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Trainerlevel: 39

Trainerpoints: 3,892/4,601


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
302143,864 / 274,519
Ilkay the B-day Doggo
296322,333 / 329,671
Houndour6106 / 159


Bulba fusions P2

Starting bid: 10k

Accepting: pd, dragon gems(45k per), nuggets(1.5k per), normal gems(1k per)

1 -
2 -
3 - 25k Sailor~Meme
4 - 20 dragon gems We_All_Float
5 - 100k Delina
6 - 30k XxToxicxX

(I’m going to draw more at a later date)

Shiny Hunt

Lupine is currently hunting Houndour.
Hunt started: 24/08/2019

Chain: 9
0 0 0


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My Art Wall

I’ll try to update this sometimes or add more art to it.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #225923376
Registration: 18/09/2018 (11 Months ago)
Premium member until 28/Apr/2020
Game Time: 759:33 Hours
Total interactions: 192,438
Money: 68,375
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


Gonna keep my pound pets in my pets with out a group because they’re all so interesting (the only one that isn’t a pound pet is my first rare)

The only time I won’t keep pound pets in that group is if I put it in the rare group I might give away/trade
Today, 22:16
poumd is open, got this guy
Today, 22:09
Here they are

Bulba fusions P2

Starting bid: 10k

Accepting: pd, dragon gems(45k per), nuggets(1.5k per), normal gems(1k per)

1 -
2 -
3 - 25k Sailor~Meme
4 - 20 dragon gems We_All_Float
5 - 100k Delina
6 - 30k XxToxicxX

(I’m going to draw more at a later date)
Today, 21:41
My adoptable auction:
The 2 haven’t been bid on are bulba/growlithe(1) and bulba/articuno(2)
Today, 21:32
Today, 20:58
Thinking of drawing again on aggie.io sometime within the next few days, my computer isn’t working great with my drawing tablet but my Chromebook will work.

Gonna plan to either draw a bulba fusion, eastern dragon or just doodle. Of course in the corner so others can draw too if they want.
Today, 18:41
my dog loves his new box, he’s been sleeping in it for like 30 min now <3
(His nose is whistling)
Today, 17:51
Sylveons_Sister is looking to buy rockruffs, pm them
Today, 17:40
thanks anon
Today, 17:33
Woo getting my haircut before the 30th

I should really sleep, it’s 1:12am
Today, 05:11
Havent clicked at all for shaymin, need my hand for drawing
Today, 04:46
Is a dittos worth leaning more towards the 4.5mil side? It seems like it is.
Today, 03:08
Me:*learns about the Disney and the tramp remake*
Also me: Oh yeah, there’s gonna be a Disney+ thing sometime *goes and looks at what shows are gonna be there*

did I just see high school musical:the musical
Today, 01:29
Oh boy. Every time my dog knows he’s going for a walk he does this one thing.

Of course he whines but the very first whine.... he sounds like a squeaky door. Like high to low pitched whine.

hes just so adorable
Yesterday, 23:43
By Gem Exchange - 4 Minutes and 55 Seconds ago.
Your gems have been exchanged with another user!
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Yesterday, 22:53
*is slightly disappointed that I didn’t get a sky gift that says something rude*

Dont get me wrong, these sky messages are awful but I can handle it.. include me in at least something lol
Yesterday, 20:45
Whenever I loose my eraser I just scribble out what maybe looks like what I was going for

and I loose my eraser every time I put it down
Yesterday, 20:05
heha192 needs berry juice
Yesterday, 19:54


Hey, welcome to my profile! Did you come here by accident? Or perhaps I asked for an interaction exchange? Whatever the reason, I have some things you should know.

I honestly don’t care how you talk to me or when you talk to me.
If you’re rude, I won’t be rude back. (I’ll try not to at least) Why continue to spread negative opinions on each other?

I only hate 2 people. Both of them are irl and did at least one terrible/messed up thing. I’ll never hate someone on this site like I hate them.

If I put you on my friendlist, I don’t need you to add me back. It was my decision to add you and it’ll be yours to decide if you want to add me back. If I do add you it’s probably because we have something in common or you seem like a good person overall.

If you want to know something about me, feel free to ask. (And no, I won’t share my credit card number, the 3 digits on the back and the expiration date lol)

I might update this sometimes. Keyword: might. I’m a bit lazy and/or forgetful when it comes to thing like this.

Usernames: Wolflesshowl —> Lupine



- ditto (offer=3.5mil+10 dragon gems)

- shadow pidgeot, pikachu and rattata (no set price)
- anything in my box labelled “5k per” (except for shinies if they’re in there)
- anything in my junk box (free)
- male archen (free)
- messenger fletchling (free)
- space spinda (free)
- anything in my “hunts” box (free)

- 9 dragon gems (45k per)

Waiting until I save up a lot of them

- 0 lb boxes and 0 lb keys (5k per)
- 0 db boxes and 0 db keys (5k per)
- 0 brown boxes and 0 brown keys (10k per)
- 0 green boxes and 0 green keys (10k per)
- 0 pink boxes and 0 pink keys (10k per)
- 0 purple boxes and 0 purple keys (10k per)
- 0 red boxes and 0 red keys (10k per)
- 0 gold boxes and 0 gold keys (12k per)

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