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Trainerlevel: 30

Trainerpoints: 851/2,729


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Weezing11315,332 / 38,647
Beedrill11916,339 / 42,841
Sharpedo959,275 / 34,201
Unfezant11036,472 / 40,742
Gyarados10137,437 / 38,634
Raticate12413,768 / 46,501

Guess Who.

Hey, I'm Cath! You might know as the crazy Mafia Admin, the girl who runs Writer's Club, or another college kid with way too big a courseload! I have a diary full of crazy things in the forums if you're actually interested in learning more about me. A lot of people onsite have taken to calling me Aunti... you know who you all are.
o Please refer to me as Cath (she/her) unless told otherwise.

o I am a college student, and a STEM major at that, so my free time may be limited (please be understanding).

o I'm generally friendly and open to talking (pp me). Feel free to discuss Pokemon and/or fantasy with me (HP, LotR, Trek, Wars, WoF, Warriors, LoS, and many other fandoms).

o I am an avid RPer, run the PH Mafia, and have revitalized the PH Writing Club (all in contact links).

o I don't have social media (so don't ask). Thinking about getting discord though...

o I am well aware that I have a screen addiction (so if I fall off the face of the earth, it's a self-imposed intervention).

o My Favorite Pokemon are Solgilyph, SM Pidgeot, Pidgey, Zapdos, Furret, Stoutland, and Wailord (always accepting plooshes).
Thanks for understanding my boundaries, being a good human, and making Pokeheroes fun!

My Bestest Friends

Be kind. Always. Especially to these people.

This list is live. I will add your mon if you become a close friend :)

Quote Don't be lazy and make judgments about people. Be kind. Ask about their lives, their histories. Listen. Be humble. Be open. Be teachable. Be a good neighbor. And understand everyone is the hero of their own story; they may need a supportive group of friends to surmount the obstacles they face.
- Andrael Cygnus Cassowary


Be a kind human being
Live a life offline
Be a good friend and family member
Make music
Invest in myself
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Get to level 30: level 28/30

Harvest Sprites: 4/8 - 50%

Kantodex: 86/151 - 56.9%

Solgyliph to lvl 1000: 694/1000 - 69.4%

Puzzlepiece Quest: 180/672 - 26.8%

Premium Quest: 515/8000 - 6.43%

Updated Nov 19th

Collecting Pidgey Plooshes! So far I have FORTY-NINE (49).
I really want an army! Pls send help :)

Huge thanks to my top donors: SuperDucky100, Serendibite, Dazai and HeartOfAWizard~
Click here for art I've commissioned/adopted from awesome people. My goal is to commission/adopt 10 pieces, so I feel like I am giving back to the community! (2/10)
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Wailord and Swablu by InkayLovesTwixBars212

Cosmic Chimecho by ~Hu-Tao~

More to come!
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Zapdos/Ditto - Lab Luck
Shiny Sig/Solgyliph - 50,000pd, time, pain, a perfect match!
More box Expansions - 150,000pd each
More Egg Storage - more pd
Premium - nuggies...

Riddle me this...

Solgyliph - my partner and familiar

Oh what's that? Are you looking for something from me?
[Yes!/Not really...]
How can I help?
[You see, Shaymin sent me on a quest.../I want to prove my knowledge to the world.../I'm looking for something to do.../Leave me alone, weirdo!]
Haha! I know just the thing!
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I love riddles! and if you're here, I have a challenge for you. Play along and solve the puzzle if you dare! Perhaps you got this riddle from my last sky gift... or you're just curious!

A farmer needs to take a fox, a chicken, and a sack of grain across a river. The only way across the river is by a small boat, which can only hold the farmer and one of the three items. Left unsupervised, the chicken will eat the grain, and the fox will eat the chicken. However, the fox won't try to eat the grain, and neither the fox nor the chicken will wander off. How does the farmer get everything across the river?

