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Trainerlevel: 27

Trainerpoints: 150/2,213


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
8312,971 / 22,695
Betraying Swordsman
21690,194 / 175,771


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Ditch Dudes!

"We're Dudes in a Ditch! Not Ditchin' Dudes"

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Trainer ID: #328816207
Registration: 16/01/2019 (2 Months ago)
Game Time: 110:09 Hours
Total interactions: 322,352
Money: 91,934
Starter Pokémon: Tepig


Oooh my notifs are back! Yay!
Today, 07:44

Only the Swaggiest of bois will share this tag.
Today, 05:32
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Today, 02:54


Now if you'll excuse me I gotta take a 3 hour powernap.
Yesterday, 12:34
Does night-time affect anyone else strangely?

For me it's oddly calming. I feel relaxed and don't really worry about anything when it's late out. Food and drink also taste better for some reason?

It's like all of my senses are heightened. But I'm also cooped up in my room because I can't wake anyone up... It's freeing but it also sucks because I can't enjoy it very much...
Yesterday, 07:58
All alone again... I wonder if there's anyone who's up and willing to talk at this hour?

Especially with a crazy like me. Heheh...
Yesterday, 07:53
By TommyGunz - 20 Hours ago.

Ok welp Here goes nothing #FirstRaffle Entry Fee would be 1 mystery item but you can stack and get more entries.

1st Prize-Mega-Able Luxray
2nd Pize-Regirock

Ok that is it Please share i really want this to be successful Well that is it


Humor him.
2 Days ago
Tch. Figures. Out comes the real me and people run away.
2 Days ago
Aaaaaannnd I misplaced my wallet. So no nuggets for me. ;-;
2 Days ago

2 Days ago
I'm so booooooooooooooreeeeedddd...
2 Days ago
So PandoraPika made a PokeHeroes discord server for anyone who wants to join! Everyone there is very friendly so don't feel shy! In order for this to spread we're gonna do a giveaway! You do not have to join to be entered into the giveaway, but feel free to join and make some new friends (: as for the prizes

1st: 150 nuggets 1 Shiny 1 Mega-able 1 Mega Stone 1 Terra Cave (Map) 200 electric gems
2nd: 1 Shiny 1 mega-able 1 Mega Stone 2 Star Pieces 1 Submarine Volcano (Map) 1 Hard Rock 1 DNA Splicer White 100 Electric Gems
3rd: 1 Shiny 2 Star pieces 1 Cold Rock 1 DNA Splicer White
4th: 100k PD 1 Mega-able 1 Light Rock 2 Star Pieces 1 DNA Splicer Black
5th: 1 Mega-able 1 Blu Orb 4 Plates 1 DNA Splicer Black 1 Reveal Glass

Ends in 1 week! Please share the #EmeraTown to enter!
Link to the server Join here!
2 Days ago

Relic Silver - 5 Relic Copper

Water Stone - 5 Shoal Shell + 2 Pearl

Mystery Box (Dark Blue) - 5 Poliwag

Big Pearl - 5 Pearl

Rare Candy - 1 Squirtle + 2 Shoal Salt
2 Days ago
You push the dark blue key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Armor Fossil found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

Yay another fossil~
2 Days ago
By TommyGunz - 8 Minutes and 10 Seconds ago.
Ok. Welp, Here goes nothing #FirstRaffle Entry Fee would be 1 mystery item but you can stack and get more entries.
1st Prize-Mega-Able Luxray
2nd Prize-Regirock

Ok, that is it. Please share i really want this to be successful. Well that is it.
2 Days ago
I'm a psychopath and I love it~
3 Days ago

Fisherman Hat - 1 Relic Crown

Water Stone - 5 Shoal Shell + 2 Pearl

Prism Scale - 3 Feebass

Mystery Box (Black) - 5 Phione + 3 Seaking + 2 Lumineon

Pearl - 1 Clamperl

Mega Stone - 5 Big Pearl + 1 Staryu + 1 Lanturn + 1 Huntail + 1 Gorebyss + 1 Clauncher

Today has some goodies~ Happy fishing everyone!
3 Days ago
By FurryStar - 57 Minutes and 35 Seconds ago.
Funny thing, in celebration of my first Pink noodle, and second noodle hunt, Imma do a giveaway, I dont expect to many people to join, cuz this is my first one, and it's sorta weird, but if you DO decide to share the love, all you have to do is share #OhNoMySpegettiIsAlive and comment a name suggestion for my next shiny Noodle to enter.

What the winner receives is actually based on the gender of the shiny ( this is where the "weird" part I mentioned before comes in )

If dratini is female winner receives 20k

If Male, the winner receives the shiny with their name suggestion.

Please share the love and heart the original post. Good luck!
3 Days ago
By Potted_Nugget - 6 Minutes and 31 Seconds ago. Made by: Potted_Nugget
Yoyoyoyo it's yeah boi bacc at it again with dem giveaways.

Lemme see yeah gimme a ♥, share this #lolnice, and gimme yeah comment saying "lol nice"

also add me as a friend cuz I'm lonely as flip

Good luck brus, it ends when I say
Prize is 400,000 shiny bois (PD)
3 Days ago
By Ronald_Knox
Soooooo im bored so lets make sth like this
Share #motomotolikesyou +<3 this feed

You can get
1-shiny feebas
2-60k (or more but idk)

Ends: 30.03.2k19
3 Days ago

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