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Formerly: FaithfullyBlindAbs
Trainerlevel: 59

Trainerpoints: 5,688/10,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Goldie Death (#114)
3,11218,473,377 / 29,062,969

About Me

Feel free to talk to me about anything! You can call me any of my RP names or Zace!
I'm 22 years old, live in Iowa, and my pronouns are he/his/him/she/hers/her/they/them.
I'm a fan of anime music, if you have any recommendations then tell me! My favorite band is coldrain!
Profile picture made by sire_sole1l

Credit to ScottSky!

Interesting Link
The next male shiny Hoothoot I get shall be named Ichorvio
If you've made it this far, fair warning that any mentions of the 3 letter abbreviated other Pokémon fansite WILL upset and/or generally make me angry. I have my reasons, so please don't talk to me about that place!

Shinies for Gems

I will offer people a shiny Bulbasaur-line Pokémon for 100 Grass and 100 Poison gems each. Be on the lookout for feeds about it and changed information on here!

Gift Backs

SM Hunt
DarknessTyplo: x58 Fire Gems (or at least something in return)
Mimikyu_Man: x19 Fire Gems Waiting to help in return

Aspen: Gave 5 Dragon Gems
Chungus: Gave 2 Fairy Gems
Torracat: Gave 2 Dragon Gems
LugiaBRE: Gave 30 Grass Gems

Zacian Hunt
James125: x1 Art of Combat

Ditto Gift Gem Count/Ditto Count
Purpleeda: x26 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
Miminite: x16 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
LugiaBRE: x26 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
ShinyMegaLucarioGuy: x5 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
James125: x294 Normal Gems (equivalent)/0 Ditto (yet)
Torracat: x3 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
DarknessTyplo: x379 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
TheUnknownCollector: x65 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
PenguinPowerful: x77 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
~Venus~: x1,000 Normal Gems/1 Ditto
RanbooMyBeloved: x620 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
ChikoritaMining: x300 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
~Techno: x100 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
Aqua_sapphire: x1000 Normal Gems/1 Ditto
Luciel_Hughes: x352 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
FreeHugz: x49 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
Izure: x50 Normal Gems (Pending)/0 Ditto (yet)
ShinyMegaGardevoir: x100 Normal Gems (Pending)/0 Ditto (yet)
-Koukio-: x10 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
Octavius: x126 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
_-_-_-Sam-_-_-: x110 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
HepHasTus: x438 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
icees8: x473 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)

Shiny Hunt

DragaliaAseZace is currently hunting Bulbasaur.
Hunt started: 04/08/2022

Chain: 195
1 8 0


Normal Gems...
Get 100 Art of Combats

Obtain Shiny Lugia
Obtain Shiny Ho-Oh
Obtain Megearna forms
Obtain Zapdos
Obtain Articuno

Finish Kanto Dex
Finish Johto Dex
Finish Hoenn Dex
Finish Sinnoh Dex
Finish Unova Dex
Finish Kalos Dex
Finish Alola Dex
Finish Galar Dex
Finish Emera Dex
Finish Retro Dex

Reach Berry Garden Level 40
Reach Level 20 with a single Berry
Reach Player Level 60
Reach HoL Chain 40

RP Info

Shino - Besaray, born in the Dark Forest (Picture by Luciel_Hughes)
Abs - Absol, regular form has slightly dulled eyes, born in the Dark Forest Mega Form (Picture by Luciel_Hughes)
Rocke - Half Ditto, Half Human
Cynder - Cyndaquil born in the Dark Forest (Super strength)
Pyrk - Twin of Cynder, a Ponpin with a giant "X" shaped scar on his belly and a broken outlet.
Goldie - Daughter of Shino and Abs, Shiny Caterpie, very relaxed around everyone but her mom, Shino.

