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Trainerlevel: 88

Trainerpoints: 17,227/23,319


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Absol)
4,28262,514,629 / 65,894,928
10425,403 / 36,279

Shiny Hunt

Axel-Valentine is currently hunting Charmander.
Hunt started: 09/04/2019

Chain: 5,117
133 85 3



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Game Records

Trainer ID: #246270888
Registration: 10/05/2015 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 29/Nov/2021
Game Time: 4522:33 Hours
Total interactions: 25,716,734
Money: 1,184,692
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


So, how much are Dynamax Crystals going for? I have some Rare Candy I'd like to trade for some, this Charizard of mine requires 25 of them, the greedy thing 😂
Today, 05:31
Hey! It's been a while c: not sure if I'm fully back yet for now, but I figured I'd check in and say hello ^^
Today, 04:51
I think it's time for me to take a hiatus for the time being. Never fear, I will be back, but it's helped me in the past to just take some time away from the site, and come back feeling fresh, so to speak. There's a lot on my mind these days. In any case, please take care of yourselves, and stay safe. I will return in due time. Until then.~
1 Month ago
omg they finally made vouchers mass-tradeable? Time to get rid of my 94 Lugia vouchers LOL
2 Months ago
5.000 eggs hatched. This is good, I like this, testing my patience. I'm used to very lucky odds, hatching an SM every 1,500 eggs or so as a total average, so this is giving me a good peek at what I'm in for c:
2 Months ago
Considering switching my name back to Flamesilocks... since simply "Axel" still not being available even though said user hasn't been on in YEARS -_-
2 Months ago
Found all eggs c:
2 Months ago

2 Months ago
Missing two eggs still c: that's fine though, I've still got time.
2 Months ago
You found 1x Mega Stone in this treasure box!

Nice, been a while since I've gotten anything notable from a treasure box ^^'
3 Months ago
You ever like someone so much that you start feeling sick? Cuz that's what's happening right now to me, I am all up in the feels right now >u<
4 Months ago
Hey Riako, a word? We need to talk about this...

Just kidding, but still, lord Arceus is not being kind to me xD
4 Months ago
This new Mega design looks... interesting.

Not gonna lie I totally forgot Dunsparce existed O.o
4 Months ago
4 Months ago
Thank you, Anon :) I really appreciate it, Happy Valentine's Day to you too~
4 Months ago
Also sorry for close feeds, but I just had another thought...

Would people be interested in trading shinies in the main games (SwSh)/Pokémon Home, in exchange for various resources on this site? Like PD, Nuggets, items, and the like? I wouldn't be charging crazy prices to begin with. I dunno, let me know what y'all think. Because I have a LOT of shiny babies going unused and would like good homes :)
4 Months ago
My daycare is flooded with eggs

More are coming in, faster than I can hatch them

This is awesome
4 Months ago
I'm not trying to sound like a father, but...

A gentle reminder that this series, and this site, are where many people of all ages gather to have fun. With many different kinds of people around, it's also important to keep in mind that while you may have differing views on certain topics, it's best to agree to disagree, and move on.

Let's keep this a positive space for everyone, please c:
4 Months ago

The name's Axel. Commit it to memory.

A man of no consequence~

Got it Memorized?

There was a time where I was referred to as Number VIII, or The Flurry of Dancing Flames, while commissioned as an assassin for the ever mysterious Organization XIII. Those days have long passed.

Now, I search for one... no, two, very dear friends of mine. My search, so far, has led me to... him. Through efforts to help him and his friends, I have gained the power to wield the Keyblade myself. Since then, I haven't been able to shake the feeling that my friend... er, friends, are very close. It also feels as if I'm forgetting something very important... "Remember... Please remember who I used to be." Who said this? And why does it feel so familiar?...

On hiatus.

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¤ My real name is Axel Nick Valentine.
¤ I have lived in many places around the world. Currently I'm settled in California, USA.
¤ I like reading, writing, drawing, and playing video games. Also a Disney Fanatic.
¤ Self-Taught Pianist. 13 years under my belt.
¤ 420% Introvert.
¤ I can solve a Rubik's Cube.
¤ I'm an Art/Psychology Major.
¤ 21 years old. Russian, German, and Roman. Left-Handed.
¤ Favorite... Color: Burgundy. Food: Lotsa Spaghetti! Drink: Water. Animal: Lynx. Pokémon: Absol.

Separate note, if you want to interact with me in any way, please be sure to read the Pokéheroes rules and follow them, because I will not accept ignorance of the rules as an excuse for breaking them. You will have one courtesy warning, and after that, I will block you if you continue to break the rules.

Thanks for reading!~

Name Transitions: AxelsEnvy -> Flamesilocks -> -Axel- -> ArdynIzunia -> -Axel- -> Axel-Valentine.

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¤ StarMedals~ owes me a shiny Jirachi slot. no rush, this is just so I remember.
¤ SM Riolu Hunt on hold. Chain ended at 1,535. Will resume at a later date.
¤ SM Pidgey Hunt on hold. Chain ended at 3,453. Will resume at a later date.

My League Card Code for Pokémon Shield:

0000 0008 4MTB 77

Feel free to send me yours!


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