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Formerly: DragaliaFoundZace
Trainerlevel: 51

Trainerpoints: 3,745/7,853


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Ponyta10 / 8
Ponyta10 / 8

About Me

Feel free to talk to me about anything! You can call me any of my RP names or Zace!
Profile pic by (trying to remember, honestly)
I'm 21 years old, live in Iowa, and my pronouns are he/his/him/she/hers/her/they/them.
I'm a fan of anime music, if you have any recommendations then tell me! My favorite band is coldrain!

Credit to Scottsky!

Interesting Link

Shiny Hunt

BilboChicken is currently hunting Ponyta.
Hunt started: 29/11/2020

Chain: 503
12 0 0

My Hunts' Birthdays

May 29th Goldie Death
April 7th Alstroemeria
April 11th Blu Blood
May 6th Emera
May 13th Wit Death
December 18th Orangie
December 28th Yellow Boi
April 28th Bandana Split
August 27th Pinkie
December 1st Ellie

Goals: Public

Get 8k Nuggets

Get 10k Fire Gems

Casual Goals:

Moomoo Milk


RP Info

Shino - Besaray, born in the Dark Forest (Picture by Scottsky)
Abs - Absol, regular form has slightly dulled eyes, born in the Dark Forest Mega Form (Picture by Scottsky)
Rocke - Half Ditto, Half Human
Cynder - Cyndaquil born in the Dark Forest (Super strength)
Pyrk - Twin of Cynder, a Ponpin with a giant "X" shaped scar on his belly and a broken outlet.
Goldie - Daughter of Shino and Abs, Shiny Caterpie, very relaxed around everyone but her mom, Shino.

Rocke - (Again, info above)
Johnny Joe - Super Demon, Before becoming a demon, Demon, post-horn break, 2 tails, demon of pride
Jacob "Custer" Joe - Super Demon, wings, 2 tails, demon the Kynseract family
Jacalyn "Emily" Joe - Super Demon, 2 tails, demon of the Kynseract family
For more information on the demons ask me or Scottsky

Dark Rose - Demon Cat, blood red paws and tail tip, pitch black fur, and blood red eyes, can fly without wings, understand all languages, holds grudges a lot, otherwise a powered wolf with the same coloring and instead of flying she can sense things much better than most, always goes by "Rose"
Zeltic - Wolf God, pitch black fur, black eyes, God of Shadows, born on a cold snowy mountain in ancient times, wanders aimlessly now

Zeltic - remade form of Zeltic as a Dragalia Dragon
Dark Rose - remade form of Dark Rose, Sylvan with black ears and long straight hair with blood red tips, wears blood red gloves, black tail with a blood red tail tip. Eats shadows, remade as the Dragalia adventurer packbound to Zeltic.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #767744757
Registration: 11/02/2014 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 26/Aug/2021
Game Time: 1309:55 Hours
Total interactions: 4,532,659
Money: 30,620
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Finally got to Radiant season 2 (first season wasn't super interesting to me so I watched it a few episodes at a time) and Grimm is definitely my favorite character at the moment.
Today, 16:52
By the way, anyone want mass-clicked? I just ask you have no more than 20k Pokemon, lol
Today, 15:45
Interaction exchange?
Today, 15:30
I haven't gamed in MONTHS and the GM kept asking if I was enjoying myself, which I really REALLY was, but I've gotta shower before sleeping because smokers. It was great! Now I have research to do for next week as well!
Today, 06:19
Session is over now!
Today, 06:09
In case you were wondering, unlike D&D everything in this system is way mature and I can't give funny tidbits about it. But no worry, I can guarantee that I do a terrible accent for my character who is basically a weeb but for America. Because of where he lives/grew up and the time he lives in.
Today, 04:56
Me: I've gotta make sure I'm ready to be picked up and standing out front at least 5 minutes early! Maybe even a half hour!

Anxiety is fun, how about you?
Yesterday, 20:58
Worst thing about static electricity isn't that I shock literally everything it's that it makes my hair which easily knots up to begin with gets even MORE knotted even faster.
Yesterday, 20:39
I'm full of static electricity today and I'm not sure why. Also, I forgot until a few hours ago, but today I'm going to begin playing a tabletop game with a group my best friend is a part of. So don't expect me on for a while if at all tonight!
Yesterday, 20:30
I'm back! But not for long. Ate dinner, watched the rest of the old adaptation of The Stand with my parents, picked out what I'm making for dinner next week, showered, and now here I am for maybe a half hour!
Yesterday, 05:35
I stepped on glass earlier, small piece of a lightbulb that shattered more than a year ago, and the wound has sealed up already but it's still red and hurts if I press up against it. Thankfully it's a part that hardly touches the ground (which is why the glass came out instead of getting lodged inside)
Yesterday, 02:33
Welp, upstairs I go to watch something with my parents! I put it off for the first SCS round, lol
Yesterday, 00:11
Yes! Increased breeding chance again today!
Yesterday, 00:06
Fish Fossil caught!

1 Day ago
Interaction exchange?
1 Day ago
SCS is at reset, hopefully I'll either eat before reset or be able to put it off until the first round is over.
1 Day ago
About 4 more days to vote on my first 2 polls! Put your input asap if you want a say! (I'll probably be sharing the picture of the drawing even if it turns out to be completely terrible)
1 Day ago
I did quite a bit today. Got up, watched an episode of anime right when it became available to watch for free, then I got up and did some chores, walked the dog, made myself something to "eat" and now I'm down here!
I interacted back with the people from last night, but I've got A LOT of eggs rn, so interaction exchange?
1 Day ago
Interaction exchange?
2 Days ago
Sometimes I feel my hair and think to myself "Is it that centipede that periodically climbs up my wall climbing on me again?" and I jump and it keeps me awake for hours.
2 Days ago



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