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Formerly: Nocturnal_Horror
Trainerlevel: 38

Trainerpoints: 3,944/4,369


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Shiny Hunt

M0THMANN is currently hunting Phantump.
Hunt started: 17/01/2021

Chain: 140

Login reminders to myself

-check front page for events


-Game center: Lottery and slots

-Dream world: claim coins

-Emera beach: must get the last rod of the rainbow karp, catch all the feesh

-Rumble: check and send out at max

-Berry garden: make more seeds, grow more corn

-Tall grass: obvious

-Daycare: also obvious

-Wondertrade: gib dem pokes out

-Item market: sell all the thingsss, undercut the market, overthrow capitalism \o3o/

-Rout 53: harvest the malk and bee goo to sell

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #549213937
Registration: 18/07/2019 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 195:10 Hours
Total interactions: 1,620,883
Money: 1,375,919
Starter Pokémon: Giga Charizard


cool i got a plushie from the emera fountain
Yesterday, 16:23
trying to save up for my own jolly jr and sad jr is gonna take forever.

Also still trying to find one female Popplio, one male Druddigon and one male Zangoose, send me a PT or PM if you have these.
20 Days ago
looking for one female Popplio, one male Druddigon and one male Zangoose im looking for to complete breeding pairs~
21 Days ago
i wish when my pm didnt run out it didnt softlock me out of collecting my berries in that garden for pms.
25 Days ago
still looking: https://pokeheroes.com/gts_trade?id=1222635
1 Month ago
Anyone want to start a plushie war? I miss coming on and gifting missing plushies with just one other person.
1 Month ago
i hate this rowan quest. ive wait several hours for this daycare dude to talk to me again and once more hes ignoring me for probably the next 12 hours again.

So im not paying him >:(
1 Month ago
ive got one of each waiter suit up for sale for PD, send a trade with offers~
1 Month ago
sometimes i hate dragon cave trading, always the oddball jerk trying to kill your egg up for trade by slapping it on their list on a website so people clicking it kill it.

Least here people cant kill your eggs by viewing them too much. Should be the same on there with public trades so you dont get valuable eggs killed.
1 Month ago
Selling one of my shiny duskulls on the ah~
1 Month ago
welp, missed out on the limited time plush. This sucks.
1 Month ago
my 69th duskull was my shiny.....Nice.
1 Month ago
still looking for a female Popplio, send me a private pt if you have one
1 Month ago
2 Months ago
Okay nvm some one encouraged me to continue the hunt despite my brain reeeee-ing in my ear to stop. I will name it in your honor kind nugget donor~
2 Months ago
i give up on the dumb poodles, i didnt want a black one anyways e3e;;
2 Months ago
#MyFavoriteMemory i uh....i dont know what that feels like.
2 Months ago
Need a male pikachu, lemme know if anyone has one for sale. AH doesnt have anything.
2 Months ago
Yay my first mil~
Thank you whoever cleared out my stock in the item shop<3
2 Months ago
#MyBestExperience getting Jasper
2 Months ago

:Searching for:

Breeding pair of:

*Plaguekrows (I got a pair though i am looking for one extra one to throw in the cycle as ive been told they breed better when one is from another trainer)
*Growlithe (male)
*retro charmander (Female, possibly with everstone but its fine without it)
*Druddigon (male)
*Zangoose (male)
*persian (male)
*Zigzagoon (Galarian) (female)
*Litten (pair)
*Honedge (male)
*breeding pair of Omanyte

Pokes in general:

*Jolly Jr (2x)
*Sad Jr (only need one more now)
*the poke combo of the above two (If i dont have two jolly and sads by then feel free)
*Any halloween pokes really, their neat and thats my favorite holiday
*Any shadow pokes
*Azelf/Azelf egg voucher (Only one im missing, other two ive had multiple times)
*mew and mew 2 (Doesnt matter which)
*shiny retro charizard (male)
*6 shiny Furfrou
*one of each deerling (Winter, summer, autumn and spring varients)
*mew, mew two and ditto
*shiny espeon
*two shiny duskull
*two shiny phantumps
*shiny salandit
*shiny Zigzagoon
*Elemental monkeys: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Elemental_monkeys

NOTE: I will of course pay, i dont expect anything free, just lemme know prices~ c: May even have some stuff i can give you that you may be looking for.


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