Rocke - (Again, info above)
Johnny Joe - Super Demon, Before becoming a demon, Demon, post-horn break, 2 tails, demon of pride
Jacob "Custer" Joe - Super Demon, wings, 2 tails, demon the Kynseract family
Jacalyn "Emily" Joe - Super Demon, 2 tails, demon of the Kynseract family
For more information on the demons ask me or Scottsky

Dark Rose - Demon Cat, blood red paws and tail tip, pitch black fur, and blood red eyes, can fly without wings, understand all languages, holds grudges a lot, otherwise a powered wolf with the same coloring and instead of flying she can sense things much better than most, always goes by "Rose"
Zeltic - Wolf God, pitch black fur, black eyes, God of Shadows, born on a cold snowy mountain in ancient times, wanders aimlessly now

Zeltic - remade form of Zeltic as a Dragalia Dragon
Dark Rose - remade form of Dark Rose, Sylvan with black ears and long straight hair with blood red tips, wears blood red gloves, black tail with a blood red tail tip. Eats shadows, remade as the Dragalia adventurer packbound to Zeltic.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #767744757
Registration: 11/02/2014 (8 Years ago)
Premium member until 02/Sep/2022
Game Time: 1851:02 Hours
Total interactions: 5,108,564
Money: 134,232
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Max doesn't appreciate me telling him that no, I'm not taking him with me where I'm going. He won't look at me, lol
Today, 18:01
I just thought of something... You know those "In Soviet Russia..." jokes where you replace who or what's doing what with the opposite, like "In Soviet Russia, dog train you" or whatever? I just thought of a somehow uplifting one? In Soviet Russia, Santa Claus believes in you" XD
Today, 17:24
The other day I was looking at official Pokemon plushes, specifically the shinx ones because SHINX, and my brother was nearby. He wanted me to look at it to see what they have since I asked him to get me some Pokemon plushies for my birthday and Christmas present (he rolls them into one for me and gives it to me for either event since it's easier to buy a more expensive present than two less expensive ones since that way he can just have one overall budget and get whatever and not two he has to work with), so as I scrolled through the few under the search I was like "None of these are as cute as the one you bought me from your band trip" and at first he thought I was saying that the ones online were better because it only made sense to him that way and he told me "I got yours at a carnival, so that's not surprising." So I repeated it again and he was like "If you say so, I'll take the win" XD
Today, 16:55
ACNH: I'm getting Deli on my island! In my house he's legendary for being the monkey that concerned the heck out of my whole family by breaking the fourth wall as a joke, lol
Today, 14:23
Des Moines areas be like:
East Side!
East Side: absorbs and rejects Pleasant Hill somehow, mess with them and you might have a biker gang or two on your hands
South Side!
South Side: Seems to go on forever, hill hell, airport, meets East Side at downtown
North Side!
North Side: A bit run down looking but it's actually closest to Ankeny which is a college and upper middle class area
West Side! points in a new direction. Pointer finger lands on nothing, but off in the distance West Des Moines runs over to pick a fight over name confusion
lololol (I'm very sleepy rn XD)
Today, 03:41
I want lights like what Sims has. They can automatically turn on and off when you enter or exit a room and also when there's no awake occupant. I want it so bad...!
Today, 03:30
I just remembered that on Wednesday my brother and I are planning to go up to Pleasant Hill, specifically the lake up there, to do Pokemon GO!, so long as he doesn't change his plans that is. I'm excited, but now I have to get through 2 days of work before it...!
Today, 03:12
I still hurt really bad from work today. My back, shoulder, and neck all hurt from the intense workout that is working at an Aldi's. Thankfully my whatever was hurting earlier hasn't hurt for awhile, I think it's mainly triggered by bending like I have to at work. Which absolutely sucks since standing for too long triggers the invisible bruise on my shin from when I fell and makes my foot hurt where I have chronic pain from breaking it years ago.
One a half-good note I work night tomorrow (not Close but NIGHT for once, I get off at 8 when our store closes and I'm not part of most of or maybe all of the real store cleaning that takes place) and it's one of the safer times for me to take the bus back home because of the fair. I'll just have to see if I can use route 1 -> transfer to route 4 instead of route 17 -> transfer to route 4 because it doesn't involve crossing dangerous intersections with no visibility and has many people around.
Today, 02:55
I feel like death warmed over and frozen again.
Yesterday, 22:05
My maybe lungs hurt rn and I can't even ask my mom if she's having the same problem today because hers is worse for a definitive reason. She messed up part of her ribs and it's made her asthma really bad, any movement causes pain in her ribs and/or lungs, etc. She'd normally be what I use to decide if this is an emergency or ongoing for a day...
Yesterday, 19:37
Either my ribs or lungs hurt today and they have for more than an hour. It's not the extreme sharp pains I was getting before but...
Yesterday, 19:27
Rare! I saw the fairground commuting idiots NOT completely block a major intersection!
Yesterday, 13:54
I still have an internally bruised shin, a foot with a cut from a concrete stair ledge, a sensitive cut on my non-dominant hand from my shift at the store near my house, and now a sunburn from community day yesterday (my shirt was super thin so my outer upper arms got burned a bit but it doesn't hurt so no problem thusfar).
On another note, I'm working on tidying up my room real good and I think I'm gonna do one thing a day each day off just to keep it going and actually get it done, lol
Yesterday, 13:47
Today sure is a day. I didn't have to lower my brightness once I got inside because it's overcast today, the McDonald's doesn't have a working fountain drink machine so I got a bottled water (it would've been more expensive but the person at the register said she'd just charge me the amount for a fountain drink as compensation so that's good), the first bus (route 4) was 4 minutes late and the second one (route 1) was about 12 minutes late (it's one of the fairgrounds routes which is why I can take it to near work). Now for me to hopefully feel less nauseous from stress, lol
Yesterday, 13:21
Today has decided to be fall, yesterday was DEFINITELY a summer day. It's only supposed to be reaching around 80 degrees today.
Yesterday, 12:47
By PokéRadar - 3 Hours and 21 Minutes ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Bulbasaur hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #176)!

