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Trainerlevel: 45

Trainerpoints: 452/6,119


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Colonel Cupcake
9001,547,462 / 2,892,326
General Muffin
899907,747 / 2,885,877

Slipknot Corner

The Gorgeous Mick

About Me

Well hi there, and welcome to my userpage.

Sarcastic. Very sarcastic. My friends literally say my theme song is Sarcasm. I bluntly tell truth and things way I see them to people. I warned you. Also I am [censored because PH rules] full of sass~
Another lil' thing to mention - I am kiiinda mood swingy. If you are not okay with that or can't stomach who I am - exit is here, go on click outta here.
My birthday is on 25th of August, I am 16 y/o teen and my name is Nasti. Let's see who's my birthday twin, eh?~
Gamer and musician, I like doing references to songs I like, also I am a satanist punk (true satanists do not sacrifice anyone, we are chill, pls stop with that). Yeeeah, btw, I am straight, and..single as heck as well because oh shucks, my luck is the absolute worst.
Also, I do tolerate ADEQUATE gays/lesbians/etc.
My favorite pokemon are Lillipup, Swablu and Xurkitree, but there are also some I really like, for example, Zangoose.
I don't accept random friend requests. I don't like them. But still, don't be afraid to approach me or talk to me, I promise I won't bite~
If you don't like chatting on PokeHeroes, I have discord, you can freely ask for my tag.
Previously known as TheSlippedKnot, SweetSabbath, AkabaneKarma, Majora_Mask, Yooterii, YutaTheTea, KyogreGirl..Oooof, I had many nicknames xd
Smile, my dear! You're never fully dressed without one~

Stuff I like

+Slipknot (Obviously)
+IRIS/DaGames/Will Ryan
+Set It Off
+Get Scared
+Falling In Reverse
+Linkin Park
+Green Day
+My Chemical Romance
+Hollywood Undead
+Three Days Grace
+The Offspring
+Black Sabbath
+Guns 'n Roses
+Civil Defense (Grazhdanskaya Oborona) [it's really good one, but you need to know Russian really good to understand the songs]

+Borderlands (1, 2, and hopefully 3)
+The Binding Of Isaac : Rebirth
+Garry's Mod
+Amnesia: The Dark Descent
+Left 4 Dead
+Dead By Daylight
+Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

+Hellsing (Ultimate and Abridged are perfect, but first one is okay too, I guess)
+Cuticle Detective Inaba
+Jojo's Bizzare Adventure (Amazing anime, I would recommend it to everyone)
+Assassination Classroom
+Guruge Kokkuri-san

Random stuff:
+Playing electroguitar
+Silence (sometimes)
+Drawing sketches
+Fixing stuff
+Weapons (Guns, knives, you name it)
+Having purple locks of hair
+Sleeveless shirts
+Creepy and gore stuff
+Flying (ability) or getting wings to fly

I think I didn't forget anything XD

Cherry Panel

I figured out there's not enough this Cherry boi for me so I did the thing

Shiny Hunt

MusicalChainsaw is currently hunting Clawfa.
Hunt started: 30/12/2019

Chain: 31

Badge Showcase

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #474633796
Registration: 04/05/2014 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 1079:46 Hours
Total interactions: 262,120
Money: 183,232
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


Okay, good talk
2 Days ago
Actually, my pc just been dead for 2 days but now this piece of SHRED is fixed, yay
5 Days ago
Okay, I admit it: I honestly can't help but keep extremely fascinated by all those videos where people repair vintage stuff (especially consoles and stuff alike)
8 Days ago
Uh, wait, what, I really got Moltres form auction house??
kk, now I need only Articuno, is someone willing to borrow me one for just a sec?
9 Days ago
I am done, +3 auction snipers in blocklist
10 Days ago
Ah yes, the newbies who collect way too many pokemon.
No mercy.
10 Days ago
The auction sniping, again.
Rot in hell, honestly, nothing more is annoying like that.
Makes me wish to block ANY sniper I stumble upon.
11 Days ago
Bruh, I just found this on some random's dude page and I can't stop laughing XDD
11 Days ago
I was updating my daycare for identifying egg, forgetting that last thing I did was putting money into it, 15k to be exact
So yeah, I have 63k in daycare now...Oops.
12 Days ago
All of my feeds:
*Happy Valentine*
I wish I could just block out this day of bs out of my life
12 Days ago
What an irony.
Rejection, almost on valentine's day because, what a surprise, guy doesn't have feelings for me.
In such moments I wish I liked alcohol really, 'cause I am so done with that rejection bs.
13 Days ago
Everyone around in college: VALENTINE'S DAY, YAAAAY~
Me, while starting chainsaw: NOT AGAIN, SHUT UUUUP
13 Days ago
Ok, I know it's stupid, but I genuinely don't get how people "get headaches" and hate on metal and rock music.

All this rhytm, riffs, every percussion and drum parts, they are magestic and hypnotizing in their grace and harshness, rawness even...

And lyrics, in these genres they come from the heart, whether it is guilt, grief or pure anger, turned towards something that is wrong in our society and burning like a wildfire.

This music, it's enamoring essence, an arrow that pierces your heart and makes you fall in love with it when you first hear it.
At least that was my case when I first heard nercore rock, and then, later..The unholy god of nu-metal - glorious and terrifying Slipknot, and their self-titled album.
14 Days ago
Sad stuff coming:

So, when Kakyoin battles Jotaro, latter cathes emeralds of Noriaki's Hierophant Green with outside part of hands and deflects them, thus earning cherry boy's reaction "No one can just deflect emerald splash!"

But, do you actually know the reason why he reacted like that?

Kakyoin NEVER fought a stand user before, despite being natural born stand user. He was alone in his abilities for entire life before meeting Jotaro and others.

It's sad how being himself isolated him.
16 Days ago
I made a cringe, Single Camp, so yeah
Knock yourself out
17 Days ago
Valentine's day event.
Tell me when that thing ends...
*cries hides away in a Sad Single cove*
17 Days ago
Eilish: I am scary, my music videos are scary!
Slipknot: Did I hear something squeak?
20 Days ago
Starting from Monday and to the end of May I will have courses on Advanced level certificate
21 Days ago
yay I'm done with last panel
22 Days ago
I am ded
Alexa Intruder Alert mode, or guide "how to scare JoJo fan burglar"

DIO, intruder alert

List of commands:
1. Say "Oh, you're approaching me?"
2. Turn lights off.
3. Play "ZA WARUDO.mp3"
4. Play "RODA ROLLA DA.mp3"
22 Days ago


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~Awesome Peeps~

Heavily unupdated, but I am just too lazy, so excuse me

Dorkfish - dude, ya may hate me, but I still consider you to be a pretty good person, despite everything. I really hope to be your friend again someday. (I would highly appreciate if someone helps me with Dork tbh)..

Overcast - one great rainy girl!

RockeTheRoll - a sweet and totally awesome goofball~

TammyTheRanger - a precious and kind bean, I really like you :3

Yamper - another Primarina lover over there, jewish high five man!


Mewshine - you are a very talented artist, I wish one day I could draw like you ;3

~OyStar~ - THE ARTIST BRO pls stop drawing so many ocs for your own sake, you will drown in them ;-;

HT_Beta_Bruh - Deeem good bruh, please stop Star whenever she decides to draw more ocs XD

More to be added, maybe~


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