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Trainerlevel: 53

Trainerpoints: 329/8,479


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Mega Crobat15516,371 / 72,541
Mega Braviary273129,799 / 280,509
Gengar28731,112 / 289,038

About Me

My first badge from beating Brittanyrs0419. It was a great battle that I will never forget.

My second badge

An adoptable I bought.

My Pokesona made by BanetteXD

QuoteFinally learned how to do this!


I do not sell/give/trade stuff unless stated otherwise or you are a close friend.

Warning for friends

First time I'll let it slide.

Second time I'll remove you from my friends list.

Third is blocked.

Warning for other users

First time I'll let it slide.

Second is blocked.

As for buying things, I usually don't buy items/Pokemon though sometimes I just might.

Put into effect as of 4:35 9/11/18


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Shiny Hunt

*AbyssalMadScientist* is currently hunting Knight Axew.
Hunt started: 25/06/2019

Chain: 47


Game Records

Trainer ID: #291584993
Registration: 18/04/2015 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 3246:28 Hours
Total interactions: 1,066,583
Money: 580,813
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


The villains in this game I am playing are so dumb. They claim to be heroes but are as followed,
A known terrorist
A traitor who started a war
A psychopath
And there leader
They claim the heroes are in the wrong while going around starting fights, destroying everything, and refusing to share their plans.
Either tell us what you know or stop acting so shocked everyone calls you evil.
2 Days ago
Never does one stand taller than when they bend down to help a kid.
4 Days ago
As time goes on here I've become more and more reclusive. At one point I'd be talking to up to twenty people every few days and hanging out in the forums.
Now I only really talk to three users here and I usually avoid the forums at this point.
5 Days ago
Conversation at work near the drink station.

Me: Oh the tooth picks don't go there.

Co-worker: It looks nicer though.

Me: *Fixing the area* Agreed but rules are rules.

Her: Are you the cashier or manager?

Me: No but I am the Head Porter.

Her: What?

Me: It means I out rank managers when it comes to cleaning.

Her: Oh.
7 Days ago
One life left and I barely got past level 38. This is getting intense.
12 Days ago
Level 36 of Hangman. Maybe I'll beat my record of level 40 something.
12 Days ago
It is rather fun to click witch on some people's profile given how my avatar is of a witch.
15 Days ago
The School System: Oh I'm not brave enough to share political opinions. Let's just keep politics out of the classroom.

The College System: Hey do you wanna hear why (Fill in the blank politician) is corrupt/evil?
1 Month ago
For day I use Dayquil.
For night I use Nyquil.
For grass gyms I use Cyndaquil.
1 Month ago
So it has been a while since I've done this so I am going to start simple.

Do you want to make a tv show? Who doesn't? Netflix and Hulu pay good money for them and streaming services are now big.
Talent? You don't need it! Bored people will watch your show because their bored friends told them too!
Now you need a character. Why not a strong independent young woman in a post apocalyptic world. Her dead mother or father should also teach her some form of weapon usage or martial arts. Everyone will love this character.
So now we need a plot. Don't worry I got you covered. You'll need to place her in a death game of some sort. Also have two equally hot guys try to compete for her affection.
Also their needs to be a big evil government who will try and stop her for being the figure head of a glowing rebellion.
Trust me, teens will love this. Just look to the Hunger Games, the Divergent series, the Maze Runner series, the Graceling series, etc.
Now get going buddy!
2 Months ago
Positive rant before bed.

Have you ever found yourself pressing random buttons on a game? Of course you have.
It is fun.
What is really fun is finding a secret after pressing all the buttons.
Maybe it is a rare item or a secret level. Maybe it is a cosmetic change. Perhaps it is just something that looks cool.
In the end you see something new for your game and feel like you are the smartest person around for learning a secret.
2 Months ago
Well I usually rant about something in the afternoon so why not compliment something before bed?

People who check up on others.
These people call you once a week. They may even send letters. Yes letters not emails.
You can be having the worst day ever and they will notice you and try to cheer you up.
These people feel the best when they make sure everyone else is doing okay.

Everyone needs someone like this in their life.
Though they might be annoying at first you will grow to appreciate them checking in.

Well night.
2 Months ago
Kid: *Punches Bully who was attacking them*
Kid's Parents: You stood up for yourself. We are so proud of you.
Students: Wow you hit the bully? We love it!
The Law: It was self defense. You are fine Kid.
The School: Oh my gosh. How could you do that? You should have just let the Bully beat you up. We would have suspended Bully for a few days.
2 Months ago
Youtube Recommendations: Hey Otomra do you want to watch videos about politics?

Me: No thanks.

Youtube Recommendations: Not even Batman vs Antifa?

Me: Finally some good content.
3 Months ago
User: Has a cropped avi from a hentai site so very few know.

Pokeheroes: Gives them a one month ban because kids may use image search on google.

User: Constantly swears and harasses others openly in their feeds and in forums.

Pokeheroes: Give them a week of ban.
3 Months ago
So when did people start to consider scientists rational? Half the time Science is about doing irrational things to learn more.
3 Months ago
My poor cactus died.

Rest in peace MC Hammer.

Well night.

P.S. I named him MC Hammer because of the song Can't Touch This as one can't touch a cactus.
4 Months ago
So I went to Bible study tonight with the goal of going to my church one more time before moving. I was also ready to tell everyone summer job ended and that I am moving to Virginia this Friday.
Only four of the church members knew, so when I got there I was shocked to learn they told the others and had pizza bought.
Took a lot to prevent myself from crying in front of them all.
I love those guys.
4 Months ago



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