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Trainerlevel: 46

Trainerpoints: 4,937/6,393


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Sea of Dreams
15345,567 / 88,359
Zygarde (Core Forme)475,256 / 8,461
Skwovet535 / 91
Bombirdier5848 / 12,834

About Me

*Plushie on pause temporary*If you're after certain plushie, let me know. Pretty much doing returns plushies to, may take a few days but I always try to return at least one, I tend to do the ones people are missing to.

Doing $3 art commissions, I'm on DeviantArt. Can do horses, dragons, Pokemon/Pokefusions, WoF dragons. I can use any translucent/transparent free to use base from an artist who allows bases to be used for commissions or one of my own, I'm working on making more bases as well.

Apart of the RDR1&2 American Horse Pirates on Xbox One, would like to try different equine sports and more trail rides. Feel free to message me on FaceBook as Karolyn LyricDaemon, or any site that has this username. Also on Star Stable on an US and UK server, once internet issues are fixed.

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #460441289
Registration: 01/06/2015 (8 Years ago)
Game Time: 1002:52 Hours
Total interactions: 1,546,536
Money: 164,577
Starter Pokémon: Combusken


How do you unlock the Dex thing for Miraidon? I feel I missed any news on that
Today, 06:49
Might be a stupid thought, but I've noticed the game has a fishing mechanic(not quite like the DS games but still similar concept) and a garden/berry growing mechanic as well, but the Tall grass only lets you find eggs not battle anything. Think it'd be pretty neat if when you didn't find an egg to get the wild Pokemon attack, you could fight that Pokemon for a chance to catch it, and even if you didn't catch it get a smidge of EX from the small battle
5 Days ago
Anyone else have that satisfaction of a completed set, only to find out it wasn't actually complete? Just seen a shiny one of the pattern Magikarps, didn't know there were shinies of those to so my set is missing all the shiny version lol Just going to go cry now
4 Months ago
Anyone want to do a birthday plushie exchange?
5 Months ago
Nother stupid question, can shadow Pokes evolve? Pretty sure they can't but to be honest I don't actually know for certain
6 Months ago
Is there like a reward Pokemon for completing a full gen Pokedex? Like I think you gain access to Mewtwo and might be given an Missing No# for finishing out gen 1, I'm curious what the other gens would give. Like I think gen 4 would be access to Arceus but not too sure on the others
8 Months ago
This is the second time, not in a row thankfully, that I've gotten the same Pokemon from shiny wonder trade. This would be great if I was looking to do full sets, but I'm not actually trying to do full Pokedex of shinnies, at least not yet lol
9 Months ago
Just realized that in the Dream World there's Sceptile, Blaziken, and Swampert are missing. Also Kalos evos, only their basic forms are there. Curious why gen 3 was left out. Was seeing if there were more megas there since there's mega Chariazards and just seen
9 Months ago
What all is needed to evolve Stantler? I feel I'm missing an item they're supposed to hold
10 Months ago
Anyone have any of their new starters evolve yet? Hoping one of mine will soon
10 Months ago
I'm sure time will tell, and sorry for yet another question, but for the new starters, has there been any leak on if they have their evos yet? I'm debating whether I want to try to get 2 more Fuecoco so I can have it's whole line or if I should try to get one of the others. I really need to get a Switch so I can get the new games, I still only use 3DS
10 Months ago
What pokemon do you get from the Dino Fossil?
10 Months ago
I need to look at the value sheet thingy again, but what would everyone say a shiny retro Lugia would go for in nuggets? Or mixture of nuggets and Dragon gems? I have 160 nuggets but don't think that'd quite cover it
10 Months ago
There's only one giga form for Flapple and Appletun isn't there? I bet I forgot and bought an extra Flapple trying to get both giga forms lol
1 Year ago
Are there other options of Cosplay Boxs? And what all Pokemon can they be used on or is it just for Pikachu? I have a (Cute) one but feel meh about it, would be willing to trade it for a different one
1 Year ago
Is there a guide or forms for values of items and special Pokemon like shinies? I'm curious what a shiny Salandit and Salazzle would go for in Dragon gems, would like to get the set
1 Year ago
Ah yes my lack of brain cells shows again. Was trying to get the shiny version Articuno plushie annnddd I can't read. There isn't a shiny one lol
1 Year ago
So sorry, went offline after I put up berry trades on the GTS, if I 'declined' your trade but you would still like some berries, I will be back on later today(it's 5am for me and yet to sleep) and can set up more. Feel free to send PM or comment on this post and I can set one for you
1 Year ago
Is a Spray Duck used for anything? I already have a Wailmer pale in the Berry garden so I'm presuming the Psyduck one isn't for that
1 Year ago
omg why is there a Pidgey selling for over 10,000PD? No hate by any means just funny as hell. Was trying to figure out why, she's not megable, not a shiny, not a rare gender, like what lol People are weird
1 Year ago


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Visiting Bill (6 Hours ago)

Looking for these

Looking for any gen 1 and 4 that I'm missing.

*Shinnies I'm looking for-
Female Salandit/Salazzle.
Taillow and retro Taillow.
Porygon, Porygon2, PorygonZ.
Shadow Lugia.

Generator Rex

GenRex Junk, for anyone interested in joining a Generator Rex/Ben 10/Man of Action cartoon group on FaceBook.