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Trainerlevel: 22

Trainerpoints: 1,364/1,473


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Real Isopod Hours
836,142 / 20,917


✘ Zamazenta.
✘ Zenith Marshadow.
✘ Latios.
✘ Zygarde complete forme.

✘ Shiny Lugia.
✘ Shiny Reshiram.
✘ Shiny Zekrom.


✘ Shiny Hoopa Hoard. (1/30)
✘ Shiny retro /normal Magikarp hoard. (0/40)
✘ Reshiram Hoard. (0/30)

✘ Reshiram / Darkrai / Shiny magikarp plushies.

✔ Shiny unbound Hoopa

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #560482148
Registration: 13/03/2015 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 213:07 Hours
Total interactions: 53,504
Money: 136,433
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


what a disappointment that Pokefarm is not going to have gigamax sprites ; ; but also, looks like Novanchan is the only one doing these?? Or the staff could commission someone for the sprites???? Like cmon, still no release of the galar legends i wanna talk about them. :(
3 Days ago
Shiny isopod yeeeees. ; ;
8 Days ago
21 Nebula Stones :0 My Latios got me 4 a while ago, he lucky. >:(
13 Days ago
Btw, free art(Pokemon only) For my mental health i feel like i need to draw so i can calm down a bit. :) im not good with ferals ♡︎ but i always do my Best.
28 Days ago
How was your experience with the Pokefarm community? Mine was pretty boring (+people being pretty toxic to me), i feel like here people is more sociable. I joined to pokefarm discord wanting to do more friends until someone was asking me in the chat why I dont draw Lgbt things and later a group started assuming nonsensical things about me. (Lgbtphobe - pro nazi???? Lol) i got a mod on my chats telling me that the icon i had was removed, perfectly fine to, i really couldnt think that would be harmful. I told them about the drama of the server and didnt got an answer so i guess that was something like "Hey, have a warning, ok, problem solved." im extremely sad now. XD
28 Days ago
i opened my other shop [Shinies / items for art] :3
1 Month ago
Omggg shiny with sassy nature. Yasss.
1 Month ago
Still no shiny. :))))
1 Month ago
Im not feeling any good yet but I wanna Hunt a legend (Reshiram or Latios) so I want to know how much stones I need? I Will open my shop back :,) I want zamazenta tooo, have a good day everyone!
2 Months ago
My mental health its terrible and being honest i dont know if i will continue being active or at least in rps, im so sorry, _ , i think i have a minimun of 4 months to feel stable again but again, im not sure.
2 Months ago
Plushies for everyone!!! I, my head hurts a lot. :< im feeling soo weak.
3 Months ago
Im angy I want a ditto (`□´)
3 Months ago
I have been feeling a little bad and now that I realize if i have less activity I have more eggs in the daycare. (`□´) Have a nice day everyone. (´;ω;`)
3 Months ago
Someone have ufs mon? @[email protected]
3 Months ago
O o o , i finished my new Pokesona. His temporal name is Utao , i love him hnnn. ;w; i want a icon for him now oof.
3 Months ago
Oh hey, for the people who sent a mon on the wonder trade, what you got? i got a shiny gengar for my altaria Dx, im expecting to get shiny magikarps! Im going to hoard them. Oof, im sorry, im pretty bored, i get distracted very easily while drawing. (´;ω;`)
3 Months ago
Im loving more this site than Pokefarm oof, i hate hypermode too, i seen plenty of people saying that got a random shiny. (Idk, completing eggdex? and then a shiny, just the first egg...) also i would like a melan, they are expensive as hecc and looking at the shinies that people sell here even with premium they are pretty expensive? Makes me think that is still hard to get a shiny even with premium, akdkajdisk, i hate how easy is to get shinies/albino with hypermodeee. >:(
3 Months ago
Got a shiny on beach. :3 hnnn but i want shellder. ;n;
3 Months ago
Get off regirock egg, nobody wants you.
3 Months ago
Gotta go fast with commissions because i didnt sleep for like 2 days. ;A;
3 Months ago


Ethan / ♂ / Noob artist

Hello! you can call me Kao or Ethan! i draw a lot and im pretty shy, im nervous most of the time so thats why i take some time to reply. Im willing to help in evo trades and other things? Maybe. Im very friendly and i ask you to be the same. Why spread hate when you can send plushies to everyone with amazing messages?

Please stay safe and remember to use masks.
[Japanese / Spanish / Russian / a bit of english]

my favorite pokemon are: Hoopa / Darkrai / Grumpig / Marshadow / Reshiram.


Taiyōki is a very playful and friendly Victini, he is not afraid of any Pokemon and always seeks to help others if they need it! There will always be new adventures every day!



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