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Trainerlevel: 47

Trainerpoints: 871/6,673


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP

About Me

Names: Scott | Scottsky | Nails | OC Names

Age: 23years (Jan 11th)

Gender: Masc Non-Binary (AFAB)

Identities: Omni Demi Poly TransMasc

Interests: Pokemon, FNaF, Minecraft, Dragons, Cottage/Naturecore, Magick, Crystals & Minerals, Bushcraft, Survival Skills, Horror, Metal (music), Rock (Alt,Hard,Soft), Indie (Music), Making Art (Traditional, Digital, Sculptures, Functional)

Hobbies: Video Games, Creating Art, Listening to Music

Art Credits
Skull Image - Playing Cards GIF - Pride Pixels

QuoteBulbasaur / Ivysaur / Venusaur

30k | 25 | 25 | (Accepting mixed payments) -
20k | 15 | 15 | (Accepting mixed payments) -

3.9k | 3-4 | 3-4 | Ditch Discount (13%) -
2.6k | 1-2 | 1-2 | Ditch Discount (13%) -

Ratios are 1200 : 1 (grass) : 1 (poison)


QuoteFuture Hunt Gem Progress

Bug Gems
593 / 2000 = 29.65%

Fire Gems
76 / 3000 = 2.53%

Ice Gems
117 / 3000 = 3.9%

Electric Gems
127 / 3000 = 4.2%

Flying Gems
90 / 3000 = 1.5%

QuoteGarden Goals

100 x Every current recipe item

Razz Shake - 109

Bluk Shake - 30/100

Nanab Shake 4/100

Wepear Shake

Pinap Shake

Pomeg Soda - 3/100

Kelpsy Soda - 4/100

Qualot Soda 14/100

Hondew Soda

Show hidden content
Grepa Soda
Tamato Soda
Cornn Lemonade
Magost Lemonade
Rabuta Lemonade
Berry Juice (Sweet)
Biscuits (Small)
Biscuits (Large)
Sour Galette
Sweet Galette
Lava Cookie
Paralyze Heal 2/100
Awakening - 19/100
Antidote 3/100
Ice Heal


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #328816207
Registration: 16/01/2019 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 11/Jul/2022
Game Time: 636:30 Hours
Total interactions: 1,186,821
Money: 247,863
Starter Pokémon: Tepig


By PokéRadar - Congratulations! A shiny Bulbasaur hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #836)!

I- Is this chain REALLY that long???
20 Days ago
Had a dream that I hatched my SM Bulba today, so here's to hoping im a prophet. sdjkfkals
23 Days ago
Bird Fossil caught!


Rip me for playing my beach game, now Im obligated to collet 1000 of these boyos-
29 Days ago
By ~Kanao~
It's been a while since I've done anything, so I'd like to chime in with Akuseru and do a smaller giveaway to celebrate PH reaching 200,000 users as well! I'll be giving two separate prizes to two randomly selected people who ❤ this feed and share #TwoDoubleZero.

The prizes are....

-1st place: One shiny Eiscue, 200K PD, 200 randomly assorted gems, and 200 nuggets

-2nd place: 50K PD, 50 randomly assorted gems, and 50 nuggets

The winners will be drawn on Friday. Good luck, everyone! ❤

{PS: Don't forget to enter and share Akuseru's giveaway!}
29 Days ago
Y'all ready for a new hashtag game? #CleanTheBeach!

Your goal is to collect 1000 of the first item you fish up! You can collect them through any means necessary! After you collect the 1k, you sell them for profit! Retros, Mega-ables, and Shinies can be added to your total if you manage to sell them too!

Sweet, Simple and... not so short-

If the game grows in popularity, I might make a Diary Thread for everyone to show off their profits and catches!

Share the hashtag to spread the game! :>
1 Month ago
Your Gem Cauldron is currently boiling the gems!
It will be finished in 1 day and 23 hours.

Awww yeah, boiling my first Megastone!
1 Month ago
Bringing attention back to this old suggestion of mine.

My most recent post on it reflects my opinion towards how the feature has been treated with the newer update and how it could be more engaging as a feature in whole as more of a minigame versus a Route 53 but for berries.
1 Month ago
A fun challenge: Fish at the Beach until you catch an item.

Hoard that item by trading, catching, unboxing, or buying at very cheap/cheap/a bit expensive prices until you reach 1000 of them.

After amassing your collection, sell it and see how much you make! Any shinies, mega-ables, and retros you catch during this can also be added to the total price but only if you manage to sell them!
1 Month ago
Seeing how my 5 flavor berry theory is proving to be true-

Catch me selling those three berries at exorbitant prices as an "All in one interacting boost" lmao.

Seems like the 5 flavor berries are all you need for interacting with all pokemon!

Time to rake in the extra small amounts of PD, GGC, and possibly power orbs.
1 Month ago
Oh how the years pass by-

It's really odd to go back through my journal and see just how much my demeanor has changed over the last three years-

It's also pretty neat to see the friendships I had back then, knowing what I do now about some of those people...

All in all, it's pretty wild-
1 Month ago
Expansion on my BerryGarden theory:

Oran Berries also have all 5 flavors! So they're another possible focus for growing for interactions.
1 Month ago
Turns out I was just really blind and my last two eggs were on pages I had already looked through-
1 Month ago
Anyone have links to a few different site maps? I've used one already but im still missing two eggos.
1 Month ago
Only missing two, but I have no idea where they'd be...
1 Month ago
Not bad for not using a site-map I'd say.

Only 4 left to find! :>
1 Month ago
Had a big brain moment just a second ago:

If berry preferences on here are based off of nature or whatever then all pokemon would have a preferred flavor.

In the berry dex, is seems like Starf and Lansat berries have all flavors so they'd be preferred by all pokemon.

Therfore, we should focus on growing those in our berrygardens if we have any and them bringing them back over to our item bags for interacting to make the most profit since a high amount of them will be the only berry(ies) you'd need!

On that note- Looking to buy just one of either types! :> Palpad me with a price you'd be willing to sell one for and I'll be happy to negotiate in the morning!
1 Month ago
Thank you Riako for this berry update!

I finally have use for my 10k+ Pecha berries from my quest to level them up!
1 Month ago
Updated and minimized my about me! :>

A nice condensed view of who I am as a person and a few neat lil images to break up all the text.
1 Month ago
In honor of the International Transgender Day of Visibility! (march 31st)

What is International Transgender Day of Visibility?
International Transgender Day of Visibility is an annual event occurring on March 31 dedicated to celebrating transgender people and raising awareness of discrimination faced by transgender people worldwide, as well as a celebration of their contributions to society!

Please share the hashtags created by the LGBT Foundation

#IAmEnough If you identify as Trans or Non-Binary

#YouAreEnough If you're an ally and wish to support the Trans and Non-Binary users on-site!

~ Your local Demon(me) :"No matter what situation you're in right now, and what the people around you believe or say: You will become who you want to be in time. If that means cutting off friendships or toxic family, so be it. All flowers need some pruning to bloom truly beautiful."
1 Month ago
This is ridiculous...

I'd like to think that by now I'd have more Shiny Fems or an SM-
1 Month ago

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