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Trainerlevel: 55

Trainerpoints: 5,873/9,129


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP



I sell Dragon Gems and Rare Candies, both only as far as supplies last. Rare Candies are usually more numerous than Dragon Gems, I can tell you that.

6000 PD or 4 Nuggets apiece.

Currently buying the following Summoning Items:

Sky Pillar / Marine Cave / Terra Cave Maps for 5 Dragon Gems each.

Emeralds, Sapphires and Rubies for 6 Dragon Gems each.

Star Pieces for 1 Dragon Gem each.

Light Rocks, Cold Rocks and Hard Rocks for 2 Dragon Gems each.

Dark Stones and Light Stones for 8 Dragon Gems each.

Nebula Stones for 3 Dragon Gems each.

Ultra Saddles for 6 Dragon Gems each.

ALSO! I'm selling superfluous Shiny Regis I get from my delvings into Royal Tunnel.

Feel free to contact me via PM/PP about anything that catches your attention sales-wise!

On Shiny Hunting and Shadows

Anytime I do a Shiny Hunt, you're free to request to buy Shinies from me. You can also refer to my Shiny Trade/Sell Box and see if anything catches your fancy.

As for Shadows, the overflow goes straight to the Double Shadows Box. Here you can see if you need any of the Shadows, and are free to request to buy/trade them.

Goals for Gem Shiny Hunts:


Long-Term and Ultimate Goals

Finish the Pokédex

Possess 100 different Shinies

Finish the ShinyDex (Ultimate)

Possess all Plushies (Ultimate)

Collect Gems for first Pure Gem Hunt:

Collect Gems for a total of 10 Pure Gem Hunts (Ultimate)

Kanto Shadow Dex:

Spend a cumulative 1 Million DP on Plushies (Ultimate)

(Last updated November 4th, 2019)


BlackBirdAolen hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #825199580
Registration: 26/03/2019 (7 Months ago)
Premium member until 06/Apr/2021
Game Time: 632:59 Hours
Total interactions: 7,956,618
Money: 251,376
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Starting with Nidoran Female next... and holy moly whyyyy is it impossible for Nidoqueen to breed. Seriously. WHY. This makes absolutely no sense.
Today, 18:13
Starting to track what gives me how many Trainer EXP. Might be entirely pointless... but I'm just curious.
Today, 17:56
... 104 Eggs hatched today. UUUUUH... I might be overdoing it a little?
Yesterday, 19:02
I can't wait for Alcremie to appear on site. I want all variants, in shiny, right now.
2 Days ago
Hold up Ponyta. 4 Shinies in the span of 30 eggs. WHAT?!
2 Days ago
Can I just say... having 900+ Ponyta Eggs in Tall Grass and with only a wait time of 3 minutes between attempts to find it is helping this hunt along swimmingly.
2 Days ago
Whaaaat. Second Shiny Ponyta on Chain 54?! Oh dear. I hope that this doesn't mean that for the next five days, I'll get no shinies at all...
2 Days ago
I see you, YouTubers and Twitch Streamers, playing Sw/Sh already.

Not meaning to come off as hating on the game for the sake of hating, but unless there is some seriously bombastic element to the game, it remains a huge disappointment to me. And yes, I might even be a little salty about it. Having played since the time of Red/Blue, it hurts to see how this entry to the main series turned out.
2 Days ago
Aaand Chain 44 is the first Ponyta. WOOHOO!
3 Days ago
Approaching 64k Dreampoints. Holy moly.
3 Days ago
8th Shiny Alolan Vulpix. Excellent. Now on to the next hunt.
4 Days ago
I theoretically could start hunting the whole Unown Alphabet after the current slotted ones. But, that would be quite the task.
6 Days ago
If a Shiny Alolan Vulpix hatches today, I can conclude the hunt and go on to Ponyta. Sweet.
6 Days ago
Anyone up for a quick battle?
6 Days ago
I hatched so many Vulpix today, and not one of them was Shiny. I am sad.
7 Days ago
Goshdarnit, I dropped my hourly checks with Rowan if he finally spits up a quest for me. I mean, I already did 4, but, come on, Rowan! I want one more! (I might be a tad masochistic...)
7 Days ago
Soapy Soap's Giveaway ends today at rest. Gotta participate for a shot at that massive bling.
7 Days ago
In a pinch, I might have to put some of the eggs into storage... I don't want to have to look for the eggs from Daycare in Tall Grass.
7 Days ago
Oh my Arceus - 27 Eggs?! The next will be kicked out in one hour, I need to get all those eggs hatched!
7 Days ago

Shiny Hunt

BlackBirdAolen is currently hunting Nidoran (f).
Hunt started: 18/11/2019

Chain: 23


Last Action
Walking through the tall grass (1 Second ago)

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Badge Showcase

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Smaller Goals

In no particular order:
- Top 300 ShinyDex Entries (currently 564)
- Top 1000 NormalDex Entries (currently 1679)
- Top 700 Eggs Hatched (currently 1053)
- Top 200 Dream Points Spent (currently 446)

More might follow.

Reminders for myself

If in doubt, check the "Will it break my chain?" in the Pokéradar tab.
Black Flute activates in Daycare, Blue Flute and Mega Cuff in Party screen.
Visit the Fountain for better Shiny and Mega luck.

I will tickle Elpihas for giving me the idea to SM hunt Cottonblu right after Swablu. And actually making the idea appealing to me!

Rowan's Click List for Daily Clicking - ask LordSamton to add to it.