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Trainerlevel: 39

Trainerpoints: 216/4,601


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Sunny Leaf
563,551 / 9,897
69120 / 15,405
Raikou302,875 / 3,489
Nowhere King
(Shadow Lugia)
21285,282 / 169,336
Solastra1023,829 / 25,215

About Me

If there's a plushie you're after, let me know. I have a decent amount of DP right now and would like to help a bit. Pretty much doing returns plushies to, I tend to do ones people are missing.

Will be doing art for cheap commissions as well, I'm on DeviantArt and do alot of horses, dragon, and Pokemon stuff. Looking to do horses from RDR2 on bases, can use any translucent free to use base or one of my own, I'm working on making more bases to.

Apart of the RDR1&RDR2 American Horse Pirates on Xbox One, doing all kinds of equine sports and trail rides. Feel free to message me on FaceBook as Karolyn Ral, or any site that has this username.

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #460441289
Registration: 01/06/2015 (7 Years ago)
Game Time: 749:05 Hours
Total interactions: 703,484
Money: 11,778
Starter Pokémon: Combusken


Anyone want to do the birthday plushie exchange?
14 Days ago
Does the weather of the server need to be raining for Sliggoo to evolve into Goodra? I'm guessing yes because of course it's not raining when I could use it lol
18 Days ago
Wow I think I might actually be getting somewhere in completing all of Gen 1. Only missing like 5 from it and then Legendary birds. Anyone happen to be selling a Shelder/Cloyster, Chansey, Blue Magikarp, or Omanyte?
22 Days ago
Are male Milcery a thing? I'm starting to think they're like Miltank and only come in female
28 Days ago
Didn't know they had gifts for anniversaries for being on the site. Just got a 'cupcake' Poke that will be cute when it hatches for being on for 7 years, though for like 2 or so years I did take some time away since I didn't have a PC that worked and I forgot browser version on phones was a thing
29 Days ago
Doing Dreamworld task stuff, anyone after a certain plushie that they havn't gotten yet?
1 Month ago
omg why is there a Pidgey selling for over 10,000PD? No hate by any means just funny as hell. Was trying to figure out why, she's not megable, not a shiny, not a rare gender, like what lol People are weird
1 Month ago
Doing Dream World daily stuff, anyone want a certain plushie they've been after and havn't gotten yet?
1 Month ago
Kind of sucks there's no Giga version of Swampras like for Lapras, that'd have been neat. There's probably a lot of events that'd be neat with Giga forms
1 Month ago
Anyone else have issues with their Cosmog? Was trying to get mine to evolve into a Lunala, but it turned into a Cosmoem instead? Was Cosmog not Lunala's pre evo? I know little to nothing about these newer generations, I remember when legendaries didn't have basic forms lol Anyway I now have 2 Cosmoem that I'd trade for a Lunala
1 Month ago
I have been holding onto 2 extra Luvdisc thinking they'd evolve into something, thought it'd be something kind of pretty that I don't have, turns out they don't evolve according to Google. Curse my memory issue lol
1 Month ago
Anyone know what a Yveltal would go for in nuggets?
1 Month ago
Anyone want to do the 2 Valenfloon plushie exchange? I didn't know they existed until a little while ago
1 Month ago
I think I've done everyone's party by now but I can do some mass clicking, interaction exchange?
1 Month ago
I've kept looking through the Tall grass for Galarian Ziggazoon, do Galarian versions not show up there? Besides buying them off someone how do you get them?
2 Months ago
omg I just seen the option to not only move berries from your bag into your berry garden stuff but also the option to move berries from the garden back into the bag. I thinks that's new, I don't remember that feature before. Can finally move berries around more and send them to people easier
2 Months ago
Just seen the news post on the harvest sprites and how long they've been around, I've been on this site for roughly 5 years and still haven't found all of them lol
2 Months ago
Do Pokemon have to be at a certain level to evolve into their Giga form?
2 Months ago
Sorry for bunch of questions, still finding stuff that I don't know about. What is Ribbon Sweet used for? Is it like an evolution item for Milcery/Alcremie?
2 Months ago


Last Action
Shopping (10 Hours ago)

Looking for these

*Normal- Cursed Ponyta and Rapidash, Cursed Lugia, Retro Lugia, Resheram, Retro Quilava, any gen 1 and 4 missing, gen 1 Retros, and Unknown that I'm missing.

Megable Dark Rapidash.
Retro Swellow.
Shiny Polestar.
Shiny Raylóng.
Shiny Gloweon.
Shiny Lumiday.
Shiny Cosmoneon.
Shiny Easter Swanna.
Knight Axew.
Shiny Driflamp and Lightblim.
Shiny Valenfloon(both genders).
Shiny Solastra.
Shiny Lionking.
Tailluchi and Swelluhodo.
Shiny Tailluchi and Shiny Swelluhodo.
Unown Flake(all versions).

Shinnies Looking for

Female Salandit/Salazzle.
Male Nidoran/Nidoking.
Shadow Lugia.