Perhaps a clue to the answer's location can be found in my Plushie Log!
Hint: Ice type, 5 pages from the end.

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #532875715
Registration: 02/08/2021 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 280:13 Hours
Total interactions: 249,092
Money: 28,888
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


2 Days ago
Hello PH!
After recent drama (that I somehow was dragged into by name), I just want to set a few things straight.

1. I am my own person. I have a real life, real jobs, college, and a family. They come first.
2. Please call me Cath or Catherine. If I've given you permission to call me something else (aunti, etc.), you can by all means call me that. Anything else is an inside joke between friends who know they can tease me and mess with me, because that is the relationship I have built with those people. :)
3. I give out limited personal information to people for many reasons, including some security concerns. Respect that. Anything I do tell people is preferred to be kept private.
4. I believe half the drama on this site is stupid. Yes, I will defend my friends if something truly attrocious is said about them, but I trust them to ask if they need my help. Respectfully, don't involve me unless it is my problem. Seriously, reach out if you need help.
5 Days ago
Walking across campus in the snow would be absolutely fine. Except today, it's sleet. Slushy, wet, nasty, sleet. And I don't have an umbrella. Or my ID, or pencils, or my calculator, and a whole bunch other stuff I forgot to put in my backpack...

First day of classes is off to a decent start; I have the same great teacher for my math as I did last semester! Debate is Thursday...

DiffEQ @ 8am
Then ASL (American Sign Language) and Philosophy

DiffEQ @ 8am
Then Anthropology, Major Religions, and the Art of Reasoning
8 Days ago
What's New:
On lunch break :)

Blah, blah, blah, #LincolnHouseDivided, blah~

I have sold the mostest museum memberships for January and my lead is insurmountable. Unfortunately, it's a team goal and not an individual goal. Pull your weight, gang! >:)

Spring semester starts Monday. (My first class is differential equations at 8am.) I am... not sure how to feel.

Debate is starting up again soon! I received a cherry-red blazer for Christmas... it was a calculated move to further intimidate my opponents. :D

If you see a scatterbrained museum worker, scatterbrained local librarian, or confident debate opponent in scarlet, feel free to say hi! There's a 0.1% chance it's me... (higher if you're on the East Coast)!
12 Days ago

RP is out. Sign up or Res a spot for an additional entry into the giveaway.

Link is right here
13 Days ago
points to previous feed

#LincolnHouseDivided is the number two hashtag on trending! (gasp) I'm popular!

Perhaps I shall add an additional prize to the pool if it becomes number one...

Also, this hashtag's name is PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE thankyouverymuch.
14 Days ago
A house divided against itself cannot stand.
-Abraham Lincoln

Hey, you. Yeah you, reading this right now. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to escape to another world? Perhaps a fantasy realm would finally make your true self shine? Or a futuristic would with a thousand galaxies to explore?

I have an idea, and it's terrible. But it will undoubtedly be fun...

Keep your eyes on the forums for a new RP. My plan is for it to be a low-pressure (posting 1-2 times a day is fine) group of semi-lit to lit users coming together with OCs to travel the multiverse. I will not give any more plot than that for now, but It is coming.

Like and share #LincolnHouseDivided for a chance to win 70k pd. Additional entries if you eventually sign up.
15 Days ago

Miss you guys!
17 Days ago
To those of you who still doubt my existence: I am biding my time in the shadows, don't worry~

Today's Message:

As in, the house Harry was sorted into.
Snape got the Gryffs.
Hagrid got the Snakes.

It will make my day if you understand the reference :)
18 Days ago
College applications. Fun.
People who are applying now/within the next ten years... Are you going to apply to the ivy league (America's best of the best)/international equivalents? Why or Why Not?

