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Trainerlevel: 55

Trainerpoints: 6,413/9,129


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
º¤AZRAEL¤º (4OS)
569544,840 / 1,216,239
(Mega Froslass)
1,0801,043,906 / 3,502,441
(Mega Gengar)
1,1081,305,234 / 4,390,425
~ Eleos ~ (#38)
(Mega Gyarados)
1,9989,158,620 / 14,977,509
*~Daenerys~* (1OS)
(Mega Charizard Y)
2,03313,868,402 / 14,825,535
Mega Rapidash
8442,051,611 / 2,139,541

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Shiny Hunt

Guest is currently hunting Absol.
Hunt started: 25/04/2018

Chain: 6,357
174 48 0


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #351391013
Registration: 26/11/2014 (6 Years ago)
Premium member until 13/Sep/2021
Game Time: 1962:05 Hours
Total interactions: 1,122,924
Money: 3,885,659
Starter Pokémon: Mega Charizard Y


So if anyone ever wonders what my past time in ph is?

Well it was first staring at my profile pic when I had glacie pic by Tesoro
Then it got changed to staring at my profile pic when i had allure pic by Kuroo
Then it got changed to staring at my profile cause of the amazing artist from various artists.
Then it went to staring at my toyhouse Taavi profile and seeing Jaegers cool art they made for me.
Now it’s currently stalking a persons profile pic lol.

See what I’m doing all day? And then I wonder why I can’t study.
Today, 01:49
Ok so a game for fun and a few other reasons.
Find me the first on site shiny palkia and get 50k pd
Find me all the shiny palkia links on site and get 100k pd/50 nuggets.

Comment which one you going for. And you can’t do both.
Well actually I don’t really care but it’s just here to make the game fun.
Today, 01:42
Anyone knows who has the 1OS Shiny Palkia?
Today, 01:28
[People be like:]

Soo I bought this many black boxes today. And I’m sooo lucky I got this and this and this.
And then others are like I got this but wish I had gotten this.

And here I am like:
Maybe that SM is near?
Yesterday, 20:55
Seriously if you Palpad me.
Then at least add me to your friendlist or make it public.
I’m not gonna PM you just to reply to you.
1 Day ago

Ice type Absol. And I’m gonna mega evolve it into an ice Mega absol.

Wow. I’m in love with this.
Anyways time to design this.
3 Days ago
See. I forgot who else owes me art. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
5 Days ago
[Post to remind me who who owes me art so I don’t forget:]
5 Days ago
@previous feed
Anything containing the numbers “69” and “420” are gonna be disqualified.
Anything said before this feed will be deleted so choose again.
8 Days ago
Ok so here’s a game.
Guess the chain number this shiny mega is going to hatch on.
The one to guess correctly. Gets a prize.
What would be a fitting prize?
A million pd works?

Guess exactly correct. 1 guess per person.
If you are in about 5 eggs up or down you get 750k. And I continue to remove 250k per 5 eggs. So to win anything you must have a guess within 20 eggs.

No double guess. Two people can’t take one number.
There will be one winner. So closest wins.
8 Days ago
I have been meaning to write this for quite a few days. But I have been putting it off. Cause of reasons. But it needs to be said.
(Not ph related. Just some irl bs.)

People should understand that :
Just cause a friend of theirs likes someone they don’t have to like it them too.
Just cause a friend of theirs hates someone they don’t have to hate them too.
Just cause a friend has a certain opinion about something doesn’t mean you have to too. Yours can be entirely different, total opposite.
Respect your friends opinions but don’t blindly follow them.

Who knows you might find a good friend in a person you friends don’t like.
Who knows you might find a 💩💩💩 person in someone your friends like.

It’s fine to have different opinions on stuff then your friends have. You aren’t the same person. No need to be.
And if your friends can’t respect your opinions, which are different from theirs, then I’m sorry to say this you guys aren’t exactly friends.
8 Days ago
Some people need to get the following things into their heads:

* You don’t get any more popular than you already are by commenting on every single feed you see.
* You don’t have to comment on every single feed you see. Some feeds are just to heart that button and move on.
* Even if you choose to ignore the above two points and do comment at least comment something good and original.

Now I don’t mean this to be offensive. And this is not directed to a specific somebody. It’s general advice for everyone.
I know from experience that if you see your now self in a few years, you are gonna get really ashamed.
So better listen to me and save yourself the misery.
Don’t make the mistakes I made.
Good hearted advice for the betterment of everyone.
11 Days ago
i think I accidentally messed up real bad

Any way to save my chain? And save the pass too? Or at least save the chain and lose the pass?
12 Days ago

Good luck in life. 👍👍
14 Days ago
Current to do list :

keep your paws off
16 Days ago
So as far as my calculations go this hunt has costed me a FORTUNE.

3 years of premium.
3 years of flutes. (Sure there were a few months I didn’t use them but they weren’t that many.)
2 years of cuffs. (Not that big of a fan. Total waste.)
And don’t even know how much that daycare man has sucked the money out of my pockets. I don’t think I ever left it empty. But let’s assume it’s 1.5mil pd.

So some quick calculations:
Premium= ~26k nuggets (2 year premium bought separately and onw year bought by sale)
Flutes= ~8640 nuggets (Some are from the sale and some month I didn’t use so that’s why only counting 2 years worth not 3)
Mega Cuff= ~4050 nuggets. (1.5 years worth. Didn’t use many)
Daycare= ~1k nuggets (assumption. Probably less than actual value)
Gems= ~9k nuggets (spent like 14k gems. Not a fan of using them but needed to. Bought most for 1k each.)

So the total comes to.
48.6k nuggets
Big oof. 😖😖😖
19 Days ago
A 6k chain. 👀👀👀
20 Days ago
Honestly sometimes seeing people complain makes me feel like a millionaire is complaining about being poor and not being a billionaire.
Like seriously maybe once in a while instead of seeing people higher then you and complain about it pay attention to those lower then you or who have it worse then you and be thankful.
It can’t hurt can it.
All it will do is maybe make your life a little less of a wreck.
2 Months ago
How many of you believe that riako stops reading the comments on his post after a certain number cause they become highly irrelevant?
Well even if he did that it’s understandable man.
2 Months ago
When u realise that Guest is actually not a Guest but instead an officially registered user.
Smh. Such treachery. 😱😱😨😨
3 Months ago

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