for a plushie exchange?
10 Days ago

About me

I'm Carla and I'm a fraternal twin who loves pokemon a lot.
I'm very autistic as I'm different than everyone.
I'm 21 close to 22 as I'm a nice,awesome,kind,respectful,funny,unique,flexible with plans that changed,caring,helpful and a fair woman.
I have a older twin sister named Chrissy and 1 Syrian hamster named Cupid.
My starter pokemon was a Squirtle when I started to collect pokemon in 2008.
I like to be around friends and talk to people but I dislike rude people,heights,lockdowns,loud noises and being pressured to do bad stuff.

I'm a man lover and a huge fan of pokemon couples like Nidorina X Nidorino and Golduck X Azumarill.
Please keep in mind that I act differently as my level isn't normal as I'm learning to take constructive criticism,be more nicer to people and control my feelings.

Please realize that I dislike getting my profile or my channel reported because it makes me very scared,insecure and into a panic attack.


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Shiny want list

I'm looking for a Shiny Eevee,Shiny Absol,Shiny Pikachu,Shiny Golduck,Shiny Aron,Shiny Gyarados,Shiny Tyranitar and a Shiny Luxio.