I kind of want to send apps in to two of them... Realistically there is a possibility for me to get it, but with <5% acceptance rates and $90 application fees, I'm not sure if it's worth it. I would need one hell of a scholarship anyway to be able to afford tuition...
20 Days ago
You know you've hit a new low when it takes you seven hours to do work that should have taken you one hour. I am the queen of procrastination, even without the glorious temptation of Pokeheroes...

bow down to me even in my limited capacity


srsly send help
22 Days ago
w h a t
i s
t h e
m e a n i n g
o f
l i f e
23 Days ago
please bring some string into Daedalus's labyrinth.
do not let the evil rats in the cellar chew through it.
please do my art history essay while you're at it.

In all seriousness:
Had my first nasty customers today... Pretty impressed it took an entire month. Stupid Karens, devilspawn of the earth. When of course, she asked the dreaded words, (I need to speak to your manager) my boss was one chair over. He gave her the stink eye, and... dealt with her civilly. I would have paid him to turn her away, but unfortunately, we do have a reputation to uphold. My shift ended and she's still there. Freedom never tasted so sweet.

I would love to see motivational Karen stories in the comments. My mental health thanks you.
23 Days ago
28 Days ago
Happy New Year, my friends!

I hope everyone is using today like a reset point, and figuring out who they want to be for the next 365 days. I know I am, lol.

What's new:
I am making decent $$$ at both jobs, working crazy hours
I am taking an art history class. It is way harder than I expected.
I got a red blazer for Christmas (think CG5) that is designated for debate. Intimidation rules.
I started watching the National Treasure series on Disney+ and it's amazing.
I also saw the new Avatar movie with my friends and was at a loss for words. So. Good. I highly recommend 3D IMAX if you can.

As always, I give you all my love. See you soonish. <3
30 Days ago
While my progress has slowed considerably, I will not be leaving.
I have found too many amazing friends here.
I have found a place where people understand me.
So I will stay here.
1 Month ago
I feel like I should say something profound for the holidays to make you all (hopefully) smile. But alas, eloquence eludes me.

Quite simply:
This is a time for renewal. Surround yourself with positive influences including but not limited to family, friends, food, fellowship, fantasy and fun.

This is a time for giving thanks. Count your blessings, however small, whether they came from God, or Allah, or Yahweh, or Ogd, or anyone else. You are a unique creation of a billion cells in a world full of magic. Maybe your dragon to slay is a stressful experience and your princess to save is simply your dignity. But we can all be strong and thankful.

This is a time to let people know you appreciate them. Self-explanatory. So on that note, thank you especially to Neo, Seren, Theo, Athena, Royal, Heart, Kat, Cardboard, Moon/Nova, Ducky, Rhuna, Altreo, Nika, and all the other amazing people who make this site worth coming back to each day. <3
1 Month ago
Me: Today is a good day.
Advent Calendar: *cough* weeeellll...
Me: yeah, yeah, I know. You're the only thing keeping me from dedicating a full half hour to RPs a day.
Advent Calendar: I have a better idea. Let's make the economy value Spheals Vanillites and Delibird for NO REASON
Me: ...why?
Advent Calendar: Why not?
Me: ...
1 Month ago
Hello! Just reread my *very* depressing last two posts.

I'm actually doing okay in general! Just between Internet limitations and work I haven't been online much. I'm actually on a bus heading from one job to the other right now with a pair of warm gloves and a container of sour cream in may lap (long story)!

In general: the reduced time I spend on Pokeheroes is MY CHOICE, and while my family and friends are supporting me and keeping me accountable, this is my decision too. It doesn't mean I don't love you all or this site any less, it just means I'm living in the real world too!

Also *cough* this is proof none of you read my profile...

Mafia: I will update ASAP
Final Hour: my top priority too
School for G and E: I will become Manley also ASAP
School of Magic: lower down in my priorities but yes
Labyrinth/Curses and Purity: soon
1 Month ago
I'm sorry RP friends.
I'll post tomorrow.

I'm sorry family.
I'll get off my phone now.

I'm sorry dishes.
I'll go wash you now.

Congrats Caramello.
1 Month ago



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