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Trainerlevel: 52

Trainerpoints: 5,035/8,163


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Mew25251,519 / 222,048
Goldeen2839,455 / 241,117
Knight Axew302,124 / 3,489
Knight Axew231,471 / 2,071

About Me

My first badge from beating Brittanyrs0419. It was a great battle that I will never forget.

My second badge

An adoptable I bought.

My Pokesona made by BanetteXD

QuoteFinally learned how to do this!


I do not sell/give/trade stuff unless stated otherwise or you are a close friend.

Warning for friends

First time I'll let it slide.

Second time I'll remove you from my friends list.

Third is blocked.

Warning for other users

First time I'll let it slide.

Second is blocked.

As for buying things, I usually don't buy items/Pokemon though sometimes I just might.

Put into effect as of 4:35 9/11/18


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*AbyssalMadScientist* is currently hunting Knight Axew.
Hunt started: 25/06/2019

Chain: 25


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Trainer ID: #291584993
Registration: 18/04/2015 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 3191:25 Hours
Total interactions: 1,000,030
Money: 750,486
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


So I've been learning to code. My time has been spent as followed...
20% Learning something new
30% Looking through something I've previously learned
45% Trying to fix a mistake I made
5% Actually coding
Yesterday, 19:20
Me: I really should learn how to ride a bike!

My brothers: We'll help you.

Me: Thanks.

Random Neighbor: *Records us from her porch*

My youngest brother: Oh she is recording us.

Random Neighbor: *Closes door but leaves it open enough to keep recording*

Me: Well...I guess I am done learning to bike.
2 Days ago
I love Mr.Rogers. He was such a good guy and as life gets harder I find myself watching him and crying from happiness. If everyone even acted ten percent like him the world would be much better.
3 Days ago
Total interactions: 999,999

What a nice round number.
4 Days ago
Friendly reminder that Thanos is an idiot who knows nothing about basic economics.
5 Days ago
So you all know I love bashing the school system. Heck you've probably seen one of my many feeds about it. Still I am a bit bored of mocking the school systems. So after debating between mocking college or weddings I present you my latest rants.

It costs two/three months of salary for an engagement ring. Why? Just why? We are talking about thousands of dollars that can go to better things. A venue, invitation cards, etc.
I say it would be much more romantic if it came from the heart.

And then there are times with the s/o will be shopping for engagement rings with their partner.

How is that a surprise? I'll tell you what it is. It is a person trying to control your actions/spending habits and if that is the case you best bail because that marriage is probably going to be toxic to your health.

Engagement rings are nice and all but are they really needed? You'll be getting a wedding ring anyone so why not give an engagement dog tag or engagement earrings etc.

Rant over for now.
6 Days ago
Kid: *Punches Bully who was attacking them*
Kid's Parents: You stood up for yourself. We are so proud of you.
Students: Wow you hit the bully? We love it!
The Law: It was self defense. You are fine Kid.
The School: Oh my gosh. How could you do that? You should have just let the Bully beat you up. We would have suspended Bully for a few days.
7 Days ago
So today I learned I could be hypnotized.
9 Days ago
A friendly personal reminder.

Being mentally ill is not an excuse to treat others poorly.

That is all folks. Carry on.
10 Days ago
What's this? I have ranted about schools in a bit? Well seeing as how the school year will or has start(ed) this month for many of us let's start it right.

The zero tolerance policy. And no I am not talking about actual rules like no taking weapons or beating someone up for no reason as those are important rules.

I am talking about the times where someone will be suspended for taking a plastic knife with lunch, cough drops during the winter, or just defending yourself from being attacked.

Even if you follow the rules you will still get in trouble. Say a person is beating you up and you choose not to fight back. You can still get suspended for being in a fight.

Zero tolerance even follows you outside of school. Say you get into an argument with someone at the park and swearing is involved. Surprise! You might get suspended for swearing!

Zero tolerance is one of many issues with schools that can destroy one's future and school's have the nerve to act concerned.
12 Days ago
So when are the events that came out this year going to appear in the event shop? Because I missed some while working and would like to get them.
13 Days ago
i heard this saying and I quite like it so I feel like sharing it.

"A bad horror movie makes you jump. A good horror movie makes you think."
15 Days ago
It took me seven years (I own got serious a year and half ago) but finally I have my own universe.
With over one thousand characters, loads of planets, and plenty of species I can finally start to do stuff with it.
19 Days ago
Me: Man I haven't heard from Betty White in a while. What if she died?!

Google: Betty White is celebrated her 97th birthday this year.

Me: Oh thank goodness. I can sleep in peace.
20 Days ago
Level 41 and I lost. Well four times better than when I last tried.
23 Days ago
So I am on level 21 of hangman and I am wondering when I will fail. My highest was level 10 so I am surprised I am this far in.
23 Days ago
I am off to bed but before then here are my thoughts on the drama blog being back up.

Viewing drama is like eating a slice of cake. Once in a while is fine but everyday is bad for the health.

Well night.
27 Days ago
So I took an alignment test for DnD and got Lawful Good.

If you want take the quiz and comment what you get.
27 Days ago
So I said I would continue on with why I dislike Captain Marvel when Endgame released to the public. I am three days early if the article is right.

I am bored though so don't look in the comments if you don't want spoilers.

I repeat do not look in the comments if you don't want spoilers.

Do not look in the comments or you will be spoiled.

I would have only warned of spoilers twice but somehow people missed the two warnings about Infinity Wars....
27 Days ago



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