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Trainerlevel: 77

Trainerpoints: 12,090/17,863


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
¤ Charlotte ¤ [1os]
(Mega Banettenstein)
4,00213,488,620 / 38,448,015
¤ Dogtooth ¤
(Mega Houndoom)
2,85311,900,245 / 30,534,234
¤ Stella ¤
1,6087,582,148 / 9,702,271
Feebas5156 / 169
Feebas332 / 70
Feebas38 / 70

About Me


Kat | 29yo | artist | scatterbrain | Mod
[Working as a moderator since May 2016]

One Piece, drawing, music, tea, sushi,
collecting rare japanese Pokémon cards,
winter, rain & thunderstorms, japan, snow,
everything sweet, anime & manga, stars,
gold, collecting banknotes from foreign
countries, my friends, dogs & birds.

summer heat, coffee, spicy food,
crowded places, loud noises, the dark,
unfriendly/disrespectful people, scam,
ignorance & intolerance, know-it-alls,
dishonesty & talking behind sb´s back,
cauliflower, asparagus, smoking.

Gold Boxes for 17,000
Gold Keys for 13,000
Note. Always ask me if I´m currently buying before setting up trades! Thanks.

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[Avatar art by Biliken]
[About Me art by megaten-illust]
[Signature art by Nekodou]
[Custom Panel art by aoitorix (IG/dA)]

Shiny Hunt

Katakuri is currently hunting Feebas.
Hunt started: 13/12/2018

Chain: 2,245
57 28 0


Game Records

Trainer ID: #3764572
Registration: 04/08/2014 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 29/Oct/2019
Game Time: 3232:50 Hours
Total interactions: 467,622
Money: 3,805,667
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


How to buy a new phone, a guide by me:

1. Enter the local tech/electronics store with your friend
2. Ask for assistance with buying a new phone
3. Wait over half an hour for someone
4. Get impatient and leave
5. Enter a Game Stop store a few meters away
6. Buy a super nice One Piece statue and leave

If people don´t want my money I simply spend it somewhere else. :V
8 Days ago
New about me.

Someone please remind me next time to never write a new one again. I hate doing this, duh...
13 Days ago
*yells at Artfight*
upload. my. attack.
13 Days ago
So.... Artfight, huh? Guess I´m in team Nightmare.

Anyways, I decided to give this a try this year. Mainly to improve (as I´m highly unsatisfied with my art) and to FINALLY get over my stupid art block thing. So will mainly focus on this for now and see if it helps. ♥
14 Days ago
I need to fight a slowly closer coming art block so put some Poké Adoptables in the comments.
15 Days ago
*drowns in puppies*

16 Days ago
I've created a side instagram to keep track of my Pokémon Card collection some days ago.

Look what I've become: one of those nerds that loves taking photos of his shiny cardboards to show them around. ヽ(。◁˚)ノ
17 Days ago
Out of my entire collection, I love this Umbreon the most.

The artwork is just extremely pretty. ♥
23 Days ago
Now that I have Clip Studio Paint (thanks to my bruh ♡︎) and since I need to practice with it...

Comment here ONE of your OCs for a free icon!
(No humans, tho)

I'll pick the oc that I like the most.
Ends when I found an oc that let's me say "years, I'll draw you!". ♡︎

25 Days ago
88 eggs until chain 2000. I just hope this chain won't be much longer than my previous SM hunts...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about not having an early SM. Eggs are just too expensive to exchange gems for them and my DC pairs are a little lazy. Its taking too long in general and I regret doing a SM Milotic hunt, lmao. ( ಠ ʜ ಠ )
25 Days ago
My life couldn't be any more difficult and couldn't go any more wrong right now but no matter how dark these times are.... My friends are the best and I love them. They never fail to put a smile on my lips. ;; u;; ♡︎
26 Days ago
Well, at this point I think I´m cursed.

My friends know that I don´t like JoJo´s Bizarre Adventure. Like, at all. Don´t get me wrong, I don´t think the anime is bad or something. It´s just not my thing judged by what I saw from it (I gave it it´s chance). But whether it be anime vine compilations, memes or obsessed fans that try to force me into it, it is haunting me wherever I am or whatever I do!

I just visited my trusted online shops for japanese Pokémon cards (which also sells any other tcg) to have an idea about the current prices of my wanted cards and guess what waited for me there.

Right, JoJo trading cards.

It´s haunting me. Send help, pls! ;; u;;
1 Month ago

Happy Birthday, Bruh! I wish you all the best for you. Thank you for being such a good friend, love you! ♡︎
1 Month ago
Oikawa with glasses. :ok_hand:
1 Month ago

I wish you all the best on your special day and that you can enjoy it to it's fullest. You're the most important person in my life and I love you from the bottom of my heart and thus, you don't deserve less than having a great day filled with nice presents, good food and the bestest possible company (aka me and little Emil <3). ♡︎ (⸝⸝ᵕᴗᵕ⸝⸝)

2 Months ago
After watching some Haikyuu episodes with the owl I can say that I have a thing for Tsukki.

Yeah, you read right. ( ಠ ʜ ಠ )
2 Months ago
Have some more cute easter fluff:


(My photos, so same rules as with art: keep your paws away. Looking and awww-ing is fine tho. ♡︎)
2 Months ago
Throw some Luxray Adoptable ideas at me. I wanna do a second (and maybe a third) one. <3
3 Months ago

Family <3


Plushie Collection! <3


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