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Trainerlevel: 37

Trainerpoints: 44/4,143


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Swablu11209 / 672

Shiny Hunt

BlackBirdAolen is currently hunting Swablu.
Hunt started: 10/04/2019

Chain: 325
9 2 0

Poking every Mon!

I'm very interaction happy at the moment due to having a setup that allows me to mess about on the internet a lot. So if you wonder how I got so many interactions piled up in so little gaming time... that's the reason why.


Reminders for myself

If in doubt, check the "Will it break my chain?" in the Pokéradar tab.
Flute activates in Daycare, Mega Cuff in Party screen.
Visit the Fountain for better Shiny and Mega luck.

I will tickle Elpihas for giving me the idea to SM hunt Cottonblu right after Swablu. And actually making the idea appealing to me!

Next hunt will be for Shiny Ponyta and Rapidash. I have WAAAAY too little ressources to be hunting a Shiny Event Mega.

Looooong-term goals

Finish the Pokédex:

Possess 100 different Shinies:

Possess all Plushies:

Possess 10k Pokémon:

(Last updated April 16th, 2019)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #825199580
Registration: 26/03/2019 (26 Days ago)
Premium member until 06/Apr/2020
Game Time: 99:52 Hours
Total interactions: 2,510,968
Money: 988,121
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


According to the fountain, my breeding chances should be higher today. ...uhm, doesn't feel like it. Also, no Shinies since 94 Swablus. Number 224 was the last one, and now I'm at 318. Come oooon, where have the Shinies gone?

Though, to be fair, I had stupid luck for the first 224 - 8 Shinies in so little space, that was pretty darn lucky.
Yesterday, 19:18
I'm pondering saving up a fuckton of Dreampoints and then doing a big celebratory giveaway or something to that effect... but that would mean a lot more saving up. Could work out though!
Yesterday, 17:02
3000 Dream Points saved up. ...that next distribution is going to be fulfilled quickly. (If it is something I really like, though, Imma go burn through all of this!)
Yesterday, 16:15
Dreamed that I got a Mega-able Shiny Swablu. At chain 280. Almost, brain, almost... we're already 301 deep into this chain.
Yesterday, 07:23
ARGH. Forgot to throw the coin into the fountain until now. It gave me increased Shiny Chances. D'oh...
1 Day ago
Finally caught up with Daycare again. Those Altarias suddenly produced an influx of eggs like nobody's business.
2 Days ago
Minor moment of "what should I do".

So currently, the Shiny Shop I joined is closed. Meaning that Shinies are starting to stack, as it has gone beyond what I need for the Pokédex entries.

My problem is, I don't know if I should join an existing Shop, or open my own thread. Because ESPECIALLY, I don't know if it will be working out any time soon. I do have 2 Mega-able Swablus and 6 Shiny Swablus to offer, as well as 5 Shiny Purrloins, so, moderate backlog.

Any thoughts on this? Eyerolls of annoyance at such a minor dilemma? Snarky remarks that turn out to be amazing advice?
2 Days ago
Messed up my Royal Tunnel streak just 5 Pokémon into the next 100. ARGH. Back to square one...
2 Days ago
AAAAAAH! Finally managed to reach Level 100 in Royal Tunnel again. My fingers are still slightly shaky. Shiny Gems, shiny Gems.
2 Days ago
Pokémon Maingame, when breeding or fishing: Eh, I'll release this one, it's not shiny and doesn't have good stats.

PokéHeroes: I'll hoard all of those. Storage costs be damned. And I'll give the ones I catch at Emera Beach an own Box named "Fishtank"! I'll swap a couple at Leah's, but everyone else is coming with me!

Yeah. This will make it fun to Massclick me in the future.
3 Days ago
I... fished a Fairy Gem at the Beach? Okay.
3 Days ago
Badge progress...

Set 2: Only one missing is 2500 PD from a single Rumble Mission. Something I don't really have much control over at the moment.

Set 4: Couple eggs necessary for "Left in the Dark" (as soon as my Shiny Mega Altaria Hunt is over), 28 Chesto Berry levels to "Perfect Berry", 38 Shinies for "Shiny Chainer", ?? for "Event Collector", 21 Recipes for "Cooking Mama", 358 Pieces for "Puzzler", and all the quests for "Rowan's Best Friend".

3 Days ago
Dream Level 5. Woooo! Also 1700 Dream Points. Welp. XD
4 Days ago
My Altarias suddenly got very busy. Backlog of 9 eggs in the daycare, and since Tall Grass yields Swablus still... uh, yeah. This might be the first time I can't get all Eggs hatched today.
4 Days ago
Cracked 200 in the Pokémon Chain. Yeeeah, I have a feeling this is going to be about ten times as high and more before I get the Shiny Mega...
4 Days ago
Set myself some goals. Looooong-term goals. Have 100% Pokédex Completion, 100 different Shinies, and at least one of every Plushie!
5 Days ago
Level 57 for my Chesto Berry already. ...after that, I will just level up all the other berries. And then be able to always fulfill all the requests. (Is that how it works? I'm sure that is supposed how it works. Money!)
5 Days ago
Currently according to Scrapbook-Pokédex: 6 Shiny Swablu, 145 regular Swablu, and 15 Altaria. This is going to be sooo much more until I get to shiny and mega.
6 Days ago
...thanks, Gem Cauldron. I actually wanted the Mega Stone... but I guess a black Mystery Box is fine too.
6 Days ago
Looking into the Event Shop was a mistaaaaake. I really fancy Primal Dialga now. ...in Shiny. Yeah, this is... a bad idea. A really bad idea. But it just looks too cool, and PMD Sky was my fave game for such a long time. Soooo... saving up. A lot. Because boy oh boy.
6 Days ago


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