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Trainerlevel: 31

Trainerpoints: 246/2,913


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Skarmory)
14649,136 / 80,484
Betraying Swordsman
460312,030 / 795,226
Skarmory383,365 / 5,559

My Art Shop - Defunct for Now

♠ Shiny Chinchou for Kusuo ♠
♠ Colored Headshot - TommyGunz - Needs color ♠
♠ Colored Fullbody - FrostNova - Xiao - Needs Color ♠
♠ Colored Bust of Renzi for Hi_Im_Bob - Needs Color ♠

♠ Regrettable loss of markers = Redoing ALL orders digitally.... FML ♠

Ditch Dudes!

"We're Dudes in a Ditch! Not Ditchin' Dudes"

Noble Warrior of the

Ditch Dudes RP
Murder! Intrigue! Magic! Twerking Potatoes?

Awesome art of Lu and Cap'n Railmont by FrozenHeroes!

Funko POP version of Luciel made by TimeKIDBeta


Idaxel - Lu's pet Bleppo


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #328816207
Registration: 16/01/2019 (4 Months ago)
Game Time: 264:10 Hours
Total interactions: 489,354
Money: 33,430
Starter Pokémon: Tepig


Good morning PH. *tired demon noises*
I guess I could try to do stuff today. . . ?
Today, 19:12
Close posts I know, but whatever, I don't really care.

'Night PH. I'm heading off for the next couple of hours to work out the caffeine in my system. : P

See all you lovely people later. ♥~
Today, 05:13
*Casually slides this here*

I like this.

I like this a lot. Also "Bullet" is good to.
Today, 04:53
Goodnight PH. ♥~
Yesterday, 08:25
Good morning PH~

Guess who's decided to join Flight Rising? I didn't know there was so much to choose from when starting out!

I'm kinda torn between a few flights so I want you all to help me choose!

The options: Plague, Shadow, and Arcane
2 Days ago
*Ideaxel shoots around the corner and stabs you in the ankle with his tiny pitchfork*

2 Days ago
*You are suddenly assaulted by the smell of burnt popcorn*

3 Days ago
'I want to wake up all your inner demons
I'd like to be the one to blow your mind
Gonna make you feel a new emotion
Forbidden fruits can make the sweetest wine
In my veins I want to feel your poison
Double doses when I'm feeling brave
Help me delve into the psychoactive
This carnal rush is just the high I crave'

Chorus of "Psychoactive" - Aviators

Kinda fits Dr. Joshua Kynes really well. Might add it to his list.
3 Days ago
I'm so bored...

No inspiration, no motivation, everything I usually do is just "meh" right now.

Hhhhhhhhhhh I can't even think of anything to draw...
3 Days ago
Wonder Trade Report:

Tentacruel => Rapidash
Dugtrio (Alolan) => Igglybuff
Tentacool => Crabrawler

Punchy Crab.
4 Days ago
Okay... So... Surprise company is here. XD

My mom's BF just showed up with two of his friends and now they're staying here for a couple of days. But it's alright because he's cool.
4 Days ago
I'm back! sorta.

Interview went ok. My dang anxiety made me frickin stutter a lot and hesitate.

But other than that, I "might get a call, or I might not"
5 Days ago
And I'm off for my interview!
I'll be back sometime with the news.

See you all later. ♥~
5 Days ago
*Excited Screeches*

5 Days ago
'South winds fill the air tonight
A cold heart's lullaby
An icy figure walking
Through the city I called mine
A stream of ghastly voices
Fill the children's hearts with fear
But no one dares to harm them
For even evil left us here

Hollow paradise
A place of spirits and of ice
The lights have long burned out
But still the echoes give us light
Trapped inside a hall
With my portraits on the wall
The faces stare right back
As I hear the watcher's weary call

Still unsure what brought me here
I wander in the dust
A whisper in the wasteland
Carries through these fields of rust
He calls a boy to follow him
To a staircase up and down
He says they're moving onward
For they're sailing heaven bound

I asked the watcher
Where I'm going from this place
His faceless smile expressed
It's a journey to embrace
I'm not wicked man
But I fear the cells below
He showed me to a door
Where it leads I cannot know'

The Watcher - Aviators
6 Days ago
Aaaaa, thank you all for helping my mega baby evolve. : D

My first actual* mega!
It looks so lovely, and spikey, and just... Really cool!

*My first mega-able was Garchomp.
6 Days ago
"Where'd you get the notion you're only human?
You know there's a dark place
That will make you something more
I could sell a one-way to absolution
To the wholly abstract
Where we'll never drift back ashore

I've been living on the far side
I've been leaving footprints in your mind
Tell me all your secrets
I could be your key to the afterlife
Feel the rhythm in my cold heart
I could make your soul a work of art
Just a touch of heaven
Walking with the dead makes you feel alive

We could take a ride on the road to paradise
You'll abandon your bones
For a desolate home away
Have you seen the watcher's castle born of ice?
It's a comforting hold
For the wandering souls to stay

Oceans away from home
Deep in the danger zone
I'll carry you
Skipping the pain of death
I'd like to steal your breath
And make you new

Live beyond this divide
I promise you the other side
Abandon light inside of you
You're ascending now
And breaking through
Nothing living is ever true"

Link in comments~
6 Days ago

Guess who just impulse bought some headphones?
6 Days ago
*Waits patiently for my Skarmory to level up*

C'monnnnn spikey birb.
7 Days ago
Would you look at the time...

I should probably sleep.

Goodnight Cult of Luciel, goodnight PH. ♥~
7 Days ago

About Me

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Status: Waking up

Mood: Tired.

Names: Luciel, Lu, Ditch Dad

Kind, Caring, Fatherly, non-confrontational
Angry, Hateful, Vengeful, Violent, Cruel, Careless

Age: 2023 (20 for simplicity)

Gender: Male ♂

Species: Demon (Though I disguise myself as human from time to time)

Eye color:
Ice Blue (Left) Crimson (Right)
Dark Blue

Likes: Metal Music, Classical Music, Jazz, Basically any kind of music, Coffee, Darkness, Night-hours, Gore.

Dislikes: Children, Touching (hugs, holding hands, etc...), Artificial Fruit Flavors (too strong), Bright lights, Traitors.

Friends: No one is close enough to be considered my 'friend'

Shiny Hunt

Luciel_Gunz is currently hunting Eevee.
Hunt started: 27/03/2019

Chain: 243


Goals and Misc

[ ] - Complete Kanto Dex (Legends + Ditto)

[ ] - Complete Johto Dex
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- - > [ ] - Get 2 Chikorita
- - > [ ] - Get 3 Cyndaquil
- - > [ ] - Get 2 Totodile
- - > [ ] - Get 1 Sentret
- - > [ ] - Get 1 Spinarak
- - > [ ] - Get 1 Golbat (Crobat)
- - > [ ] - Get 1 Chinchou
- - > [ ] - Get 1Togetic

Character Themes

Luciel - The Mind Electric - Tally Hall

Cursed!Luciel - Graveyard - NEFFEX / Don't Mess With Me - Temposhark

Axesz - Saint Bernard - Lincoln

Ruos Maerc - The Mariner's Revenge Song - The Decemberists

Ares - Sweet Bod - Lemon Demon / Candyland - Blood on the Dance Floor

Kynes - Psychoactive - Aviators / Animals - Nickleback


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