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Trainerlevel: 19

Trainerpoints: 1,095/1,101


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Fletchling222 / 48
Skitty923 / 217
Starly635 / 57
Spritzee39 / 37
Budew26114 / 1,833


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juiceton 1 Day ago
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About Me UwU

Height: 5’1”


Made by dirtdude

Made by l0ser

Made by xX_Artemis_Xx at Hunting Out Sprites

Made by me!

Game Records

Trainer ID: #579734536
Registration: 12/10/2019 (5 Months ago)
Game Time: 91:34 Hours
Total interactions: 27,036
Money: 69,510
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


Often I am upset
That I cannot fall in love
But I guess
This avoids the stress of falling out of it
Are you tired of me yet?
I'm a little sick right now
But I swear
When i'm ready I will fly us out of here
I'll cut my hair
To make you stare
I'll hide my chest
And i'll figure out a way to get us out of here.
Turn off your porcelain face
I can't really think right now in this place
There's too many colors
Enough to drive all of us insane
Are you dead?
Sometimes I think I'm dead
Cause I can feel ghosts and ghouls wrapping my head
But i don't wanna fall asleep just yet
My eyes went dark
I don't know where
My pupils are
But i'll figure out a way to get us out of here
Get a load of this monster
He doesn't know how to communicate
His mind is in a different place
Will everybody please give him a little bit of space
Get a load of this trainwreck
His hair's a mess and he doesn't know who he is yet
Yesterday, 20:00
There once was a bitter sweet man and they called him Lemon Boy
He was growing in my garden and I
Pulled him out by his hair like a weed
But like weeds do he only came and grew back again
So I figured this time I might as well let him be
Lemon Boy and me started to get along together
I helped him plant his seeds and we'd mow the lawn in bad weather
It's actually pretty easy being nice to a bitter boy like him
So I got myself a citrus friend
But soon his bitter sweet started to rub off on me
You'd think smelling like lemon zest would be pretty neat
I found out that my friends are more of the savoury type
And they weren't too keen on compromising with a nice lemon pie
So Lemon Boy and me, we just gotta get along together
I'll help him plant his seeds and we'll mow the lawn in bad weather
It's actually pretty easy being nice to a bitter boy like him
So I got myself a citrus friend
Yesterday, 00:38
Kawaii Pikachu
4 Days ago
Interaction exchange? uwu
4 Days ago
By Cosmixx - 15 Minutes and 29 Seconds ago.
Uhhhh gonna to a face reveal if this post gets 100 likes you better not get it to 100 likes XD so yeah

Oh yeah, comment some questions if you want I guess I don’t really know at this point
5 Days ago
6 Days ago
Happy Halloween!
7 Days ago
By ~Sly~ - 2 Hours and 32 Minutes ago.
I'm back to host a giveaway!
Nothing much... 200k pd and an ultra saddle
There will be 2 winners!
Share #booplesnoot (Look... It's adorable okay? Google it.) and ♡ this post to enter!
Ends on my birthday, 15th of April
Good luck! ♡
9 Days ago
Mississippi SUCKS! 3 reasons: 1. No internet, 2. No service, and 3. Brown recluse and black widow spiders. It’s 10X worse if a house has been closed up for more than 100 days. #mississippisucks
11 Days ago

By Egbert - 9 Hours and 26 Minutes ago.
today is mine and Hons Birthday that is the reason i do a little raffle.
Prices are:
2 Mega able Swablu
2 Mega able bulbasaur
3 Rayquaza
2 Shiny Bulbasaur
2 Shiny Swablu

To participate send Hons a plushee,which he doesn't have and comment on this feed !
I announce the winners at saturday 5pm ^^
Good luck !

13 Days ago
By l0ser - 7 Hours and 33 Minutes ago.
in a panic to keep ahead of prof oak, i'm doing a quick giveaway in return of your help!!
as of right now, i am only TWO levels ahead of him! yikes!

in order for me to stay ahead of him, ive decided to do a small giveaway, with FIVE random winners!

prizes consist of:
-50k PD
-10x random gems
-5x rare candies
-2x boxes OR keys (no black/gold)
-1x random fossil

how to enter the giveaway:
-repost this entire post, including "by l0ser"
-feed prof rowan's pokemon a berry (charlotte)
-copy/paste the "fed berry" message in the ORIGINAL POST
-make sure you add #Helpl0serWithRowan to be entered

anyone that clicks as a guest gets a SECOND ENTRY in the name pool! make sure this is added in the ORIGINAL POST as well for it to count!! (this post!) I did it as a guest.
14 Days ago
I have a CHALLENGE for everyone. Try to make this the most liked post on pokeheroes. EVER. Of course there will be prizes.
1st place: 5 super honey and 10k pd
2nd place: 10k pd and a Combee
3rd place: 10k pd
So c’mon. Start liking!
17 Days ago
Thank you to all these users that interacted with Celebi egg
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18 Days ago

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