The first one hatched at long last! Also the harassment starts strong in this chain because one of the other Pokémon hatched with her was mega-able, lol
Yesterday, 11:25
I love the fact that I specified the names of the shinies I caught in PoGO! today and no one thought it was weird that they had such strange names.
My brother did, though, lol He was like "Wait, after Zag it should be Zaggy, right? Why Zog?!" And then Dave and George were decided for 2 reasons. George came up at some point while we were talking and I was like "Ah, an obnoxious zigzag creature named George? Yes please!" and then Dave became a thing when I said something and my brother straight up thought I'd said Dave and not some other word. Today was A M A Z I N G!
Yesterday, 06:32
I LOVE my mouse. Does it have a gross grandma pattern? Yes. Is it the best option of it's kind? Also yes. But importantly, I bought it a few years ago because the mouses I had been using were old ones my family had owned for most of my life and their clickers were breaking. They'd often click twice or not at all, etc. I bought my current mouse a few years ago from Aldi's not expecting much since they're not famous for good electronics and I ended up with a mouse with some genius designs now that I'm actually looking. The top of it pops off to ensure that it doesn't damage the interior in case of dropping it down a flight of stairs (lol) a few times (lol x2) and also to get easy yet secure access to the batteries inside. The batteries are secured by a piece that slides up it and doesn't come off normally unless you actually try to take it off, and there are magnets on the inside which assist in keeping the cover on during general use. This has been my TED talk on why I love my mouse.
1 Day ago
For reasons which I shouldn't communicate my mom bought me Fallout New Vegas early. Now I can play nostalgia AND content I wasn't able to play on the X-Box...!
1 Day ago
Finally, another mega-able Bulbasaur. Now if only it were shiny as well/instead! I swear...!
1 Day ago



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