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Trainerlevel: 38

Trainerpoints: 1,497/4,369


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Goldie (#114)
9372,001,964 / 2,636,719
Alstroemeria (#75)
(Hawaiian Cubchoo)
240127,827 / 173,521
16134,539 / 78,247
Gary Smith
7651,673,714 / 2,086,700

About Me

Feel free to talk to me about anything! You can call me Shino or Abs!
19 year old, college student, and I'm (not-so) secretly dying inside from it!
My pronouns are he/she/his/hers/her/they.
Number of Game Coins needed for 100% certain shiny in lottery: 95,344,150

Credit to Luciel_Gunz!

My Shop

I'm planning on opening a Pokeheroes shop this summer! In preparation I need help getting event Pokemon for after my current hunt, as well as item donations!
I'm currently looking for...
Evolutionary items
Misc "Valuable" Items
Misc Battling Items
Egg Vouchers
Rumble Maps

If you have/know someone who would be willing to donate, I'd be very happy! I plan on selling these for a decently cheap price, so I probably won't buy them unless in bulk!
My shop will (probably) be called "2 Cheap 2 Handle" in reference to it being my second cheap shop attempt!
I want to open this shop on the 21st of June! I'm hoping for a grand opening, so donations are very much appreciated! For additional questions, please PM me!

Shiny Hunt

AbsTheBlindAbsol is currently hunting Pichu.
Hunt started: 20/04/2019

Chain: 1

Game Records

Trainer ID: #767744757
Registration: 11/02/2014 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 08/May/2019
Game Time: 618:38 Hours
Total interactions: 1,274,594
Money: 25,327
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


I wonder... is anyone else on here a #ThoroughBredNerd? The requirement is that both of your parents like anything that is/was considered nerdy in the past. So, D&D or other tabletop gaming like it, comic books, true book nerds, Pokemon, anime, those types of things!
Yesterday, 05:02
My day has been VERY wild, as some in Ditch Dudes know, but it ended on a goodish note. We were looking for pictures, but we didn't find them. INSTEAD we found the jewel that is either my mom or dads Dungeons and Dragons 1e Player's Handbook. #ThoroughBredNerd
Yesterday, 04:02
#FlareVSGlace Flareon, naturally. The first one I chose (on accident) one time I stole my brothers red version (which made him SO mad every time) and played on his save.
1 Day ago
Have I ever said how much I hate calculators? I'm WONDERFUL at math, but give me tech? I'll need a few months to get warmed up to most functions. PH has been basically as easy to move around on the whole 5 years I've been on here but I gave up after my first night until I returns 2 years later! I learned to open any kind if internet in 6th freaking grade, and in 7th how to turn a calculator on! Of course I can't do matrices on a calculator! Such a freaking day today! Watch, everything will be horrible when I make dinner tonight but no one will be hungry so we won't have to worry about anyone getting sick off of it. That's my freaking bet! I cried in freaking math today! I love math! *continues to rant*
1 Day ago
Gary is on the Index Page!
1 Day ago
*reads a manga* W-wait... did that tank just roll in from some random street? Did that man just ride in on a bull from a window on the roof? THIS ISN'T AN ACTION MANGA, SO WHY...?! (lol, I'm actually curious but at the same time am like, "Eh, it's a manga, what's normal here anyways.")
2 Days ago
Wow, my stomach really is angry still. First the breakfast this morning, then dinner was okay, and I had tea and my stomach has hurt since. I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!
2 Days ago
"Why a hedgehog is able to turn into a dog and then fly is beyond me, but hey! It can. Which is why it's a flying type Pokemon." lol
3 Days ago
I had to go rewatch Lockstin's Every Flying Type Pokemon Explained video, so now I want a Pokemon named Gary-Two.
3 Days ago
Interactions made 30,959
Interactions received 3,055
Eggs hatched 7
Forum posts 0

It's been a while since I did more than 20k!
3 Days ago
Does anyone else have an inside joke with their family or long-time friends that is practically a verbal meme at this point? lol
Three chimichangas.
3 Days ago
Linoone => Magikarp (Orange)
Ursaring => Golem (Alolan)
Butterfree => Cottonee
Heracross => Linoone
Apparently I just need those Linoones, also I must say MY FIRST PATTERNED MGIKARP! I'LL NAME THEM KARPPPPPPY!
3 Days ago
My stomach is still angry today, I guess. The only thing that didn't make my stomach hurt after I ate it yesterday was some sweets. Even crackers hurt! And my dad bought breakfast for us today and my stomach is SO mad that I at a biscuit sandwich and a half...! Ugh...
3 Days ago
Alstroemeria is on the Index page!
3 Days ago
4 Days ago
My time on here might be very off and on since I have some stuff going on with school and my grandpa is expected to live maybe a few more days.
4 Days ago
I don't often advertise this, as some may know, so I want you to know that Katakuri is having an adoptable auction right now! The adoptable is amazing, so go check the auction out on their feeds/userpage as soon as you can! You won't regret it! <3
4 Days ago
I figured out why the old man was talking to me last night, now to go back to bed! (By PH rules I'm not allowed to disclose why.)
4 Days ago
My body just had a bad reaction to who knows what. But because I hadn't eaten in more than 12 hours there was nothing in my stomach so it wasn't hard to clean up.
4 Days ago
W-why did the daycare owner just talk to me?
4 Days ago



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