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In Progress ~ Chain 73 ~ A 2nd Espurr Giveaway
Not Started ~ Chain 0 ~ For my girlfriend


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Shiny Hunt

Midoroki is currently hunting Espurr.
Hunt started: 14/05/2020

Chain: 73

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Trainer ID: #11439636
Registration: 19/03/2020 (3 Months ago)
Game Time: 98:59 Hours
Total interactions: 150,330
Money: 373,889
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


By Iccywolf
Alrighty, you weebs I know there was no way I could beat Potted_Nugget. *cries* but I do have a solution to this. This is probably my last big giveaway in who knows how long and I'm going to giveaway, not 1 not 3 but 8k nuggets. That's right all you have to do is share the WHOLE POST and HASHTAG. The hashtag is #TheBigOneYear alright that's It good luck ends Monday.
Yesterday, 00:05
Guys, I have found my ppl on Instagram... I was kind of feeling like I don't belong in the group chat I was in but now I'm really comfortable in it
2 Days ago
Ugh I haven't eaten since like 3 pm and its 11:30 pm where i am
2 Days ago
On xbox 1 lol
Computer and phone may be taken but im not
2 Days ago
Hey, anyone wanna do a 1x1 tododeku/bakudeku/shinkami/kiribaku/kamisero/kirikami rp?
I'm in a flat mood right now and just really need something gay
I can do todoroki, bakugou, kirishima, and kaminari.
I'll do any of the ships stated above.
2 Days ago
2 Days ago
A mix of this
I still got a whole lot of love for you
Don't you think a piece of me is still a piece of you?
I still got a whole lot of love for you
Don't you think a piece of me is still a piece of you too?
A Whole Lotta - grandson

and this
They said, "come be the newest member of the broken hearts club
We hate every little thing about the people that we love
We're the let-down, we're the lied-to, where the lost go and it finds you
Where the lonely make the lonely feel less lonely, and we're dyin' to
Invite you to stay, and take away the pain
'Cause misery loves company, so hey, what do you say?"
the broken hearts club - gnash

is how I'm feeling right now...
3 Days ago
I think I'm getting depressed again... It feels so cold...
This breakup... It feels like nothing has changed between me and Cipher but... It feels like everything's changed. I feel like we've just grown farther apart...
3 Days ago
I'm feeling a lot better now...
We did break up, but we possibly will get back together once covid ends
4 Days ago
Hey, can someone palpad me?
My girlfriend is thinking about breaking up and I'm so fucking depressed right now... I just really need someone I can talk to take my mind off of it...
4 Days ago
So... Yesterday and Monday (currently Wednesday for me), I've had this feeling of being watched by a demon or some crap. On Monday I was able to fall asleep with just my tv and night light (a small lamp on my desk). But last night I had to have my bedroom light on to feel safe enough to even try and fall asleep. I managed to fall asleep somewhere around 12 and woke up around 1. Have been awake since... I looked up what could be the cause of this, already suspecting in the back of my mind somewhere it's some form of paranoia. But seriously it's creepy AF and even having the hallway outside my bedroom be dark is enough to freak me out. Any ways I can try and control this?
4 Days ago
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Nugget 948 1,800
A bit expensive

Price: 90000

Seriously... The cheapest price and it goes above my budget...
5 Days ago
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Poison Gem 9
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22,500 in total.
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Psychic Gem 1
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3,000 in total.
Current best price: 1,000 ✗
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Rock Gem 12
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12,000 in total.
Current best price: 600 ✗
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Steel Gem 6
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6,000 in total.
Current best price: 500 ✗
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Water Gem 2
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3,000 in total.
Current best price: 1,050 ✗
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Ice Gem 3
per piece.
6,000 in total.
Current best price: 1,050 ✗
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Ghost Gem 5
per piece.
10,000 in total.
Current best price: 1,000 ✗
Recommended price: 1,000 ✗ Cancel
more in comments but
I'm trying to keep my money above 150k and therefore am on a 38.4K (exactly) budget
I'm kind of desperate and wont even hide it
5 Days ago
I think I'm just gonna watch Karen videos and work on a reference sheet until girlfriend wakes up
6 Days ago
Been almost two hours... Girlfriend still not on...

6 Days ago
I got three hours of sleep... Pretty sure my girlfriend got more sleep than me for once
6 Days ago
I'm trying to create a Toyhouse account, but it says I need an invite code...
Could somebody invite me?
6 Days ago
Hey, I'm getting a little bored. Any MineCrafters here that are on xbox one and have gold. I kind of want to play with someone right now but I don't wanna play on those big servers.
My xbox one username is Zorua911
6 Days ago



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