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Trainerlevel: 51

Trainerpoints: 6,083/7,853


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About Diimplez

hiya there fellow pokehero~ *waves* my name is diim.
[ 29yo scorpio ] ↹ [ she|her ] ↹ [ married ] ↹ [ cat mom ]
[ employment coordinator ] ↹ [ vanliving ] ↹ [ california ]

i enjoy; anime, writing, anything yellow or holographic,
obviously pokemon - representing kanto region, nintendo,
paranormal everything, taxidermy, sharks, and a simple life.
anime and shows i enjoy; hell girl, one piece, souleater,
hunterxhunter, sword art online, naruto, demon slayer,
the seven deadly sins, one punch man, and more.
stargate, manifest, 90 day fiance, good place, schitt's creek,
that 70s show, lucifer, kims convenience, and more.
video and mobile games i enjoy; pokemon: new snap,
animal crossing: new leaf, animal crossing: new horizons,
minecraft, overwatch, call of duty: mobile, roblox, and more.

Regarding PokeHeroes

[ mobile user ] ↹ [ 5p pst - server reset ] ↹ [ shiny hunter ]

Quote from important links
my pokemon dream world shop gem rumbles
mass click away golden slots donation
event pokemon wiki fishing gem exchange

i shiny hunt with premium pokeradar. i may use the tall grass and fund the gem egg exchange. i am currently hunting for myself. my shop is closed at this time.

i freaking adore plushies. i may spam you. you are not obligated to gift back! the dream world shop is one of my top favorite activities to do here. dream points for days~

my palpad is open if you have any questions or would like to chat. *u * although, i will not tolerate those who blatantly ask for pokedollars, nuggets, items, pokemon, or to battle. you may find yourself blocked and or reported.

i cherish this website and am online throughout my work day. i enjoy meeting new people and chatting about random things. i hope we can become friends!

Astrid, My Pokesona

astrid, a golden haunter with ruby eyes
her bracelets are also completely ruby.

❀ not a battle pokemon, she helps trainer ❀
❀ with; removing seeds and volunteering ❀
❀ at various poke centers in many regions. ❀

i buy art of astrid with nuggets.
i am seeking; pixel, icon, & plushie at this time.
please palpad me, if you are interested.

[ 07/11/21 ] astrid by hexedorder
[ 07/21/21 ] astrid by asagataorder
[ 07/21/21 ] astrid by ~weird_pichu~order
[ 07/22/21 ] astrid by my husband ❀ order
[ 07/23/21 ] astrid by alolan~raichuorder
[ 07/24/21 ] astrid by artsydude3order
[ 07/25/21 ] astrid by emmawangorder

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #580077655
Registration: 08/11/2019 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 05/Jan/2022
Game Time: 528:45 Hours
Total interactions: 813,440
Money: 846,894
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


starting wednesday, i wont be online as much. maybe i will. depends on whats going on at disneyworld and universal studios for two weeks. got a few battery packs so probably be online waiting in line or something. :3
3 Days ago
hiya friends! check out artsydudes' pixel art shop. they did astrid, my haunter. and they are new to pokeheroes! 🙂 thanks!
4 Days ago
please feed this pokemon a berry. raylong quests, yays 😅 . thank yous!
4 Days ago
By Foreveralone - 12 Hours and 18 Minutes ago.
Hi guys I need your help! Have you got shiny ninetales? Check his OT please help me to find mine! I can do another shiny vulpix chain if you have got mine! Please help me to find! If I'll find and I'll have got it back 2 users will win 1 shiny event chain! Spread it please
5 Days ago
joined the recent kitty #newavi train.
this is my furbaby, falcor. he will sleep on anything.
7 Days ago