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Trainerlevel: 53

Trainerpoints: 5,077/8,479


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Charizard Y)
2,0827,816,941 / 15,550,128
Absol689,017 / 14,937
Absol698,700 / 15,405
Absol693,107 / 15,405
Absol686,704 / 14,937



Shiny Hunt

Guest is currently hunting Absol.
Hunt started: 25/04/2018

Chain: 4,972
142 30 0

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #351391013
Registration: 26/11/2014 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 13/Sep/2021
Game Time: 1754:15 Hours
Total interactions: 1,106,445
Money: 1,149,652
Starter Pokémon: Mega Charizard Y


Buying nebula stones.
7 Days ago
If anyone has black keys or full moon island map/it’s summon please gift/sell them to my friend Shinigamii

I’d definitely appreciate it. 😊

Also to help her a little I’m starting a raffle.
Sell her maps and share the #shinigamiicressilia and get a chance to win 500 nuggets.

This raffle only applies if at least 10 people sell her the maps. 😊🥳🥳
Good luck.
7 Days ago
How much does the Zygarde form cost? I need numbers to be specific for all forms
7 Days ago
Ok so I have been wondering about something
Anybody know why there is the nayami (red absol) the shiny-ish eevee and shiny-ish ampharos plushies in the dw shop. They most definitely look like someone’s OCs.

Any idea how they came into being? And will there ever be more like those?
7 Days ago
I remember I always wanted a gengar in the Pokemon games but I could never get one without cheats cause it required trades.
And then I played Pokemon platinum for the first time and I reached snowpoint city and there was this girl who wanted to trade her haunter with my medicham.
I was literally jumping with joy, I was gonna get my own Gengar.

What I didn’t knew she was the devil. She put an everstone on her haunter. 😭😭😭
7 Days ago
hi as you all know I am quitting the game and I am doing a give away.share #quitethisgame to enter
first plase gets my party
second place gets 3 megas ( not mega ables ) and 10 shinys.
3 place gets 1 mega and 5 shinys.
By stanley2008
19 Days ago
Honestly sometimes seeing people complain makes me feel like a millionaire is complaining about being poor and not being a billionaire.
Like seriously maybe once in a while instead of seeing people higher then you and complain about it pay attention to those lower then you or who have it worse then you and be thankful.
It can’t hurt can it.
All it will do is maybe make your life a little less of a wreck.
20 Days ago
Ok so am I the only one who stares at this for like ten minutes cause I have no idea where I wanted to go in the first place lol.
24 Days ago
How many of you believe that riako stops reading the comments on his post after a certain number cause they become highly irrelevant?
Well even if he did that it’s understandable man.
26 Days ago
When u realise that Guest is actually not a Guest but instead an officially registered user.
Smh. Such treachery. 😱😱😨😨
29 Days ago
The minor update thread was unlocked again. 😅😅. Why are we all such scaredy cats good people.
1 Month ago
[Im curious lol...]

So so as some of you might know the minor updates thread was unlocked for some time (probably an accident) but no one posted cause we are all such big old scaredy cats 😅😅... good people who don’t wanna trouble the admin.
But it has me wondering what would you post if you had done it.

I’d prolly have posted something along these lines.
“This is a coup d'etat. I am officially taking over he government. All hail Absol.” Or something.
I mean the first person other than the admin to post on a thread reserved only for the admin. What else fits more then that. 😅😅.
Though what would you have posted?
1 Month ago
When a staff member is discussing about possible new updates on this site with you. 😳😳🥳🥳 I feel important all of a sudden. 🥳🥳🤗🤗.
1 Month ago
Goals and notes to self

do not comment
1 Year ago

About Me

The avatar was made by tesoro
All characters belong to me

*Kaisa = all
*Shyreina = No

Artwork needed to be collected or payed for:
Stari #11241. Scarlet chibi . Payed
NAK_COOO (#36938) : art of taavi : payed.
Chrono : 3 peices (1 of scarlet, katherine and vanile) . Payed

Pokefarm and Plushies


I’m looking to buy pokefarm currency and items for pd/nuggets/dragon gems
Have over 5k nuggets worth to spend
Also looking for legends and megas

Absol girls art shop

Welcome to my little art and adopt shop!

Quote from absol-girli am best at humans and Pokemon but ill try all characters! please have a backup character ready in case i find yours too difficult!


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QuoteHuman prices:

*full-body=400-500k or equivalent in nuggets
*sketch=300k or equivalent in nuggets
*head/bust=300-400k or equivalent in nuggets

Pokemon prices:

*full-body=300k or equivalent in nuggets

*head/bust=150-200k or equivalent in nuggets

Also accept resolute stones (60 nuggets each)

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Quoteplease palpad me or order in shop if your are interested. max is 3 characters at one time please be patient.

Slot 1:

Slot 2:

Slot 3:

Slot 4:

By [user] Absol-girl[/user]
[b]Art shop[/b]

Let me help you get art that u need

[[url=https://pokeheroes.com/forum_thread?id=72711]More About this Shop[/url]]

[b]Sharing is appreciated and if the person who orders the slot tells me who referred them to my shop the refferer will get 5 percent of what they pay me [/b]



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